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  1. Except that a surface lot represents potential...
  2. Mos

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    The warehouse on the SE corner Tidewater and Brambleton came down 6-8 weeks ago. Nothing from the planning dept. Owned by Runnymede. No recent property transfer. I'm guessing a CVS, but we can always hope for a WaWa. I mean an urban WaWa. Or another 7-11. But not a normal 7-11, a state of he art 7-11 like at Ballentine and Virginia Beach Blvd.
  3. I don't disagree Pe, but as a Project Manager if I allow a client to create a dangerous situation, it doesn't absolve me of responsibility. The city and HRT allowed NSU to bully them into making changes that created an unsafe situation, yet did nothing to mitigate the danger. I, my wife, and my kids drive by there every day. Even if you think a j walking student "deserves" what they get, what about the driver of the vehicle? What about occupants of the vehicle? The simple fact is, the city and HRT created a danger and should be responsible for correcting it. As for money? City tax dollers vs.
  4. Just a matter of time: From the Design Review agenda for June 10th b. 1800 East Brambleton Avenue—NU Station—Install a stair/elevator tower for the HRT light rail station http://www.norfolk.gov/DocumentCenter/View/6165 And I would add, the right decision.
  5. On the other hand, portraying a vote FOR Light Rail as a vote AGAINST unions could go a long way in Virginia Beach.
  6. I understand your position urban, but hope is for suckers. The fact is we have all known that this was going to be an issue, and despite 7 million in added costs, nothing was done in the redesign to address this. NSU's fault? Certainly. City of Norfolk's fault? I would say yes. They could ticket those j walking across Brambleton; perhaps make almost as much as they could make off j walkers on Hampton Blvd. What if they, ( NSU or Norfolk) built a fence or barricade along the south side of Brambleton. No need to widen the median or move the curbs. Given that it will all be public money anywa
  7. I would hope that they planned for this contingency and could simply add stairs on the north (east) side of Brambleton. Yeah , I know; hope is for suckers.
  8. A couple of elevations for The Rockefeller Apartments on the city council agenda. http://www.norfolk.gov/council_members/CouncilAgenda/R-9.pdf
  9. I think if they can find a way to relocate current businesses closer to the Harbor Park Multi Model Transportation Center (Wright Station), they could open up this area for redevelopment with little outcry. Done right, it could be pretty exciting.
  10. I pass under the Brambleton/ NSU Station a couple of times a day; Frogger has begun.
  11. So the businesses (Pollard's, Shell, Family Car Wash) on the SE corner of Park and Brambleton by the NSU LR station have been cleared out. Anyone know what's up?
  12. Actually there was a bit of a deal involved with putting the artists into the arcade. The city wanted the site of the D'art center for redevelopment at the same time that the owners of the arcade were threatening to tear the joint down and build a parking deck. The city bought the arcade and brokered a deal to move the artists in. I'm not saying the arrangement can't or shouldn't be tweaked; but given the economy, a bird in the hand is probably worth even more than two in the bush. Again, I would ask who is beating down the door to lease space in the arcade? Waterside should demonstrate that s
  13. Why is it either/ or? Perhaps both the city and the artists could benefit from some variety in the arcade. Is there actually any interest from potential businesses?
  14. From http://www.apartment...town_center.php The second building, Two Constitution, will be a 10 - 15 story “mixed use” design as dictated by market conditions. The building could contain approximately 15,000 - 75,000 square feet of office/retail space, and 100 - 130 residential units. The top floor will feature a club room, fitness center and outdoor rooftop terrace for the residents. Access to the residential units will be via an elevated pedestrian walkway from the parking garage. Seams that the only things settled are the club room and fitness center.
  15. I happen to live in Riddick's ward and there's a real lack of understanding out there about what keeps him in office. He is less the progenitor of the ideas he expresses, and more the reflection of the majority of his constituents. People around here identify with him in a way that Whibley, Winn, Wright, and Williams can't even hope for. I'm not saying they necessarily love (or even like) him, just that they identify with him. Until those beliefs are dispelled, they will continue to have a voice on our council; wether they come from Riddick or whoever replaces him. I look at Riddick a yardstic
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