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  1. My take on Charleston Mayor Tecklenburg is that annexation is not high on his priority list but time will tell. There are several parcels up for annexation on tonight's city council agenda. There's also a 45 acre annexation in the West Ashley area that is being fought by many residents over density concerns and that the property is historic and should be preserved from development.
  2. This is somewhat old news as it happened a few weeks ago, but Urban Farmhouse (1200 Semmes Ave) has closed. With all the apartments and other new housing nearby, this location should spring back soon with a coffee shop.
  3. The Belle Summitt Apartment building construction is going very, very slow. Sign out front says it will be open summer/fall. At the rate they're going, it will be summer/fall 2015.
  4. Thanks. Hoping for something alittle more exciting though.
  5. Does anyone have any info on what is planned for the 200 block (I think) of southside of Cowardin? Land is cleared and construction trailer in place but no signs up.
  6. 800 Semmes Ave: Construction crane being assembled right now.
  7. Just took a walk over to the site. Looks like base of crane tower going into place.
  8. Residents are starting to move into the new 1200 Semmes Ave apartment building although construction is not completed. This is an attractive building with rooftop amenities such as a dog walk. Maybe I'm being too optimistic but it looks like there could be some retail spaces facing Semmes Ave (coffee and/or sandwich shop, please!). http://www.1200semmes.com/
  9. Article in the Charleston Business Journal today discussing the Horizon Project master plan. Exciting to see this project getting underway later this year with Phase Zero (parking garage)and Phase 1 scheduled to begin summer of 2015. http://www.charlestonbusiness.com/news/51450-horizon-district-preliminary-master-plans-revealed
  10. This building has been demolished now. Still not sure if there are any plans for the site but still hoping it's not going to be a surface parking lot.
  11. Update on the Horizon Project in today's Post & Courier: http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20140514/PC16/140519611/1177/horizon-redevelopment-project-could-begin-this-fall First phase is to construct a parking garage clearing the path for subsequent phases.
  12. I'm not sure about a webcam, but I walked over to the construction site yesterday. Crews were drilling steel pilings.
  13. Update on the Cigar Factory with new tenant announcements: http://www.charlestonbusiness.com/news/51318-garden-amp-gun-leases-space-in-cigar-factory Exciting to see this project up and moving in a positive direction.
  14. My biggest fear has come true. There's a friggin' drugstore going in the old Millenium Bldg as being reported today in the P&C: http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20140404/PC05/140409700/1010/walgreens-to-anchor-high-profile-property-at-king-and-calhoun-in-charleston
  15. Appears construction is about to get underway. Does a project of this scope not need to go thru a city approval process from an architectural standpoint and even zoning (building height, etc) approval process?
  16. Container Store would be awesome, but no, it's not anchor material.
  17. These annexations received final approval at last week's Council meeting. This acreage is part of the larger planned Cainhoy Plantation development. There's another unrelated 70 acre tract pending annexation approval in the Cainhoy area.
  18. I heard on the radio this morning that the old Topekas steakhouse on Parham Rd. was going to be torn down and replaced by a retail store but I didn't catch the name of the store. Can anyone help me with the name?
  19. I believe that parcel is not large enough for a shopping center. I was really hoping for a restaurant. Really hurting for eating establishments in that area. There's money to be made with the right places.
  20. Courier Square will be a test case for a new "100/30 Urban Street" height district. It allows for taller buildings in exchange for wider sidewalks lined with retail. The proposal still has to go before City Council for final approval. http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20140115/PC05/140119584/1010/
  21. Architectural rending of what's being proposed to BAR this evening for new Chipotles. Very bland, so BAR will surely approve.
  22. When I was in Chas during the holidays, I drove by the 5-floor office building at 165 Cannon St., in the MUSC campus area. This building, built sometime in the mid-to-late 60's, has troubled me for several years for just being plain ugly architectural. Thus I eas excited to see that the exterior brick had been removed and a new exterior would be going on. Anything would be an improvement. But I did some checking and the building is actually being demolished. The building is currently owned by MUSC but orginally it was privately owned with a bank as the primary tenant. Not unhappy to see it go but hope a surface parking lot is not being planned for that parcel. Side note - I remember a girl that sat next to me in 10th grade that claimed her dad owned that building. Who knows. Google map of 165 Cannon St: https://www.google.com/#q=165+cannon+street+charleston+sc
  23. So, the developer will now sub-divide the Millennium Bldg into 4 spaces, with Chipotle Mexican Grill taking 3,000 sf on the King St, side of the building. BAR will review plans at its Jan 8 meeting. No mention of any other prospective tenants. Too bad the building could not have been leased to a single tenant but glad something will start happening there. http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20131231/PC05/131239894/1010/
  24. Officially announced today that H&M will be opening Dec 19 at 281 King St., in the old Kress Bldg. This is between Wentworth & Calhoun. There's been rumor of H&M coming to King St for some time now. http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20131209/PC05/131209418/1177/hm-to-open-in-downtown-charleston
  25. I didn't know that Manchester is considered part of downtown Richmond.
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