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  1. Was it ever put into operation? I saw a couple of photos of the cars (if we can call them that) which had actual wheels on them. Were they to run on rails? I found some articles that reference it except to say that it came about during the change in administrations and when the new admin came in, they were prepared to blow the $4.25M and just get rid of the entire project. Until you mentioned it here, I never knew it existed.
  2. I can't wait to see some more details of the inside of the arena. The only shot of the inside shows the upper boxes being extended around the ends of the arena, and some mid-level boxes being added at the center of the rink on both sides. The large opening at ice level on the right hand side of the diagram makes me wonder. Why get rid of those seats down there? Maybe just for basketball with roll-in bleacher seats for hockey? I'm excited for this news. Hopefully it isnt all just smoke.
  3. I wasnt sure where else to post this and since it really is just a fantasy idea I thought I'd throw it into a discussion on transit into Hartford. While looking at a google map of downtown I noticed how Asylum runs all the way from the Old State House past St Josephs College. It occurs to me that a light rail (or trolley) could be useful along this route. Along with St Joes is UConn's Hartford branch, much residential, St Francis hospital, Aetna, The Hartford, Union Station (most important), entertainment, XL and Hartford 21, downtown buildings and Columbus Plaza is a short walk from the Old State House. This could help bring more students living downtown with a ride to school, professionals from W.Hartford with a ride into the city, more prof's with a ride from downtown residences into the insurance district, etc etc. Plus it would move right through Union Station which would be even more beneficial if local rail becomes a reality (Waterbury, New Britain). Again, it's a fantasy I know and i'm sure there are reasons not to do it (other than financial) but it was on my mind.
  4. It's a European article...I corrected them.
  5. I hadnt looked at the entire length of train from NB to Waterbury, but eventhough it isnt the most direct route, it definitely would be the cheapest option. I think you're right that it would be a plus for mass transit in CT if a train were blowing by people in their cars on the highway. One thing that caught my eye is the New Britain to Berlin line, more specifically the location of Berlin station. If NB and Berlin were to be on the same line, wouldnt the station need to be moved? Currently it is on the north-south line from New Haven to Hartford, but the location where NB connects to this line is north of the station. It seems it would need to be moved in order to be on the both lines.
  6. Looking at it, I would think that a tunnel from the existing NB line that extends through Plainville/Bristol could be split so that it tunnels under the 72/84 interchange. The line is already at a lower level so that it can tunnell under 72. Running between 84E and W down through Southington would only mean adding rail bridges where the highway already crosses roads. The problem I think would be from the state police who would lose their beloved hiding places along the highway. Also there would be an issue in Milldale just before and at the 691 interchange. I do see a possible alternative at this point though. There is a power-line that runs just north of the 84/691 interchange, West to Waterbury. At this point, it could connect with an existing rail line, just north of downtown Waterbury. I dont know where the station would be in Waterbury, but this seems like a more direct route than sticking with 84 the entire way. And it would entail much less resistance from neighborhoods since it wouldnt be taking any away. I like the idea since it would be tough to find room for a rail line in the NB, Plainville, Bristol, Southington areas.
  7. I spent the day riding an Amtrak train from Philadelphia to Hartford and now find myself reading about the busline. I really think that this $45Mil would be much better spent on railways throughout the state. We had to pull over and wait for oncoming trains three times on my trip in today, JUST IN CONNECTICUT. It was ridiculous. It was the first time taking Amtrak in my life and overall it was great service. But the delays on my way home were absurd. Is this busline really going to have the effect on the congestion that people say it will? How many people will actually use this line? I live in New Britain and this wouldn't push me to use the bus rather than drive.
  8. I think it is merely a place for Uconn students to go. And I think with something like this, the entire region would benefit. Companies would have a place to build around. I think it 's a great idea. Looking forward to seeing it develop.
  9. The Islanders have too much history. They wont leave. It would be nice, especially for a huge development plan, but I doubt it.
  10. I assume you mean that Bradley should be taken away FROM the DOT and I agree. The best thing that could happen to the airport would be for the DOT to no longer be in control. Government proves one thing, time and time again...they are worthless. Read below...CT is no different than Hawaii's gov. http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/04/09/hawaii.vo...pair/index.html We could use people like this in New Britain. Even after the millions spent on "repairing" roads and sidewalks last year, this city's roads are in shambles. I drove through the 2nd coming of the Grand Canyon on my way home from work today.
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