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  1. Can someone please tell me what is going on next week. I have a friend trying to get a hotel room near the airport next week and all the rooms are booked. They tried airport, Tyvola, Billy Graham, Tryon, South...Everything is booked. Just wondering what would have them all booked...it is only a Tuesday (20th)....
  2. The Last Word in University. It's in the Promenade at Harris and Tryon beside the IHOP. I think it is a franchise (I could be wrong) but it looks and feels quaint. I know they buy and trade used books. I believe there was an article in the Observer a while back, but I can't remember. Good Luck.
  3. I think that is impressive also. Unfortunately, most of the list compiled for these purposes use passenger numbers not movements (landings / takeoffs). Beijing International is the 2nd busiest airport in the World, and will probably overtake Hartsfield in Atlanta within 2 -3 years. Paris is 7th in the World by passenger travel. There is no mistaking which airport is busier if you were to walk through both Beijing and Charlotte. I don't point this out as a slight on Charlotte in the least (I would like Charlotte to be #1 on every list). Even using the correct comparison, I think it is impressiv
  4. Those are all nice shots. One place I've always thought would make a great shot of the skyline is coming north on I-85 right after you cross Little Rock rd. but before you get to Billy Graham pkwy. It is quite impressive and I don't recall seeing any shots from this angle (I could be wrong). I don't come that way often but I'll try to get a shot the next time I do. Side note on I-85, there are also some nice angles off I-85 around the Brookshire exit near the old Merita Bread place. Maybe a powerline in the way of a great shot. Just my 2cents./
  5. Swampfox, that's a great site. It brings back lots of memories. I used to go when I was a teenager in the 80's and now take my son. Amazing. Wow, I still can't believe, white lightnin' in South Africa..that's great. Still scaring kids until this day.
  6. I agree. I think the two venues, Filmore and the ampitheatre, will bring acts that may have otherwise skipped the QC. It always seems that mid level acts drift to Ashville, or Raleigh because they have venues in the 1,500 to 5,000 person capacity. The Music Factory is certainly going to need people to support it, because Ashville and Raleigh are well established. Also, just because they are new and have LiveNation behind them doesn't guarantee success, but let's hope and show up.
  7. Good morning. Been following for a long time, and finally decided to say hey...On post, just noticed a listing for the Offsring playing a show at the Boutique Amphitheatre at the Music Factory, Charlotte. 07/14/2009 I guess they are ready to get going.
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