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  1. I don't have a dog in this hunt as far as property in this area, so what I think doesn't mean a thing. That being said... the Hill place apts. is really a burden on the area around it, noise, traffic, late night parties etc.. It is possible that the council members that voted to not rezone were looking at that. If the property were to become a high rise condo complex with lower floor mixed use it probably would have gone the other way. Hill place is new and already leaving a bad taste in some peoples' mouth. It will be hard to sell student complexes to the council.
  2. Zman, you say the developers presented a plan at the council meeting. What you neglected to say is the council was not voting on a development plan. The council was voting on a rezoning of the property. You might try to understand the council cannot vote on a concideration of something that is not on the table. If the developers purchase the property and then go through the planning commission with a development plan it would be a vote on the development. When this neighborhood goes through the Walker park and Fayette Junction type master plan process this land will probably be rezoned to
  3. Mark, How do you think that will happen with a foreclosure suit? Have they got somebody waiting in the wings to buy the foreclosure?
  4. Looks like it may be a little more toward Sonora (you can see the church on 412 e of springdale)
  5. A PZD follows the property. According to city planning there can be no changes without the approval of the planning dept. and the city council.
  6. The paper doesn't know what it is talking about (as usual). The infrastructure basics are in for phase 1, which is less than a third of the project area. I can't get too excited about this mess that bleeds dirt onto Mission. I guess it's walkable if your are a mountain goat. Maybe the banks will plant grass and turn it into a park.
  7. If you don't support the Fayetteville Forward Summit as a means to a plan, why would you support the Dover/Kohl 2025 plan? Dover was attended by a much more select smaller group and the ideas to expound upon were fed to you by the planners. It would seem to me that the summit with the input of a larger more diverse group is a better representation of the direction Fayetteville wants to proceed. The state of the current economic downturn will also be a huge determining factor in future development ideals. Light rail is not being driven by the desire for a more dense urban city center, con
  8. Mith 242, I have been reading post on this blog for a few years bu have just recently decided to comment on occasion. I see and talk to a lot of the people on the local forum. I did not mean to PO anyone, just felt the need to chime in.
  9. The Grow up comment was in response to Ruskin "fight the power". Going to the city with a project and a chip on your shoulder from the beginning, telling (instead of asking) the PC to give them variances, acting insulted when PC members and the public question these variances and just being rude with their overbearing attitude, (marching into meetings and acting like everyone but them is stupid or ignorant to NU) creates a lot of their own problems. Working with the system and then changing the system to adopt NU ideas is the way to archive the goals of better development. Pushing th
  10. These developers should apply for the variance BEFORE they put in curbs and gutter. They put planning on the spot when they can not prove the durability or safety of their finish on the concrete. Thinking outside the box is great. Crapping in the box is not. Grow up.
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