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  1. That was the question that popped into my head when I read your post. Why pursue a very nice looking underground station at CTC when Gateway Station could (???) handle the needs of a centralized uptown location? Could one pull more resources by focusing on Gateway, get larger federal funding and grants for a busier Gateway rather than a split Gateway/CTC? What will be the intended purpose of CTC in context of Gateway? The purpose of a new CTC is actually one I'd be interested in knowing. Does anyone know or have an idea? I likely wont be able to attend meetings but if someone goes, post anything interesting.
  2. I think the biggest difference is how vastly different the necessity and usefulness of transit is in Charlotte and New York and the sheer amount of all sorts of people who need it in a dense area. The subway alone carries more people than the 50 largest airports in the US combined I believe. Not counting ferries, buses, light rail, commuter/suburban rail etc. I echo some of the worries above including one I haven’t thought of but how quickly a shiny new facility could quickly become run down. I’m tired of mass transit always being planned around spurring development in Charlotte (unless it was with substantial affordable components, low-income, domestic violence survivors, etc.). There’s 800,000 or so people in the city who need to get around. There’s no need to spur office buildings or whatever by building a pretty facility. With 800,000+ people, it’s crazy to me it seems transit planning focuses on where to create demand… Like when I thought the 277 skirting light rail alignment was dumb and people said “but there is development potential there!” That is outrageous. Around 100,000 people work(ed) uptown, there’s plenty of events. There’s zero need to create new demand beside the nexus of activity… I want to see less renderings of office towers and more data on ridership potential, enhancements and a focus on moving people rather than an emphasis on potential skyscrapers. I believe I read on here someone said CATS buses still rely on change/cash. If that’s true, that’s part of the stuff I would want a focus on. There were times I flew to Charlotte and didn’t have change for the CATS bus if I’m not mistaken. I never carry change. There were times I bought a light rail ticket to use for the bus before but that obviously isn’t always an option to do. i am definitely in favor of $$ towards community bus hubs with a decentralized uptown hub if needed.
  3. The vestiges of the former bus system is still around uptown from when there was no single bus hub and the buses stops were along Tryon and Trade (hence the nicer uptown bus shelters)
  4. It makes a world of difference to have real time information or at least reliable timetables. You’re anecdotal proof of that.
  5. I don't understand why it's so hard to have a reliable GPS tracking system???
  6. That’s probably true for a lot of areas versus those areas. For example, Baltimore MSA has over 200,000 more people than Charlotte MSA in a smaller land area than Charlotte’s MSA. If you were to bloat Baltimore to Atlanta’s size, it’d be over 9,000,000. Austin/San Antonio comes to mind too (a little closer distance than Charlotte/Winston by a few miles) . San Jose & San Francisco have BART, Caltrain and only 55 miles apart. Im sure there’s plenty of other of asterisks. My rule of thumb is just go with what looks and feels bigger.
  7. At 925k, Charlotte is catching awfully close to surpassing Jacksonville FL in population.
  8. I think Seattle takes the cake. I’m not a of LRT being excessively long. Heavy Light Rail sure. Light rail 100% grade separated with stops spread far apart at the ends, sure. Below is Seattle’s light rail system expansion compared to NY subway and Chicago L to scale.
  9. Are there any future skyline renderings or massings?
  10. Geez, Austin got several new towers announced today one being over 800 Ft. see last post but holy smokes. They are leaving other cities in the dust.
  11. Metro is adding new digital boards outside of stations displaying real time train information. The first one is at Metro Center
  12. They totally failed on the ground level IMO. And I don't think they care nor ever contemplated the retail units being anything but laundry, sundries and maybe some upscale restaurants for the work crowd. They built great corporate office towers with a Fortune 500 HQ, with a major Fortune 50 tenant, a Fortune 1000 tenant, etc. So I doubt they have any regrets or view their project as anything less than wildly successful. Even if they could just break up some of the retail units by colors, it would've been something. Ideally they would've split the parcel up further with a road between Tryon and Mint and wider sidewalks. With the pure scale of the project, it could've been a legit destination area if the ground level was done right (and IMO could've been more attractive for upscale hotel/condo towers or anything residential) and diverse retail tenants. Would've been nice to have say a Diner near the stadium, things that would appeal to a stadium-y and leisure crowd in addition to the 9-5 crowd like the below (Diner on the bottom with a more corporate-y appealing bar on 2nd floor) It also would've been nice to have an entertainment venue similar to a nicer version (or geared towards the 30+ crowd version) of the Filmore or places that have live music etc. Obviously venues that would be fun and appealing but still classy or nice enough to not be to out of place with a Bank tower on top. But I think at this point, the development is what it is and what you've see so far is what you're going to get. As some will say (though I wont because I don't think it's a one-or-the-other issue).... It's better than nothing and it brought jobs to the region so. There's that. And it makes for a pretty skyline. Though it could've created great synergy with Crescent projects if they did the street level similar to Crescent's developments. But the dye has already been cast on this one. And from an office development perspective, it'll likely continue to be a cash cow and success for Lincoln Harris.
  13. Few office towers with a roped-off Astro turf court yard.
  14. In terms of urbanity/skyline, Austin is ahead & pulling away IMO. Still in the same league. Rewind 15 years ago, I completely scoffed at the idea of Austin's skyline catching up to Charlotte. Austin 2005: Austin 2022 (And it's got TONS of new high-rises U/C, proposed, etc. including over 1,000 Ft. as some have mentioned. And boy was I wrong to laugh them off as being no more impressive than Winston-Salem. I think one thing that will accelerate the trend is:
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