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  1. That doesn’t seem true. Maybe it generates the most revenue just due to the number of seats, but that doesn’t make it profitable or most profitable route.
  2. Pretty buildings, street level is awful, awful
  3. I feel like the Charlotte streetcar may be a different story, but the DC and I believe Atlanta streetcars have been disasters other than some developments. Even very pro-transit folk do not like the streetcar. im curious to how Charlotte will fair and how other cities streetcars are doing. The one thing Charlotte has going for it is it actually does take you to useful places and is situated in a convenient spot in downtown. Going to Plaza would’ve been ideal. Hopefully university students fill the thing. But man. It’s torture waiting like. 15 minutes then taking another 15 minutes to go like. 2 miles.
  4. I was going to say it can’t be that old because the light rail is open. But I guess it’s already been a few years it’s been open. Feels brand new. I left the city a few months after it opened so it still seems novel to me.
  5. I'm sure we'll find out why once that data comes out.
  6. I am a gay Latino that came from a poor background that dates a mixed guy... why do I have to state my demographics? wtf would being white have to do with feeling anxiety over 7pm curfews 2-days in a row on business days after having been under lockdown for months? 9pm curfews I could’ve dealt with, 7pm? Mental torture. I know you’re trying to make me out to be a racist a-hole, but I’ve personally have had mental health problems being under quarantine. I don’t think my mental health problems make me a racist because 7pm curfews make me feel like quarantine will never end. I usually don’t get riled up or even comment if I don’t like a post because I like to stay on topic, but I don’t like being called a racist and especially because of my mental health. The point of my post was, as a millennial who preferred dense urban areas, after months of covid and the riots (that led to curfews as soon as restrictions were being lifted), all of my suburban friends even during the pandemic seemed to have much more freedom and mobility and a greater quality than myself and friends in DC who rely on closed metro stations, got rid of our cars and in general were more cooped up. Its not fun seeing people go out to breweries in Charlotte while being cooped up. And That does not diminish BLM, the movement or cause nor does it make me a racist. even now, my closest metro station is closed, trains are every 30 minutes on weekends, 20 minutes on weekdays and it ENDS at 9pm and so many closed stations and segments and lines. This from a system on the parts I used had 3 lines share a track and there were trains like once every 2 minutes.... When I go down to Charlotte, those kids are in their cars, driving around. Life back to normal. Same as NoVa. and feel free to dismiss those, particularly in the larger urban cities in the US who are already probably more sociable than others, who have had a difficult time the last few months and have had more strict lockdowns. Diminish mental health in the name of BLM since apparently multiple issues in the world can’t both be important.
  7. CLT is busier by far than ever today, Friday 4pm. They opened the concourse B security checkpoint again and the terminals are bustling. flight to DCA is oversold and They’re looking for volunteers. Birkdale Village last night was packed. Things in Charlotte seem normal. DC is getting there too.
  8. Without my car, covid in DC is annoying. Though as things reopen, it’s getting better. I’m ready to see the normal crowds come back. During the pandemic and the. Riots, I did want to just move to Dulles or Reston or to South Charlotte/Ballantyne. ill never move to rural areas, but wealthy suburbs with mixed use town-center developments (like Lake Norman; Birkdale and the various town centers) are starting to become more appealing and just drive into the city.
  9. I don't know much about the railroad industry, but I know some of you do. Could the trains that stay in NC not be scheduled to act as a commuter rail during while not running between Charlotte and Raleigh? As in a Train in the morning could obviously just go to Raleigh, but another train act as a commuter rail (frequencies at like. 7AM, 8AM, 10 AM) and then head for Raleigh at like. 11AM or 12PM or something? I don't know if the tracks even go to anywhere worthy of a commuter line or whether whoever owns the tracks would allow that many trains but. Just wondering
  10. I doubt it would be the most important project south of NYC. Even if this isn't totally pie in the sky, which I would be completely shocked if this came true at all. No insider by any means, it just seems a little silly. Also, Charlotte's Transit hub would basically by CTC 2.0. There will never be much Amtrak traffice outside of a couple trains to CLT; I see no reason for it to be any more grand than Raleigh Union Station. Not trying to be a downer, just don't want to get disappointed.
  11. Looks way better than I thought. I hated the renderings. Ally would look 10x better for me of the top didn’t have the “crown” thing on it
  12. I know you're generally right, but I have zero hope that anything soon will be built other than the train station and maybe a 5 floor apartment building within a few blocks of it. These vision plans seem to never become reality (unless split up like 3rd ward was with Novare, or Levine who sold off some of his land). It seems more implausible that a "denser/taller" would come fruition at that.
  13. I’ve been flying DCA-CLT every 3 weeks. DCA is still so dead, CLT has been picking up. The airport is still pretty busy despite the massive cuts. Probably busier than Raleigh before Covid. right now, it’s so amazing to go to Charlotte and have some sense of normalcy. I’ve gone to Carolina Beach, ate at Fahrenheit and other favorites, Hot Taco, some breweries. Go back to DC, still pretty much completely shut down, then We had curfew starting at 7pm for a couple nights. Ugh! I swear, between Covid shutdowns, government shutdowns, protest, this city stays shut down
  14. Mistake me if I’m wrong, but looks like CLT AA flights are going down by nearly 70% (just a guesstimate on my behalf.) I think I read only Dallas and Charlotte will be acting as hubs and the others (DC National, Chicago, Philly, etc) will primarily Be hub to hub only flights?
  15. I think it meant an airport with low international exposure rather than in general of being a major airport. Which I think is what you’re getting at. Denver being even smaller of an international airport than Charlotte but one of the worlds busiest still. Dulles, JFK, Newark, SF, LA, Miami, Chicago being among the more internationally exposed airports.
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