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  1. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    I think the entire USA falls wayyyy behind Europe in every way possible as far as the cities go. Charlotte is really no different than any city in the US except NYC. To me, the US cities in general are pretty boring, devoid of any history - it’s short history. There’s no castles or anything. Only NYC has mass transit that is more than just a small token presence. DC’s mass transit is peanuts. No city except NYC is dense. Chicago I guess. The rest are predominately suburban. The DC region is mostly suburban. Some have a little bit bigger cores, but at the end of the day. It’s the same old suburbs. The vast majority living in the DC region are living in suburbs outside the District of Columbia. Then 1/2 of DC itself is a suburb. I could go to Denver and see what vs. say Lisbon? Or really any European history that has thousands of years of history, more density, more urbanity, not many chains, lots of local places. But Denver will never be Lisbon. Atlanta will never be Barcelona. Houston will never be Paris. And Southeastern cities will always be southeastern cities. So while for you it may seem like blinders, for others, it may be accepting that Charlotte is a southeastern city and people want it to be the best southeastern city it can be. Could you imagine if I constantly compared Denver to a European city of a similar metropolitan size? Constantly complained Denver was beyond sterile, nothing but chains, beyond auto-oriented, a mini metro system with a laughable ridership? Claimed Denver had no history vs. a thousand year old city? They’re just different regions, different areas. They’ll always be different. Life is too short to be wishing Charlotte wasn’t a southeastern city. It’s doing great. It’s the 2nd largest banking center in the US. It’s a large metro. Fairly wealthy. Shiny, new, sparkly and pretty. I love Charlotte for what it is. Living in DC (literally, I’m a 5 minute walk away from the US Capitol) and I have to say. Life here is not that different than CLT. I work in Tyson’s. By far most people are soccer moms and dads who live in homes in Fairfax, shop at Harris Teeters, take their kids to the soccer field, shop at Tyson’s mall and maybe visit DC once a year.
  2. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    While I agree, I wouldn’t say Charlotte or Atlanta are really shining examples of structural density development patterns.
  3. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    It’s nashvilles turn in the spotlight. First it was Charlotte. Then Austin. Now Nashville. Charlotte and Austin are booming more than ever - if not much more impressive than before the last recession. Nashville, Charlotte and Austin are 3 very different cities. Our growth, our development doesn’t seem to come at the cost of another . So, congrats to Nashville but it’s not at our expense. IMO, Raleigh is our most direct competitor. Particilarlty for pro-sports.
  4. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    Ok, I know all of you are about NC unity here. Butttt. I’m sort of amused Nashville and DC and NYC got picked over our humble capital. Mostly because their media and some people crowed and crowed about Charlotte not making the final top 20. For an entire year. im nearly positive some Raleigh folk and their local media will still continue to point out Raleigh, the technology Mecca, made the top “20” (really like 17 considering multiple areas for a metro were chosen) for an east coast technology HQ and lost to 3 other Cities and financial hub Charlotte didn’t. :p
  5. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    Wow! I didn’t know Lima was bigger. São Paulo feels and looks significantly bigger than NYC.
  6. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    At 25,000, if it gets to that level, would be around as big as BofA in CLT. I actually think BofA is just below 20,000 and Wells is just above 20,000. Someone can check the numbers. It would really be one of the largest employers in any city outside of Government. So it’s still a big deal
  7. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    I noticed, particularly in Raleigh circles (I follow NC topics more), they're going through a period we went through. Wellll, we didn't really want it. Wellll, home prices would've been horrible. Welllll, it's spooking other jobs who may want to come here. Before when it looked as if Raleigh (And Charlotte) had decent shots, people were so excited Amazon was going to massively transform an area. Amazon wanted a place where they could create their mark. Mass transit systems were going to be built, entire new areas were going to be built. etc. Now that it looks as if Crystal City will get some of it, all of a sudden Crystal City is some sterile place, far flung exurb. Crystal City, IMO, is a very exciting area. 2 Metro lines where you are a stop from a great mall, a couple stops from DC L'Enfant. The Yellow Line and Blue line can funnel in the entire metro system effectively Whether coming from Whiele or Vienna or any other line. The airport is literally right there. Clarendon, Alexandria, DC all places people want to be. It is a place with lots of potential and I'm kind of surprised at the flack Crystal City is getting when people were wetting their panties over the Dix park area in Raleigh, etc. I think back and think of the couple CLT posters who blew up the boards with Amazon rumors about CLT. And those were the same posters who completely played it down like they didn't want it in CLT. lolz. If SouthEnd could become like Crystal, that would be awesome. A light rail line going to Matthews through Southpark. Move CLT airport to it's literal back yard. SouthEnd is awesome. It's also a fun area. It's very active. Lots of fun things to do along the rail trail. Lots of ground level places, bars, places to eat, breweries. It's so beautiful. Mass transit. Lots of residential amenities. Shopping. SouthEnd, and I'm prepared for you guys to rag on me, is much better than NoDa and Plaza mostly due to it being larger, mass transit, amount of mass transit stops, better TOD, arguably more walkable and more complete of an area. Greenway. It is hard to compete with SouthEnd in CLT, IMO
  8. AirNostrumMAD

    Economic Development - Expansions and Relocations

    I’m very happy Amazon chose crystal city. I think it’s gonna be beyond fabulous and really change the area. I don’t have a car here so increased traffic doesn’t matter to me.
  9. AirNostrumMAD

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Ive never seen buildings along a freeway outside of clt that looked half as good as this thing does from the back. Most ive seen look like this
  10. AirNostrumMAD

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    I love the project
  11. AirNostrumMAD

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    Luckily for you KJ is not only the CEO of Krispy Kreme, he also does some part time at McDonalds on the side, too. Maybe he has some influence there.
  12. AirNostrumMAD

    FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    Do they not do a lot of other programs? Food Banks? Charities? Habitat for Humanity? Endowments?
  13. AirNostrumMAD

    1100 S Tryon - Spectrum Mixed Use Project in SouthEnd

    Legacy Union looks good in its reflection...
  14. AirNostrumMAD

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    Very active.
  15. AirNostrumMAD

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    BoA CC, DEC, Hearst, 3 Wells Fargo, 5/3 Center