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  1. AirNostrumMAD

    Washington Union Station

    With up to double the capacity, I wonder what that could mean for Washington to NC service? Im not sure about to Raleigh, but Charlotte has the most inconvenient schedules everytime I try to make it to CLT
  2. AirNostrumMAD

    CATS Long Term Transit Plan - Silver, Red, Airport Lines

    Zero hope. So annoying mass transit has become so politized
  3. AirNostrumMAD

    Washington Union Station

    The massive expansion which will double the capacity for Union Station (which currently handles about 100,000 travelers) begins in 2019 and be complete within 3 years.
  4. AirNostrumMAD

    Photo of the Day- Washington/Baltimore Metro

    Some before and after pictures of the first snow storm of 2019... around 9” in the District
  5. AirNostrumMAD

    The Bad News Report

    My point wasn’t to insert another city in the discussion, it’s basically to say assertions that Charlotte is an intolerant place or not welcoming to blacks or full of nascar white people who think blacks are dangerous is so far off base. And Baltimore is like... the worst “example” of tolerant white people not casting African American communities as dangerous gangland. Or Washington for the matter. Not sure about Richmond, but I do know Charlotte... and the insinuations you guys are making couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s just my opinion. If your opinion is that Baltimore is a better place where the whites in the region have rosy visions of the inner city African American neighborhoods, well then that’s what you think.
  6. AirNostrumMAD

    The Bad News Report

    NASCAR land? I get the sense Washington DC is a less tolerant place than Charlotte and much more divided. African Americans here are definitely lumped much more into a “dangerous” category it seems than in Charlotte. Charlotte’s racial divide seems like peanuts compared to DC. I think you live in an overly romantic vision of the racial utopia that are some other cities.
  7. AirNostrumMAD

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Ok you guys. I’ve always liked the building, especially in real life. The crown in the renderings sometimes did look a little awkward like the building in Philly.... But as it finishes.... the proportions, particularly the pyramid looks fabulous. IMO, one of the best in uptown (sorta. There’s way too many fantastic buildings uptown.)
  8. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    I dunno. Major league stadiums are sooo huge. Almost as tall as BofA stadium. It’s just hard to imagine BBT stadium could be converted
  9. AirNostrumMAD

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    I loved the aquatic center and it’s location. I always went frequently. It’s a great asset IMO. Maybe when uptown gets more full might I change my mind it needs to go. But I love recreational activities. If not more so than an aquarium that cost $35 a visit per person vs. 8$ for Meck residents a month. (Though it would’ve been great to relocate the aquatic center by Rays Splash Planet and make it 1 facility)
  10. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements

    It could be but it will be 100% dependent on brand new development IMO. A stonewall 2.0
  11. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte Off Topic

    ^ even Arlington is sooo boring and sterile compared to CLT. Charlotte offers the same amenities any other large city offers. Even compared to large cities. Atlanta doesn’t seem any more urban, for example in my opinion and it’s much larger. As I mentioned before. Does Dallas or Atlanta have a grocery store downtown? Clothing retailers? Ok. There Works of Coke and GA aquarium. I live 2 blocks from the National Mall. I never go to the smithsonians. CAnt imagine world of coke is anymore life shattering. CLT has great urban amenities. Especially for residents. From Frazier Dog Park to Ray’s Splash Planet and all the other amenities people don’t realize uptown has but are more concerned with the world of Coke’s of the world.
  12. AirNostrumMAD

    Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

    Sporting events and conferences? Lame.
  13. AirNostrumMAD

    Learning from Other Places

    Does gentrification help diversify cities? I think gentrification is the best thing to happen to areas. I mean. “White flight” and the wealthier folk moving to the ‘burbs seem to have created more segregation and more negative effects to lower income citizens than gentrification. But I know lots see gentrification as being a bad thing that displaces people.
  14. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    This is the first New Years where it hasnt been cold af. I always feel like Thanksgiving day is beyond cold compared to the days before or after it ... Christmas is like 74, then New Years week is like a high of 27 and just cold.
  15. AirNostrumMAD

    SREE Springhill Suites Hotel and Center City Green

    The building looks incredible