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  1. It would be cool to have at the intersection of Stonewall/Tryon. Or at least pretty low. Not sure if it would blind people though, lol
  2. Your posting patterns seem to sometimes be back-and-forth over stuff that doesn’t even offer to the conversation. This isn’t City-Data. It’s much more enjoyable to read and participate in conversations when replies, especially if in disagreement, are discussed thoughtfully with reason. As opposed to, again, a battering of posts that isn’t grounded in substance. I think this project will do a lot for uptown. It’s way too early to assess whether it will be a ghost town, but I’m nearly positive it won’t. As far as on street parking, you guys. This area is the CBD of office buildings. I think being as Charlotte was such a small city before - particularly urban Charlotte, uptown was THE place of urbanity. So I think people are trying to fit what all urbanity they value into our main CBD where the office space is. I think as urban Charlotte grows exponentially, we need to think of SouthEnd, Plaza, Midtown, Gold District, West End, Gateway, Elizabeth, etc as part of uptown or think of the these areas as a singular destination, center city. FYI, every time I visit Charlotte. I’m a little surprised how hopping it is. I lived there nearly my entire life and a couple years away, when I come back, I’m like “damn... wtf event is going on” but generally, it’s just night life... this development will probably be like 300 south tryon. Same type of tenants, etc. Which obviously caters to a certain demographic but that demographic makes sense for that particular spot. Looking for something more easy, Go to another part of center city. And I have to say. Of all the cities I’ve been to, their CBD of glitzy towers are such dullsville and dead outside of business hours. Even large cities, it’s nothing but a bunch of closed Potbellies and closed Subways on weekends. Uptown is pretty lively given it’s a bunch of bank towers. These towers, if nothing else, will add to the macro economics of adding more urban minded folks to our urban neighborhoods. Nearly every city, their Crown Jewels are their various neighborhoods. edit: 2 more posts from mpretori while I was typing doing exactly what I stated in the beginning of this post. Lol seriously though. You can sometimes cause up to 2 pages worth of back and forth and conversation, facts and stuff get buried. No bueno
  3. I think people overestimate 277 being a barrier. What was a barrier were empty lots and no people. plenty of large cities have train tracks and highways going through the city. Most of uptown is less connected (gateway) to the rest of uptown than SouthEnd. as “Downtown” gets bigger and grows together, uptown will be viewed as a a district in downtown, as will SouthEnd.
  4. Wonder if SouthEnd will ever be labeled as downtown.
  5. I feel like the “flash in the pan” was a Nashville dig.
  6. The bolded sentence above is how it feels to me. (Luxury stores sprinkled in naturally aren't bad, but a built area specific for only these retailers does get sterile. And I agree pretty much entirely with this post. Super Lux. isn't coming to uptown, period, in that scale. It makes no sense to even pretend to get a mass of those labels uptown. And honestly, even if it could, I personally don't think it would shake the common complaint that uptown can feel kinda sterile/button down/etc. Apple, H&M, Zara, etc. IMO would draw plenty of foot traffic (assuming demand is there) and would contribute to a more humanizing of uptown to shake the sterile stigma.
  7. I forgot this building was the subject of multiple daily outrages for being so hideous for like a solid year. It looks good. A lot of urban folks I know, young recently graduated folks who live in the various urban hoods and frequent all the bars and breweries, love this building a lot (comments mostly come at night). people who love the city but aren’t necessarily urban nerds like it a lot it seems.
  8. Yes, I was. That’s why it’s annoying you keep going on and on as if magically my experiences are going to change instead of just posting your anecdotal experience
  9. whatever. I stated my opinion based on my experience. If you have different ones, state them and get over what my personal experience has been. I don’t care. That picture to me is not the vibrant DC that I know and like . And FYI, that was a glamour shot. I chose a picture that was representative whether the link, a tourist agency, says its the greatest thing ever or nor. I was showing what it looks like when I visit every time outside some bars. I think it’s sterile compared to its surroundings and other areas. I think the foot traffic is weak compared to surrounding and other retail/night life areas. In any event, it wouldn’t work in uptown even on a small scale. And if it did, it would contribute even more to the button down blah vibe people complain about. I don’t like this and this is what it’s like every time I go excluding special events. If you go when it’s packed, great! Glad it’s getting use sometime.
  10. ^ every time I go it’s pretty dead outside a few of the restaurants. Rather just stick to Chinatown...
  11. I dunno about brickell, but City Center in DC seems like a scaled down version and it sucks big time. Its so empty and sterile and lifeless (but pretty to look at). High end retail areas aren’t too fabulous for street activity. H&M, Macy’s, etc. are more activating
  12. Is this an inside joke? Or do you really think 277 looks old?
  13. Thank you. I’m sure there’s some creative ways to utilize the space. If it’s not making any money, maybe Center City Partners can partner up with who owns this (I assume Crescent?) and it can be a space that is leased out to a small business. I dunno, like a place you drink wine and paint? A lease with favorable termination language in the event they find something that generates more revenue.
  14. As soon as I heard Fortune 100, I knew it was BofA. They are needing space badly. They are the big anchor for Odell/525 too. And the TransAmerica building.
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