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  1. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    ^ I did a controversial downvote on you because UNCC is #1 in NC. case closed
  2. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

  3. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Bf/gf couple? Damn breeders!
  4. AirNostrumMAD

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    You can’t go anywhere but your floor for BofA. I worked in the 16th floor of Corp. and sometimes I would have to go to the 17th floor and I had no access and it was annoying
  5. AirNostrumMAD

    The Bad News Report

    Unless Trump thinks Canada is a state, I can’t see that all.... ‘Murca 1st
  6. AirNostrumMAD

    The Bad News Report

    To be quite clear, I meant the culture and vanilla part is garbage. Education is a valid point.
  7. AirNostrumMAD

    The Bad News Report

    I know plenty of people in the south who couldn’t tell you which state Minneapolis, Detroit, and plenty of other large cities nor could they distinguish at all Portland from Seattle and most people from the south seem to stumble on where Philadelphia but could absolutely recognize Pittsburgh. People in the south seem to have never even heard of San Jose, CA. Lots of people have no idea which state Chicago is in. Or probably thinks Chicago is a state. the only state that people I meet from all regions seems to know their cities is Texas. I don’t think anyone would second guess where Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Austin or Armarillo are located. Americans in general are just dumb about geography. I feel like Philadelphia isn’t a thing in people’s minds, especially compared to Pittsburg which seems much, much more well known. I love traveling and geography so I just roll me eyes people has never even heard of, never would guess even if you had a list of cities names and told them to pick which city is the capital of the giant country above the USA.
  8. AirNostrumMAD

    The Bad News Report

    Garbage. Im not just saying that because I’m from CLT. I think lacking culture and Identity and being a conservative place that shuts down at 5 describes the vast majority of American cities.
  9. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    So disagree. The crown on it will really make this fabulous this must be a building you either like or hate.
  10. AirNostrumMAD

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    I work for a big lender in CMBS Multifamily and I’m always surprised at how many restrictions are placed on borrowers. They pretty much want 95% occupancy+. If they want to change property managers, it goes through 500 intermediaries all doing the same job to approve it. If they need to fix a door in the lobby within 2 months, and for some reason they can’t, again... a huge process through banks and filtered up through the GSE’s and back down to give an extension, amend some documents, file an entire report, send it over to legal for review, etc. it’s cray cray.
  11. AirNostrumMAD

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    I used to Downvote things until it became serz business to downvote people lol.
  12. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I don’t know how long ago you lived in DC. But from what long term residents tell me. The last year or so has been incredibly terrible and super unreliable. Reduced hours. People will take the green line to a nats game just for the driver to say “please be advised metro will not be operating after the game is over. Please use alternate transportation.” The red line is disconnected for 2 months. And this is the last week metro service will be 20 minutes headway’s during rush hour, thank God.... “ Metro is gearing up for two weeks of major track work on three lines, and it’s telling riders to avoid the system if they can. “Use Orange, Silver and Blue Lines ONLY if you have no other option,” Metro says in its videos about the work and brochures it’s been handing out at stations. “ - people here do nothing but complain about metro. The short operating hours. The useless people. Fare evaders (they’re installing new gates that people on social media are already complying people still fare dodge). It’s a hated thing these days. Lynx is a much more well run machine with better, longer operating hours, more reliability and the same frequency. It just isn’t part of a large rail network. I think Lynx & CATS are more well run than we give them credit for.
  13. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I commuted from I485 to UNCC my entire last semester. The speeds on the extension were so annoying. Stopping at every intersection. Cutting the time By 10 minutes would do wonders for commuters
  14. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I think I’ve been pretty much everywhere in Arlington and I still have that same opinion. Very underwhelming compared to how people hyped it up. I’m going to have to stick with Sterile and boring. Ive been to all those places. I just vastly prefer SW/NW so much more than Arlington. I also think Center city Charlotte is wayyy better than Arlington too (other than the fact Arlington is beside Washington). The more places I visit in the USA, the greater I think Charlotte is. For an American city, Charlotte is amaze balls. And people on the interwebz are ruining cities such as Minneapolis where they hype it up and rag on CLT.... makes me wonder how this supposed paradise of Denver will be. Imma visit there soon
  15. AirNostrumMAD


    Link? I assume details are buried in the 200+ Page thread in the carowindsconnection forum