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  1. As another poster asked, and replace it with what? If tear down epicenter, I'm curious... What development in uptown would be a good replacement to emulate? Legacy Union? 300 South Tryon (Kimpton/Barrings)? Ally Tower? We didn't embrace our past before. And we tore a lot of stuff down because of crime. Ironically, the very people who explain away how Uptown can't support certain types of retail or cheaper eating options or more local business is because we tore all of our old building stock down and only the Vapianos of the world can afford to rent in these bank lobbies and Condo tower lobbies. Yet, here we are. Lamenting a "crime ridden" retail/entertainment hub saying it should be tore down or past its prime or that its a stain on the safe image of uptown. Guess we havent learned our lesson lol
  2. "Maybe people from out of town" . Exactly. UNCC/CPCC students, people in North Lake, people from Belmont, Gastonia, Elkin, Lake Norman, Concord, Fort Mill, etc. etc. are exactly how you described. And those are people that uptown needs to be a full and complete place. Not just a sub-segment of urban snobs (which I am one too!). Of course I drag people away from epicenter to Lucky's. Then they start to go to Lucky's without me. And notice things they passed, etc. I want uptown to cater to the region as a broad place. Not just a Vapianos/Essex type place serving a sub-segment of the region. You sound like a person who would live in 4W. Which I would be too if I lived in Charlotte. I think outside of the 4W and Essex-type circles, that epicenter is a cool place still. Anyway, opinions wont change so. And Epicenter will remain popular and at the forefront of uptown nightlife and the cooler kids will rag on it and those scared of downtown violence will always be scared of downtown violence, period. If I bring people uptown. They are getting epicenter followed by a stroll down to 7th/College, to 5th/Tryon and quickly through the lobbies of Tryon to end the night around Romare. That's my go to strategy for people in uptown.
  3. without epicenter, uptown would be significantly less interesting and exciting. Significantly so. I think. 5th and tryon and 7th and College are much more enjoyable to me with the presence and energy of epicenter nearby. Those big lights, all the people, movie signs, taxis, etc. I’m just very pro-epicenter. I think the significance for uptown is still yuge and I think contributes to more mass of people coming into a city that breathes more energy into the couple little areas near it on north tryon and is a destination. The only other destination is Romare Park. So far IMO. Dandelion, prohibition, Luckys aren’t destination areas enough like epicenter. I like them in addition to epicenter. I hope Legacy can be a destination like Epicenter. There’s been no confirmed information that shows it will be. Epicenter for me is a beat and pulse that adds to my night to places like Luckys
  4. I don't know. Even a few weekends ago, some of my friends from UNCC had a Swedish girl come visit (she's an intern somewhere in Raleigh) and they took her to the Epicenter and just raved how it was like "Paris" (They never been to France FYI) and they just thought the epicenter was the crown jewel. And the Epicenter is pretty much, the place of Uptown. Then after people have been there done that, then they branch out to a couple other places and act like epicenter is for newbs or whatever. But seriously. Take out epicenter. You have a block near 7th street market. And a couple places ringing Romare. Walk down Tryon Street at 9PM. How many places are open. Rock Bottom? Capitol Grille? Ruth Chris? Chimas? Duckworths? Did I miss anything? Walk down College Street. Pretty nice, more things and it seems more cosmopolitan and the Epicenter is cool. Romare park, pretty cool. Ink & Ivy, some places at Latta Arcade, 7-11, Mellow Mushroom and a couple other chain places. I'm a big fan of epicenter, what it contributes and would hate for it to be destroyed, removed or taken away. It's really a crown jewel for uptown. There's needs to be more than 1 block at 7th street and a few places around Romare. I'm not too cool for epicenter (despite my preferences for Lucky's and a few other places around uptown). And I love the movies there. Uptown would be a lot more boring without Epicenter.
  5. If epicenter is torn down in 10-years, uptown will again be nothing but bank lobby’s and shut down at 5pm. epicenter supports retail in all of uptown. It’s a destination. Without it, uptown is not a destination - it’s an office park. Epicenter is popular. And it draws people uptown which leads to support for other businesses.
  6. For UNCC? Finance. For the community colleges, I forget what they call them. But everyone who wants to TRansfer into a 4 year and become an automatic Jr. has to graduate with a certai major in community college which as I said, I forget the name. Like. Something with Arts in the name
  7. Assuming that there is a ton of demand to the airport (which I still think there isn’t. The airport is mostly connecting traffic and the workers probably make enough to have a car but not to live in transit friendly hoods to make ridership that spectacula) CATS obviously seems like they will not connect the blue line and silver line in the most optimal way. Isn’t the plan like. A block or 2 away? Waiting on a train, walking a block or so then waiting on the next. Yeah. Just drive me along 485 and drop me off at the front door. Ironically. I think a line to Matthews would actually improve airport ridership. Because it sure isn’t going to get any help from the blue line. Also, looking at your Map. The green portion just doesn't seem like there would be much traffic generated outside of whatever Gaston musters up.
  8. let’s take DC and Dallas. Both huge metros and CSA’s. For DC, DCA airport is the 46th busiest station of 91 with around 5k riders a day. while a smaller employment base, there’s many more passengers that aren’t connecting than CLT. Probably offsets the employee difference. And that’s in a 9.7 million CSA with great mass transit. DFW light rail had 900 hoardings per day. This airport is overall much larger than CLT, including much larger workforce. this map of busiest stations. Looks like DFW is middle of the pack and much smaller than the terminus of the other Lines it just seems to me, hitting major suburbs like Matthews is going to be a much larger trip generator than our airport. I think DFW is actually an ominous sign for CLT ridership. Dallas is probably reflective of what charlottes busier stations would be like. IMO. maybe the fact that clt is closer helps, but maybe it doesn’t? In any event, I still don’t see it generating much trips to be prioritized over other sections of the county
  9. I disagree. The airport is going to be slower to get to than by car unless you live somewhere along independence closer to uptown. The airport from the blue line would suck due to what I imagine will be poor connectivity. Matthews would serve people, locals, daily. CLT airport isn’t even much busier than Raleigh’s airport (excluding connecting traffic) and it’s so close to center city with good access.
  10. I dunno. Matthews is infinitely more important than the airport. I mean. How many people in Charlotte are going to take light rail to airport? For airport workers. Maybe that justifies ridership more. Perhaps. But really just getting lines to hit 485 Is the most important part of the light rail piece. I bet ridership would be a lot higher if the extension reached 485. in any event. I think a successful system will touch multiple corners of 485 with giant park & rides. If it doesn’t cater to commuters above all, I don’t think it will live up to its ridership potential.
  11. No. IMO, Church would be a great candidate. Convert more garages into low cost retail spaces.
  12. I went to Gaston Community College for Free on Pell grants (I actually had nearly 600$ left after books and all per semester). Once you graduate from an NC community college with an Associate in Arts degree (or whichever one it is.... I forgot!) , you are guaranteed entry to at least 1 state university and every single credit will transfer and you will go in as a Jr.. So I went from crappy Gaston then all of a sudden was a Jr. at UNCC. I was way too poor to go to a university, I worked full time too. Now I have a high paying job in DC that I got because of UNCC's "Hire-a-Niner" career portal for students and landed several job offers with Fortune 500's all around the country my fall semester of my senior year at UNCC with a 3.2 something GPA and no extracurricular activities. Oh, and I got the same position as those who went to Columbia Univesity, etc. It's always amusing. Because I know lots of UNCC students who compete and win against the Ivy league schools with various Fortune 500's.
  13. I still can’t believe the nonstop furor of how atrocious this building looked...
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