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  1. ^ more like by 2021. Also doesn’t take into account all the Amtrak trains which are pretty cheap to take within the DC region.
  2. Parking garages make uptown more livable though. Who would want to live anywhere in Charlotte without a car besides a few UP nerds with no spouse? My my best friend goes to uptown all the time. He lives in Huntersville. He drives nearly daily uptown to eat or charge his car. When he goes to eat, he chooses uptown. He’s not the most urban person, total suburbanite but uptown is a place casual suburbanites are choosing to go now. He’s not going to make a 15 minute car ride into a 2 hour affair just getting to and from uptown taking light rail. This weekend I came down. I recommended cedar street tavern in gateway. We parked in a deck to eat there. The amount of hell it would be, hours of time, light rail tickets for 3 guys (vs. 5$ deck)... not worth Cedar street tavern.... Thats the reality of living in a city built after cars became a huge part of society. Parking decks can be done correctly: Charlotte: Charlotte: Charlotte: Rhino market, B Good, JJ’s You have the epicenter, you have Where Amelies is located, etc. We can have parking decks AND they can contribute to the vibrancy, livability if done correctly. If we didn’t have ample parking, I fear there would be less people going uptown, less customers to support stores which would hurt residents uptown who like having more stores, etc. People around Charlotte are not taking buses unless they have to & The blue line is massively inadequate to even dream of wanting to limit parking, etc. for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean Uptown can’t rival the most walkable cities in the US and be a thriving downtown district. We just need to make sure people in Ballantyne, Concord, NorthLake, etc can access uptown because the CBD is the playground for the region. Parking decks aren’t the enemy. Crappy developments are. build 4 more light rail lines hitting 485, increase capacity by a good amount vs. what the blue line currently handles and then.... I could be a little more anti-car.
  3. Um. Because a metro of 2.7 million needs to have people pumped into and out of the CBD? And the reality is, the blue line isn’t sufficient enough and busses suck in CLT
  4. Woah! That goes far out. Please let this thing be fast and not slow as dirt
  5. Interesting the backside is filling up and not the front of the blocks. Makes me wonder if there is some grand plan for that part or not. Office towers in the back... maybe. My little fantasy. The stonewall station portions flanked on the corner by large hotel/residential towers and mid rise birkdale village like retail on the ground, 3 floors of residential above. That’d be awesome. though it is curious the office is in the back so far.
  6. I can’t imagine Lowe’s being Yuge and gigantic news. I mean. Compared to Truist and Honeywell? But the Home Improvement GIF points to Lowe’s. Maybe for SouthEnd it would be gigantic. I want Wells lol. Edit: ok. I saw the SouthEnd thread. :p it would be huge for SouthEnd to get a high rise but I’m spoiled on econdev and want Wells
  7. “I have worked with federal transportation officials since I was Speaker of the House to secure funding for the City of Charlotte to expand their light-rail, and I am proud to see substantial funds were awarded to expand the Blue Line. I want to thank Secretary Chao and the Trump Administration for their commitment to improving North Carolina’s infrastructure.” Even though he is full of it. Lets at least be super happy that he is talking about public transportation in this manner. We NEED republican support for mass transit. Slowly support from more and more GOPers (in Charlotte area) are supportive of mass transit. Ballantyne wants mass transit. Gaston County wants light rail. Politicians are afraid of LKN constituents if they don’t pursue rail transit to the area (how crazy they have a map that shows BRT and Commuter Rail to LKN because they know North Meck would be só bent out of shape) Take credit if you need it, Tillis. But I expect you to advocate for mass transit across the region (Meck, Iredell, Gaston and on from there)
  8. Truist Ballpark sounds better than BB&T Ballpark IMO. Rather them have kept SunTrust
  9. It’s kinda cool Truist and BofA will have their HQ so close together. Let’s move Wells HQ over to North Tryon and we could really be Wall Street South
  10. That is an amazing building for their HQ. Very fitting for one of the largest banks
  11. Honestly, I’m fine with no spending time in uptown to shop. I don’t think it’s necessary or needed. What I want is more amenities and stores for those that live there (Target, etc) and for those visiting: bars, restaurants, parks, museums, etc
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