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  1. That’s actually why I never rode the light rail. It doesn’t connect to Penn. I’d visit Baltimore a little more if Penn were better connected to the light rail/closer to the harbor (because I take MARC to Penn and it starts to become a pain to do so much just to grab a beer around the harbor) Moral of story... frequency, convenience and good routings make a difference.
  2. It is frustrating to voice these real complaints when you are a transit advocate & I am personally a little transit nerd and don’t mind mass transit taking longer in some cases & then have people get annoyed you’re complaining about it. if I lived in SouthEnd along the blue line & worked at Novant- I wouldn’t take the blue & gold. I think even with traffic, you’d probably save 35-45 minutes each way? From door to door. DC & Atlanta streetcars are the same. I rode the DC streetcar once in 4 years. It’s way more convenient to scooter, bike, walk, literally
  3. It’s crazy what these young kids are doing. It seems like most homicides & violent crimes in DC are committed by middle and high schoolers. It’s ridiculous. is this a nation wide thing where crime is being committed by such young people???
  4. He’s cute, I assume foreign and his handle is pretty sexy. irrelevant but.
  5. The entire world is going through a pandemic. I just want to point out that people who think this is going to be a 9-5 Monday through Friday area is well aware it’s not at full build out and that there is a pandemic. One of my favorite projects built in Charlotte recently has been the Rail Yard, in SouthEnd.
  6. curious to hear more of your full experience. How long it was etc. what your thoughts are.
  7. The streetcar shouldn’t have been built if 5 minute frequencies can’t be afforded. Because it’s not that useful otherwise (at least 10 minute frequencies) Who in the world wants to spend 30+ minutes (assume you walk to the station, wait 15 minutes. Then 7 minutes on the streetcar and then another few minutes to where you are going) when you could literally drive to your destination in 7 minutes From door to door. Or you could scooter in about 10 minutes or Uber.... People wanting to hop to a place like Big Ben and in walking distance of streetcar definitely can afford Uber. It
  8. I hear you & I understand. But I’ve had this user account on UP since 2009 & a previous one from 2005 and have religiously followed UP for pretty much up until the last couple years I moved away. I have been disappointed before many times after hearing so much “give it time” or months/years of hype, etc, so. That is why I will be skeptical until I see something good. Because ultimately, the experience NOW is basically Ballantyne Office Park whether or not they’ll add some more skyscrapers and office workers come back in the future and it magically becomes a place that isn’t d
  9. He’s got a point, though. It’s good that it brought more jobs but so far, it hasn’t really added anything to shake (uptown) Charlotte’s criticism of coming across as a sterile & soulless area. What vibrancy do you think this adds? They are pretty buildings and adds high paying jobs but I don’t see why that means people can say the pedestrian interaction is stinky.
  10. I don’t follow Charlotte as much (after 4 years of living elsewhere). What is happening in SouthEnd is crazy sounding. I’m not sure what all is being built (anyone have a list?) but.... Time for RDF/Real Clayton/et al to do a skyline rendering with SouthEnd added!
  11. I loved the aquatic center (at least before the renovations) when I lived in Charlotte. I think it’s great the way it is and very neighborhoody/local. Uptown can lack a neighborhood feel (which is not a good thing) so I think it’s great. I’ve never known a community center or community pools to really have aquariums or bars attached to them. And I’ve never known aquariums to have a lively Street presence either. But I think the aquatic center, K-12 education, other basic community things is what is really going to keep people in downtown. Look at the pandemic and see how SouthE
  12. Hasn’t it been like. 5 years this project has been planned with Publix and everything? this is dragging on so slow. I remember working in Odell with Bank of America a long time ago saying “that’s where Publix is going”
  13. I can only think of the Wharf in DC being a successful entertainment district that was built as one large development. Everywhere else I’ve been, manufactured entertainment districts have been dead, cold and not lively. L.A. Live was so disappointing. Probably the biggest letdown of a development that I thought would be interesting. & Charlotte already has an entertainment district.... it’s the epicenter. And it was amazing when it opened. Knock down the CTC, add on to that or build on to what is already there. I have a hard time envisioning a different location in downt
  14. I had a friend who lived in 550 uptown who insisted we take light rail to SouthEnd and I swear it had to be over 30 minutes. The Uber ride back was like. 6 minutes. Anyway, the silver and blue line can always be connected by another line. They could possibly add a line (hypothetically let’s call it the green line) that follows the silver line and then merges onto the blue line tracks and follows the blue line to New Bern or Tyvola before branching off to the airport or SouthPark. That would also double the frequency in uptown & SouthEnd and would even reduce the need f
  15. Re: Long walk between Silver/Blue transfer points. Does anyone think there would be that many transfers between the blue and silver lines to begin with? wont the portion of the sliver line be near gateway station? Stations along Graham serves uptown stations well. It’s not that many blocks to tryon. Really, I would think it’s quite lazy to complain about a walk from Graham to Tryon. I think transfers would mostly be leisure outside of rush hour. And that just seems like it would take so long between the light rail speed & headways. Anyone else sort of agree? (T
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