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  1. AirNostrumMAD

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    I’m more excited than I thought I would be now that I know it’s happening!
  2. AirNostrumMAD

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    What about NYC? Mar-a-largo? He has a strong New York identity. I don’t even remember the host city of Trump in 2016. I think an Ohio city. Its the president of the US and apparently he’s popular enough to win A majority of voters even in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. With all that said, if it looks bad for Charlotte, it looks bad for the entire country.
  3. AirNostrumMAD

    Triangle Economic News

    That’s an optimistic approach. But it’s slightly annoying the regional players are giving NC cities a run for their money (Nashville VS. Raleigh - MLS ; Austin vs. Raleigh - US Army ; Nashville vs. Charlotte - Bernstein) imagine if Apple & Amazon chose other southern cities (including Washington as a southern city). Atlanta, Washigton, Austin and Nashville getting the prizes would be Annoying. Particularly Nashville because they are pesky these days lol
  4. AirNostrumMAD

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    It looks impressive dive from that angle and then you look at how spread all that is and imagine the pedestrian experience.
  5. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    Raleigh is smaller, so it’s percentages are larger. So it will definitely be a while before 500,000 déficit will even out
  6. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    While you’re right, 500,000 is a pretty significant size difference. That’s more than 25% larger.
  7. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

  8. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    Don’t most college towns?
  9. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    I just don’t see what you see. A mini Boston? No way, José. When I think of “cultured” places, I don’t think of Raleigh, North Carolina. Not really sure it’s anymore cultured than Austin or Charlotte or pretty much any other southern city. Houston? Dallas? Is Dallas a much bigger Boston??? Raleigh just doesn’t stick out to me as a cultured place (but at the same time it’s not a place I think is uncultured) you dont even have to travel far north to Washington & NoVa to find a city that eclipses Raleigh in education & tech... I think even Baltimore is a larger tech hub. which has 3 areas for HQ2. I might be biased, but Washington seems to be the front runner by far. With Atlanta as my solid 2nd.
  10. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    I’m not trying to make this the Raleigh show, but from an urban perspective, the plans for Raleigh that I’ve seen are the reasons I never cared about it coming to CLT. It seems very campus-y, suburbany that just so happens to be a little close to downtown Raleigh. I always felt Amazon here would’ve went to Ballantyne or river district. Which just isn’t exciting to me. Seattle was still pretty big even 42 years ago. Looks bigger than CLT
  11. AirNostrumMAD

    CATS Long Term Transit Plan - Silver, Red, Airport Lines

    This x100 for any system. 15 minute headway’s are torture. They can get up to 30 minutes to an hour. I had a car in Charlotte buy used transit mostly. hop on the train to Sharon, try to catch the Ballantyne bus. I would just miss it watching it go away and sit there for an hour for the next bus. Even in DC, weekends are BS when I have to wait 15 minutes on a train home (which is crazy consider this particular stretch is served by 3 lines. And then 20 minutes if you go to an area served by 1 line. It’s bull)
  12. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    I think there is a little problem of trying to tip toe and say nice little things about Raleigh considering their posters might see this and be offended. Maybe it’s home state sentiment. But im Not seeing a competitive advantage Raleigh has over Dallas, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Columbus, Nashville, Miami, Denver, Austin, Pittsburgh. Nashville is a strong competitor to the Carolina cities. Though Charlotte killed its MLS bid, Raleigh was super well prepared, had one of the strongest minor league clubs or something, rebranding, etc etc and to my surprise, pesky Nashville swept in. Im not trying to crap on Raleigh by any means, but I take the bid as seriously as I do Indianapolis’s bid. Plus there are entire other cities like LA, Chicago and Toronto that too are in the running. Not sure geography is on the side of LA, but all were chosen so. None of the other cities, like Houston, Minneapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Cinnci, Orlando, Tampa, etc should be too concerned with not being included on the list.
  13. AirNostrumMAD

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I miss bike & scooter shares so much. They aren’t really around in Washington. There’s so few it’s not even worth it. There’s more scooters than bike, but again. So very, very few it’s practically none. Bikeshare is a game changer for Charlotte and it’s amazing. Definitely seen more bikers in CLT (mostly the bikeshare ones too) than I do in Washington.
  14. AirNostrumMAD

    Amazon HQ2

    I didn’t mean Pittsburg was a Capitol. But my wording set me up perfect for it. So props to you for taking advantage of it. That was just a group of bids I don’t take seriously