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  1. I’ve noticed the same in henrico in some places. It’s been bad nationwide I hate saying this because I know there are some people who are huge park enthusiasts but if I’m a city operating a budget during these rough times parks is the last thing I’m thinking about at the moment.
  2. IMG_6315.MOV here is another one I have that I took up on the roof top today of the childrens hospital
  3. From the roof top of the childrens hospital IMG_6314.MOV
  4. Our next census count should be very interesting for the Richmond msa. I’m very excited for it too.
  5. I remember super fresh on Patterson avenue where the dollar tree is now near starling drive. I have seen super fresh up in Delaware and Maryland I think. I also remember farmer jacks and rack n sack.
  6. https://richmond.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/richmond-city-council-gives-green-light-for-diamond-district-project/article_294104e0-55c3-5eba-bb36-d1038b970e68.html council approves diamond district. This is huge for us. Let the digging get started. even ole reva trammel votes yes for it. Has hell frozen over or has reva finally calmed herself down. Very very happy and excited for this.
  7. Not sure but I could of sworn I read something about it being whiting turner or gilbane
  8. I will say it was fun having a camera for the dominion headquarters, that was a lot of fun to watch get build.
  9. even the profile pic tells me this is as fake as a counterfeit dollar bill.
  10. The rbs article for this story has been updated with specifics of the project click on the rbs link I posted above.
  11. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/09/12/breaking-news-city-selects-developer-for-diamond-district-project/ Breaking news story from rbs
  12. I agree with you 100 percent on all of that. They need to revert back to natural grass the turf they use is the number one reason injuries are increasing. I hate turf always have. College is outdoors still so should pro. I had indoor football stadiums it’s the place sissy’s go play football. Need to revert to real man football and all outdoor. I never like the Pontiac silver dome. Tiger stadium was beautiful loved the tigers playing there. I had heard the lions played there at one point and thought that was really cool. I really miss tiger stadium it was a beautiful old stadium.
  13. enjoy it we will see you next week in the lions den in Detroit. I can’t wait for you to meet our new and highly improved team. Yes we lost to eagles by three today but they are about to do damage much worse to other teams than they did to us. Also the bears even though they won it’s time to move out of Chicago to Arlington heights. That sorry mayor in Chicago I hope keeps losing businesses to other states. We will gladly take many of them from Chicago here to Richmond. Also dc needs to get Snyder out and get that new stadium done that thing in Maryland has always smelled awful. I kinda hate the commanders won it takes the eyes off of dan snyder sadly,
  14. Pinecrest photos from Friday. Me on the jobsite. We are on the third floor and about to pour the fourth floor soon. The other half of the concrete will probably get poured on the third floor on Tuesday Maybe Wednesday depending on the weather. Have to tie up the rest of our blue electrical tubing Monday. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed this job site.
  15. Man meadowville is rolling my aunt owns 150 acres on Enon church road just right down the street next to itac. It’s the old brown and Williamson tobacco plant. She bought it fixed it up and leases it to numerous tenants it’s almost 100 percent leased last I heard. Take this with a grain of salt a very big grain of salt as I haven’t seen or heard of it from anyone else other than her but she apparently has meetings and talks with people in the business community she had heard somewhere round that area where meadowville and her property along enon church road is that google was looking to build around there and looking at property in that neck of the woods. So like I said take that with a very big grain of salt not sure how true it is but this has been a while ago since I have heard of it.
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