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  1. Yeah I’m a Detroit lions fan for football trust me i know it’s be a train wreck since the Ford family bought them in the 60s. Barry Sanders is what got me into being a lions fan. I was young at the time and little did I know the dark history behind the team itself. As I got older it became more and more clear when you had bust after bust after bust and the pain of losing every year. Though the only indoor stadium I love is the lions because it is a once manufacturing plant turned into a football stadium. It was one of the most interesting things I read when they built Ford field. Leaving the P
  2. I love the new stadium I do hate it’s out in the suburbs in Cobb county but loved the stadium just wish it could of been in the city itself. I also loved the falcons new stadium and the college football hall of fame. I’m a Georgia fan in sports anyways. I have season tickets to all of the bulldogs games every year. I only pull for the Braves and bulldogs. Other sports in atlanta I’m not a fan of. However just remember who owns the Braves liberty media are big time cheapskates to even the players. Won’t fork out the money to build a World Series team which the front office promised by. Certain
  3. At least you guys have the population that Richmond could only dream of. I mean 200k more and y’all are in the 2 million people population as a metro. I can’t wait to see the day when Richmond hits 2 million people. But me being 32 at the moment I don’t think I will live old enough to see that. If I do it will be amazing. But I’m not so optimistic I will get to see Richmond with that kind of growth.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/richmond.com/community/mechanicsville-local/news/airport-traffic-on-the-rebound/article_bbcfd09c-10b3-11ec-a278-3302d64e7b7f.amp.html just wanted to post this here if anyone didn’t see it when I posted it in the off topic Richmond thread. Meant to post it here to begin with. Looks like the customs area is getting ready for a renovation which may lead to international flights for us.
  5. here’s the article on it from the RTD. https://www.google.com/amp/s/richmond.com/community/mechanicsville-local/news/airport-traffic-on-the-rebound/article_bbcfd09c-10b3-11ec-a278-3302d64e7b7f.amp.html
  6. Not sure if anyone saw the story on the airport and the stuff that Troy bell mentioned that ric is getting ready to do. The story came out on September 8th. Mentioned renovating the customs area that could lead to new flights to places in Canada and the carribean and also talked the expansion of the concourse b apron. I also heard the air national guard left giving ric hundreds more acres to work with for down the road. I’ll see if I can find the story again. Had a lot of positive and good things with it. Just need people to start using it more instead of going to Dulles or Reagan or even Norf
  7. I honestly wish we had the opportunity nashville or Raleigh had and bring a company like Oracle which is relocating from California to nashville. Because if we had the opportunity to bring a company downtown like Oracle or Apple that is bringing jobs to those cities by the thousands than I would love to see something like that on the site of ojrp and get dominion to sell to someone like that.
  8. Can we trade mayors with nashville? I saw where they are landing oracles hq from California. Bringing 8600 jobs to nashville. That’s the kind of projects we need in Richmond where they bring thousands among thousands of jobs. Also can we give nashville our city council for there’s? They seem to seriously have it together compared to us and a lot of places.
  9. Because if I had to guess it’s the only way to get any height out of any buildings downtown. Everyone seems to be obsessed with building 12 story apartment and condo buildings and nothing taller than that. Not sure why but I am ready to see some 20 and 30 floor apartments buildings in Richmond I’m tired of just seeing everything being 12 floors or less.
  10. The sad thing is some of these old historic structures are sometimes beyond repair because of pipes or different types of out of date systems that don’t get it looked at until it’s too late and is beyond repair. I work in hvac and I’ve seen it all. There’s a lot of stuff that’s not up to code and is not worth putting the money into it. It’s like with any type of system rather it be electric or hvac or plumbing. If you let stuff just sit and rot there comes a time where it’s too late to save it and is beyond repair and not worth putting the money into it. It’s unreal how many times Ive seen st
  11. I’m wondering how they will even implode the Monroe tower. It’s right up against 95 will they have to shut down 95? That’s going to have to be done very carefully especially with Main Street station right across 95.
  12. So let me guess they will screw the entire metro over again and say we aren’t even to 1.3 million people yet. Way to screw our region over census. I get the pandemic probably had a lot to do it with it. There is no way on this planet I believe that Richmond city population is only 226k. I don’t believe it for a second we are a lot more than that. But like everything else people love to screw this metro over. I keep hearing of all of this demand of people moving here or wanting to move here. What’s the truth and what’s the lie? Is the talk of all of this demand of people moving here just hot a
  13. Don’t forget the car wash right next to the wawa. They have absolutely ruined this part of the boulevard.
  14. I zoomed in on what looks like a chick fil a and it’s not a chick fil a. Turns out it is a canes chicken joint. I zoomed in as close as I could and recognized the logo and name. Lord what are you doing Richmond. Parking lots should be forbidden in this part of town.
  15. Well at least your not a Detroit lions fan like me. Losing for the last 60 plus years is absolutely horrible with no super bowl appearance or as bad as I hate saying it y’all were the last team we last to during the year we won our last playoff game. After the 1991 season we have been the laughing stock of the nfl. Dan Snyder may be bad but at least he isn’t the Ford family. Literally the worst owners of any sports franchise in the world.
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