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  1. Wasn’t there a plan at one point to develop something more on kanawha plaza then what’s there now? I thought I remember at one point back a while back ago remember a rendering of a building on that land? Correct me if I’m wrong.
  2. Yeah I remember the thrashers that was a disaster. It was when the nhl expansion also had the nashville predators and the Columbus blue jackets. Of all big cities in Ohio I wouldn't of guessed it to be Columbus the only city in Ohio with an nhl team. Would of guessed Cincinnati or Cleveland way more so than Columbus.
  3. It will be a while before the falcons are good again. When they blew that 28-3 lead against the patriots with Brady and company that was rough for fellow Atlanta area residents and falcons fans. The only teams In the Atlanta area that’s had a hard time is there falcons and hawks. However hawks made the eastern conference finals In the nba not a big basketball fan but follow the wizards for basketball and capitals for hockey. To even say I have seen two Braves World Series championships a capitals Stanley cup and a Georgia bulldogs national title is pretty amazing. Just need to see a lions super bowl and a wizards nba championship which I’m not holding my breath on ever seeing but it would be pretty wild. I’m expecting the lions and/or wizards to have a Chicago cubs World Series curse like they had until 2016 when they won the World Series.
  4. Yeah that’s right up there on vin scully level. Would of never known someone local was part of the marlins broadcast team. I’ve grown up an atlanta Braves fan my entire life not just because of Richmond Braves but I have family in atlanta area. Being able to witness both a Braves World Series this past year and a Georgia bulldogs national title is something I will never ever forget on top of my first child due in late March early April this year. I’ve had a very nice beginning to 2022. Start a new job on Wednesday so I’m very excited for this year.
  5. Is anyone on here signed up for this? If anyone could you give us a report back on what they had to say? https://richmondbizsense.com/events/2022-economic-forecast/
  6. Same must of been a fun time. Especially since Richmond and Philly both have a broad street running through their downtown. But I know in Philly broad street runs north and south. I loved going to Philly haven’t been in quite a while but I do love going to visit and look around. The reading terminal market is one of my favorites. Would love rva to have something like that. That would be a huge draw. Something called A taste of Richmond. It could have all sorts of different types of foods and market items from all different cultures and backgrounds from all over on display to try and buy. Even outer Richmond area as far as Cumberland county where the Amish are. We have so many different styles of food here it would be a huge success I would think and a huge draw.
  7. As much as I hate saying this to move forward Stoney and just about the entire city council needs new life. Stephanie lynch Kristen Larson mike jones and Cynthia newbille and reva trammel all need to go. I hated to see Parker Agelasto get ousted for Stephanie lynch who I can’t stand at all. Really would love to have my former childhood neighbor Charles Samuel run again. One of the must genuine people I ever met along with his mom and dad who lived across from my parents house in James River estates in goochland. I don’t blame him for not running again and wanting to be with his family. Miss seeing him in council because I really felt like he wanted it to be a really great place to live and do business and raise a family. Then you had Kim gray take his spot I don’t understand how we replace good council members and then it gets wrecked with awful council members. I am starting to really believe there is not one person able to be elected who has leadership qualities or someone who is willing to stand up to the corruption and make Richmond an efficient ran city.
  8. As much as I would love that kind of density along A.A blvd and as much as I want rva to go big or go home I doubt any developer would come close to that rendering of the Richmond 300 plan I just don’t think it would happen regardless as much as I would love that. We always get shot in the foot either way. I wouldn’t want to get shot in the foot twice due to the city giving us false hope with this rendering. I really want A.A blvd to look like that but I just don’t think a developer would pull off a real life replica of that rendering. We will have to see what kind of plan they come up with either way I’m not feeling good about it. Too many opinions on this like every big plan that we have planned. When I heard the city is leading the way with the development I thought navy hill all over again even with the developer paying for the whole thing. People in Richmond will just nimby this like everything else with no knowledge on learning every aspect of it. Same thing for the city center plan there will be some uneducated yahoo nimby against it for some of the dumbest reasons. They will see what about the schools or the roads or parks? The more I see the huge development plans proposed here I just don’t feel good about any of these because people want to cry and scream about it. this is coming from a big time baseball fanatic who has played since I was 5 and saw my beloved atlanta Braves win the World Series in 1995 and now 2021.
  9. Unfortunately I don’t see 95 ever being torn down as it’s the main artery of going up and down the east coast.
  10. Yeah I feel like either way there will be a lot of push back from people and groups to tear it down based on its location and the cost of demo for it. I’m just not sure there’s a very good idea on this front. Whoever decided to put the Monroe tower up against 95 didn’t think about that one down the road. Wonder if there was room to position the tower a different way or to move it further from the interstate on the property when being planned and built?
  11. I have said this since the day they mentioned demo for the Monroe tower. There is no good way to demo this. You take it down piece by piece and the amount and cost of labor is going to be through the roof. You implode it being right next to 95 if a bunch of chunks of debris fall on to 95 even if it’s closed and damage 95 your looking at a lot of fines being handed out to whoever implodes it if 95 gets damaged. As a matter of fact I think that’s where 95 starts to get elevated to go over the James River right where the Monroe tower is. Your looking at a lot of issues either way trying to take this sucker down. There’s literally no good way to take this down.
  12. Yes the above sea level height is crap absolute crap. Nobody does that kind of stupid thing other than Richmond. I will never understand it. No city in the entire country does stupid crap like that. I’m so mad and so over it. If they would of just said 425 I would of been fine but to say 510 and then come back and say oh that’s including elevation is just another way to get my hopes up like everything else in this town. I’m done with Richmond this type of crap burns me up so much. Same with my sports teams giving me false hope is the worse thing you can do to me. I don’t see us ever going above 500 feet. Im with you we need to save the Monroe building Richmond having its tallest at 425 is an absolute tragedy. It’s embarrassing and makes us look like a peewee city especially if the Monroe building comes down and builds something incredibly shorter. With the zoning there I doubt you could even build that tall there anymore. They better allow zoning there for a 40 or 50 story building enough of this 20 plus story crap and the 400 feet crap. I’m ready to go 500 feet. Also once we get scarce on properties Richmond will still do the same dumb thing and keep building midget towers no matter how scarce land gets. I don’t know what it’s going to take to build over 500 feet.
  13. Ok with this being 425 now. We can’t knock down the Monroe building now. Our city will look like an absolute joke if they knock it down. I’m strongly against it as our new tallest will go from 449 feet to 425. If they knock it down it must not be shorter than the 449 feet the Monroe building is. The only way I will accept it is if they build taller or same exact height as the Monroe building. This place is an absolute joke. If they knock that down for a midget tower of 200 feet which I don’t even consider a tower nor do I consider anything a tower from 300 feet to 499 feet. It’s laughable people call these buildings in Richmond. They aren’t even a tower they are a clown version of a tower. I’m so disgusted at costar and Everyone who wrote an article an quoted it as 510 when it’s obviously not going to be 510 like everything else around here. I give up on Richmond getting a 500 plus footer I’m done. Even if we have one that gets proposed I won’t believe it to be 500 foot plus until the day it is completely finished. I’m tired of being let down. Literally the worst State in the country for high rise construction. When states and cities like Des Moines Iowa or Omaha Nebraska have a tower that’s taller than anything Richmond has ever had even proposal wise it burns me up. I’m tired of being let down. The city where towers go to die is what I call this place like Cleveland with sports where careers go to die.
  14. I dont even want this tower now. Just ax the entire project together let them go elsewhere. If a company can’t build a tower above 500 feet let them go elsewhere. I’m sick of this Sick disgusting joke. I don’t want this thing now. I don’t want another company coming downtown until they can promise me they can build above 500 feet without the elevation bs. If your going to build don’t give us the elevation bs. This city is hot garbage I’m done I don’t want another tower in this city until they can prove to build above 500 feet. With the Monroe building coming down we will look like Asheville nc. This city is absolute dogwater. This cit Is like the Detroit lions of the nfl. You get excited just to get let down your entire life. I’m done if I had the power I would kill every tower in Richmond until you can build above 500 feet. Now we have to have this ugly midget tower like all of our other midget towers take up prime real estate. I’m done no more I don’t want to hear or see another tower in this city until you can prove to me to build 500 feet plus. This town is sick twisted and disgusting that I want to vomit over this news. Im livid I’m tired of false hope In this town. Let’s just make downtown a huge suburban office park there’s no point in having a downtown unless you can build 500 feet plus. Once again like always this city is hot dogwater.
  15. Oh nice. What in house data? I must be missing something. I’ve been trying to find some info on the properties elevation above sea level. Can’t find any info on it.
  16. Did someone say the elevation of this land where the costar tower will be was 85 feet? If so I just did the math and 425 feet plus 85 is 510? So what’s going on?
  17. I almost wonder if this rendering is shorter than the 510 feet? I wonder if something changed to make it 510 maybe the rendering is wrong and the rendering is 425. To me it looks like the rendering is definitely 425 and not 510. I think the height went up after the rendering came out.
  18. Oh cool my uncle will be 60 in November of 2022
  19. The person that replied to Bruce about taller apartment buildings was me. I just really see that as a real possibility. I hope the more stuff like this happens the more it starts to shut the nimbys up and makes there power become powerless. I will say would love to have a booming development scene but on a slower scale like Austin Texas is experiencing, if we boomed Austin has fast like they have I couldn’t keep up with everything. But seeing the costar news on so many business website all over the internet we are being noticed even if it’s just for today. All it takes is just one person to see it to really get the ball rolling. On the booster shot I got mine on November 19th had a really bad reaction from it for a whole week. Making me extremely weak. Then I got sick last week and had a bad cold and cough and sinus viral type junk. Then today I found out I have shingles. So health wise it’s been rough the past few weeks but It could definitely always be worse. Just happy to be alive to see this.
  20. I was waiting to see what your response to this would be. Ive been waiting all day. Honestly I thought you would be one of the first to respond to it. I know all of us are extremely pumped for this. It’s going to be something that I honestly never thought I’d see ever in my lifetime. I wasn’t even a thought when the Monroe building was completed. I was born in 1988. I’m glad to know I was wrong about never seeing a new tallest in my life time here in Richmond.
  21. Man thank you thank you. Can’t tell you how appreciative we are of you guys down in Charlotte. It’s be n decades among decades since we have had a new tallest of any kind. I’m thankful for you guys letting us know as I would imagine all of us kept it quiet that did know here to some degree locally. We are very excited for this project. It’s going to be a history making project for Richmond. I think it will lead to a new huge spur of development on top of this. I’ve seen some cities once you hit the 500 foot mark for buildings some metros tend to boom big time at that point. Austin TX I’m looking at you. While I would love to have the development Austin has I just want it to be a little bit slower pace. I remember when Austin didn’t even have anything that was barely 400, feet tall.
  22. It will definitely stand out more than the Westin va beach town center tower. Someone told me on Reddit that it’s 508 feet tall with the spire and ours has no spire making it stand out even more. So excited about this.
  23. Look above my good friend. Yes it does by a whopping two feet.
  24. We have a new tallest in Richmond wooooo!!!! Also a new state record by two feet lol I love it.
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