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  1. I definitely see this as a grenade question. Especially if thee partners are about to get some very bad egg on their faces. At the moment when I pass 95 or drive down parham for my electrical class in rva I see nothing at all being done around that area. It really worries me but it also makes me wonder if it gets Richmond a second chance at this but then able to do it in a more responsible way, put a rfp out get s number of developers narrow down the list of potential groups and then figure out all the other stuff legality financing etc.
  2. Don’t like to say these words as they are becoming more and more likely. Debt default? How much gets canned with a default? Not just Richmond but even the most booming cities metros across the country. I don’t even see the Raleigh’s Nashville’s or charlottes surviving it.
  3. The independent city mess really skews the data. I think independent cities should be in a category on its own. Counties should be separate in rankings based on Virginia is set up with its counties and cities.
  4. If it’s tragic for anyone it’s the developers both Susan eastridge and Michael hallmark. They may as well tak their business elsewhere if they screwed on the henrico deal too. If I was henrico they should have just put out a request for proposals like the city did with the diamond. If that project gets in legal limbo too could that put the city at a second chance to do it the correct way? Could it open the door to go about the arena in a more responsible more appropriate way? I’m starting to not hold my breath on green city now. I have yet to see any construction equipment or anything on that job site where the old best products hq is. Does anyone know what the current and next steps of green city is/was? I’d like to know when construction may actually start on this.
  5. I’ve heard lots of people around Winchester region and the Shenandoah valley region from Winchester all the way to Strasburg that nova is coming for us. We will be next. Not in my life time. I would be 80 years old in 2068. Maybe things spread like wildfire in my new region however I have my doubts on it. But loudon you can definitely tell. Even around purcelville it’s starting to really pick up. I go down route 7 which is berryville pike when I go to nova for when I want to go a store that’s not in the Winchester region. I come back route 50. Route 7 will grow like a weed spreading to Winchester at some point way way down the road. I feel pretty strongly route 50 will always stay the same since That is dc wine country and takes you to the very wealthy town of middleburg. So while I could be off on this in the heads of growth one thing is for sure loudon is getting even more packed with lots of land left to build on. Even looking at prince William county I remember when they were around the 325-350 k number. It’s insane to see prince William now with over a half a million people now.
  6. I’ve seen it on the census for over half a decade now maybe more. The rust belt metros add losing people in their respective msa,s. I was honestly shocked when I saw the Pittsburgh metro was losing population. I’ve heard people say it’s just very cold and depressing place not a lot of sunshine from people I have talked to from that area. Cleveland I understand same with Detroit and St. Louis. All very crime infested metros. I can see the city limits of. Few doing good but the metro are as a whole is a different story.
  7. I’ve noticed metros like Detroit Cleveland and even Pittsburgh have lost population too. I think Memphis too but can’t really remember if that was one too or not. I think it gives us a great chance to take people from these rust belt cities. I’d put promotion commercials in metros such as Detroit Cleveland Pittsburgh and at Louis like @I miss RVAhad mentioned above. Charlotte had a commercial on tv here in rva for a while. So I think we should be doing the same in other metros.
  8. It’s a grand slam. It’s our World Series win for rva after decades. Can finally put the arena and ballpark talk to rest. If this goes great I think you are about to have very large developers come develop projects even more so. Now that they see rva is capable of passing this type of development it’s going to really open the door for alot of other developers and development all over rva both in and out of the city.
  9. Any idea if council voted on the diamond district tonight? https://www.virginiabusiness.com/article/richmond-city-council-approves-diamond-district/ got my answer. She has been approved. Yes!!!
  10. While yes that’s obvious I am asking what will happen to construction and development ongoing currently? Does construction sites just stop and sit idle with layoffs? I’m really curious what would happen. I’m just trying to get an understanding of what it would look like.
  11. I have to ask but what happens to construction and development if we go into default? I only want to know from that perspective. I don’t want to head politics or anything else. Just the construction and development side of it.
  12. Wish I could read of subscribe to va business without having to put a company name on it as I don’t own a company. They really hurt themselves only catering to business owners.
  13. Also as someone who has done new construction electrical from th very beginning. Labor is another big cost. Companies are having to give employees more because it’s getting harder and harder to find people within the trades. I can’t tell you how many people I have met who have to travel all over just to work on a project because it’s so hard to find local employees now. I’ve met so many people who get a hotel here and stay for a while but go home on the weekend. Some from North Carolina some from western part of Virginia places like Lexington waynesboro all over the state I have worked with various groups of people. It’s just the nature of the business we work in. It’s really hard to find good help in my trade electrical. I’ve noticed turnover rate is getting really high in Richmond for the trades. Some companies demand way more than they can chew and they end up cutting ties with some people who can do the work and do it well but they are so new the let go because they want them to work like a robot. Then you have the people who say I never see my family or i don’t get paid enough or the wait period for benefits is too long. That’s three of the driving factors for skilled tradesmen. I am in a really great situation in Winchester the guy even asked me how much can I pay you for me to hire you I told me number and he was like done like yesterday. People are hurting for help but some hire and then hand unrealistic expectations in a utopia and then end up let down because they expect you to work like a robot and bow down to a company. I took my time and looked for the right companies to work for from reviews and word of mouth. I hope one day people realize no Everyone needs to go to college or the most prestigious university to study poetry just to end up working at Walmart or target. Their are trades that pay good money but people look at us like we are trash. Yes some are but a lot are good people who make really good money. Until we start having teachers start encouraging skilled trades skilled trade labor will always cost a company a premium. It’s like the military people say I don’t want to die in war but guess what I’d rather die in honor knowing I did all I could to help defend us. People just don’t want to put in a honest hard days work. It’s like people who pay someone to do every last little thing around their house because they don’t want to put in the hard work.
  14. I’m hoping you’re right. Need 10,000 seats minimum for triple A to come back.
  15. Happens or not the worst players on a team in London or wherever in Europe will have to be paid a lot more to make it worth it. No way would players want to go play in Europe fly back and forth on every Sunday. If we’re a punter or kicked it would take a lot for me to go play over there. If I was drafted to London I would demand a trade immediately. I hate that for the players. I’m sorry but Id say absolutely not as a player. I need to ask my uncle and my dads cousin who is the father of Heath miller and my uncle is Mike Compton who was a guard for the lions and won a Super Bowl with the patriots it was the first of super bowls when nobody knew who Tom Brady was. Reason I’m a lions fan is my uncle Mike Compton drafted in their round in the 1993 draft. Heath gave me my dad my cousin and my other uncle tickets to go watch him play in the continental tire bowl in 2003 against u of Pitt when’re Larry Fitzgerald was playing in that game,
  16. I have read if the squirrels leave that mlb will put a ban on us from being able to lure another milb team. How long that ban is I don’t know. But I have heard that is what will happen that mlb will put a ban on us. Best case would be independent league ball or that dream league mlb wants to put for players who are not part of a mlb affiliated team. In other words it’s for players who played low a or rookie league ball. So the repercussions of this will be catastrophic for us to lure any team if we let the squirrels leave.
  17. would of loved to of made it. My wife daughter and I had to put our move up to Winchester into warp speed. Moved up here on March 29th. I will love and watch Richmond from afar but I will still get down there quite a bit.
  18. Reading has had a very neglected ballpark for a while now. At one point they had a proposal for a new one don’t know what happened to that one. MLB having the hand on all minor league teams and cities has been horrible for all of baseball. Not to mention they got rid of over 120 teams and multiple lower levels of the minors. I’ve said the new mlb commissioner rob manfred is the worst commissioner in all of sports I hate the guy worse than bud selig. I’d take Roger goodell over manfred. Can’t wait until manfred is gone or either he will kill baseball all on his own.
  19. Any word on the Fulton yards development? Been wondering if it’s going to be a casualty of the ongoing economic problems ongoing across the country with development.
  20. Interesting they are in West Virginia just over the va line. I’ve been to one when my wife and I go back to where she grew up in Winchester va. They have talked about coming to Winchester too a lot. About to move back up with my wife. Leaving Richmond for good on April 1st and no it’s not an April fools joke. It’s as real as it gets. We only have martins and Walmart in Winchester. We have three martins in the Winchester area if you include Stephen’s city.
  21. Would they really put one right down the road from the one at sauers center? I can’t imagine it being a Whole Foods.
  22. Vcu is A-10 champs in men’s basketball onto March madness. Let’s go vcu!!! Let’s go!!!
  23. So we just talked to our realtor over the weekend she told us housing inventory all over rva is extremely slim. Also I’m wondering all if these places who are short on staff what happens if they need more help? Do people just pause hiring despite horrible employment situation for businesses? What the heck is about to happen? I heard the fed is about to get a lot more aggressive with the interest rate too. Are they trying to make where nobody has a job? What the heck is going on here? I’m really scared despite I have a pretty good recession proof job as does my wife I am in the electrical field also have hvac experience too with Freon license. My wife is a nurse. If I have to go into service I can go from new construction back to service work. The job I’m at we are about to change hours working on our job in cville, we are about to start working from 6 pm to 4 am which I hate but have worked overnight before. People on the floors above us are complaining about the noise we are making setting this project back further.
  24. I call bucees the wegmans of gas stations. It’s the largest gas station I have ever heard of or seen in my life. It’s. Destination gas station if that makes sense. It’s like the wegmans which I still find to be a destination gas station. Also I know it’s not very exciting but the Sheetz gas station at regency where the old Sears tire america building was demolished for it is getting closer to opening. Saw the landscaping and everything has been planted. Have a wawa at parham and three chopt just maybe not even a mile from it.
  25. Man don’t be so uptight live a little man. It’s all in good fun.
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