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  1. Dude...as I type this right now, it's 30*F. It was about 39*F around 2 o'clock today. We haven't been below 30* since the middle of November.
  2. I guess it did crash. Some guys are working on getting it back up, but under a different name. When it's up and running, I'll posy the link if you still want to hop in and read.
  3. Uhhh....TCS just crashed. It's quite alive, actually. Brian is just switching servers.
  4. They are flying under the radar with some pretty impressive projects of their own. Couple of 20+ story condos being pieced together. Nobody really knows about it because of the madness ging on in Minneapolis, but Paulie is doing well too.
  5. How about one more for the Capitol City? Rival developers vie for downtown Target But retail/residential complex still faces obstacles in St. Paul BY TIM NELSON and LAURA YUEN Pioneer Press A new Target store, a grocery, a dozen or more movie screens and a boutique hotel are all potential parts of a development being contemplated for the vacant Cleveland Circle in downtown St. Paul. Those elements are part of one of two proposals submitted to the city in response to a call from Mayor Randy Kelly for ideas for the site, empty since the city moved the historic Armstrong-Quinla
  6. Here's a tower, possibly two, that are proposed for St. Paul. There's been some confusion over at TCS and SSP as to if they are two seperate proposals (they do have different addresses) or what......
  7. For a point of reference, the space to the right of the Target HQ (just above the WCCO TV studios, ie. the satellite dishes, is where the 48 story condo is going to be built. All, 513 feet and 48 floors of it!!
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