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  1. The store I work at we see around 30 - 35 people Monday - Thursday, Friday and Sunday we see 60 people, and Saturday around 120 people. These numbers are always consistant. Now we make $200 - $250 Monday - Thursday, Friday and Sunday $400 and Saturday $1000. I want to know how in the world we can afford a $7000 rent, pay for all our supplies which is $4500 a month and employee paychecks $3200 a month. I think we are in the red most of the year. So tell me how are we still in business?
  2. Its more a shot in the leg (shot in the leg will kill you eventually), only because they are the main street stores not a side stores. Bebe will be the next to close.
  3. Eddy Bauer is closing that now makes I think 7 vacant spots. They better not fill them with temps, they better put something there that will make people want to come to this mall. Also a rumor that Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory may be leaving to. I don't know on that its just a rumor.
  4. Does anyone know if the lower food stores near dillards like Dip n Dots, Great American Cookie Factory, Auntie Anns and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, how they are doing and if any of them may be leaving anytime soon?
  5. There has been a rumor going around that a Apple store might be coming northlake mall. Can anyone say if this is true or not?
  6. Of course its going to be busy on a holiday. Try coming on a weekday and no holiday. I've worked in the mall for 5 years, foot traffic has decreased very much over the years. Mainly Fridays though after 5pm when the teen law kicks in, this mall looks like a regular weekday.
  7. Well Black Friday weekend was a bust. Sales dropped really low this year. Our store dropped 45%
  8. I still don't believe Northlake mall is doing good. I mean pineville and southpark and concord mills all have a higher customer traffic in the mall.
  9. Its going to be very interesting when a lot of these 5 yr leases end from the stores that were with the mall since the start. Personally I think the mall will be coming to a end after that happens.
  10. Ok well to find out just call Susan Bullock (hope its the leasing person) she will tell you how much it and the mall number is on the website so just call her and you shall know the truth. I'm pretty sure its $110 per sq ft and I'd even place money on that answer to be correct.
  11. Yea it is low considering that on state average mall space per sq ft is $203.30. Now if you think I'm lying check out this website http://www.statemaster.com/graph/lif_sho_m...per-square-feet , shows the states by rank of how high everyone charges and NC just so happens to be #50 in price per sq ft and I think this info was back in 2005 but still you can check their source to see if its been updated since then. I'm 100% sure northlake charges $110 per sq ft because thats how much Ag 47 is paying when they decided to move.
  12. I do believe sales per sq ft is $110. I've talked to the people at coach on the upsale part and they told me they were doing ok, but over all to me it seems urban is beating the upscale part, only because teens do tend to buy a lot of clothes where the older crowd is a bit more reserved with their money.
  13. Well I just found this out today. The store I work at in Northlake mall will be closing probably early October. I hate job hunting....
  14. Arden B is now closed and soon to be closed is Caryle and Co. the jewelry store across from The Childrens Place.
  15. This mall is dying and fast, with the new youth law in effect after 5pm Friday and Saturday its dead and looks like a weekday morning, someone better do something fast cause if they don't they could lose all the department stores and 50% of the other stores.
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