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  1. Neat. I remember seeing the rendering for this. By the time it gets built, there will a much better urban environment. Not that that matters in a courthouse
  2. I am so shocked I'm alive and this happening. Great news.
  3. That Asheville building ain't too shabby. I'm looking forward to seeing how this hotel will turn out.
  4. It definitely would be nice, especially for the Cabarrus area. I really do feel that by now the Charlotte area has shown it has the skill set to support an auto manufacturing operations here. Unfortunately I don't think that we will be receiving an auto plant here. Toyota would have been good but it looks like we snubbed on that one.
  5. I do find the comments intereting as well. I wonder why is 285feet too high? Does it obstruct airplane flights or some thing? I think the height should allow for a few more rooms. Especially considering one goal would be the Super Bowl the more rooms the better. I know we still need some additional upgrades to BoA stadium. I hope this project does take off. The building may add some character to the Sugar Creek Greenway.
  6. My apologies. For some reason I thought that this was in Southpark. Thanks for clearing that up. I also read it, I must skipped over it.
  7. I'm assuming that project is different than this one. http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/blog/real_estate/2014/04/city-council-approves-rezoning-for-waverly-project.html
  8. If this project is not the tallest it will definitely still be up there. It looks Southpark is becoming Bankheadish. Not quite there but there are several projects that are very much spread out rather than clustered or linear.
  9. The Fairview towers on 6000 and 6100 Fair new road. I'm looking forward to the updates on Southpark. I've always felt that this area is truly Charlottes second market.
  10. Charlotte severely needs one and it is long overdue.
  11. I really like the design. It looks like the uptown boom is back, perhaps. I hope that more of the surface lots get filled with development. I remember seeing in Atlanta I think, a rather interesting looking parking garage.
  12. I've heard other people talk about the lack of appearance of this hotel. I find it interesting that more hotels are being built in Charlotte. Perhaps a ploy to land some bigger events? Hmmm...
  13. I just checked the quick facts at the Census website, no county figures yet.
  14. I hope this project gets built. I agree with others who say this will truly make Midtown the midtown of Charlotte.
  15. It looks like this "transformative" design may not be as transformative as advertised. Unless they are including some serious space for retail...
  16. I'm glad to see this project is still alive. I thought this had died off.
  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I wonder if AIG already knows who they're going with but wants to see how many incentives it can milk out.
  18. Pretty excited about this project this project. Hopefully this means that the uptown market is back and we'll see more skyscrapers in Charlotte.
  19. I was wondering the same about the Shaw group myself. I hope it turns out well.
  20. I'm actually kind of excited about the court house construction especially considering that it will look better than Atlanta's. However, I wonder in today's political economy I'm nervous about whether or not it will be constructed.
  21. Well, if it turns out to be a success then this will be great for Charlotte.
  22. Is there any way this can be defeated? Perhaps the constituents could say something about it.
  23. This is so true! I thought I was the only one who realized this. When you look at photos of Charlotte from the the 1950s and 1960s it is highly pedestrian friendly, walkable neighborhoods, and DT retail. I recommend everyone to go the Levine Museum of the New South and look at the permanent exhibit "Cottonfields to Skyscrapers" and see the growth of Charlotte. It is truly inspiring and amazing to see the transformation of Charlotte. I wish that some of the gentrification did not mess up great neighborhoods such as Brooklyn and 2nd Ward High School.
  24. The US Census has redfined their definition for UA. Under this new definition Charlotte, Gastonia, Concord, and Rock Hill UAs will be rejoined. The estimates using the 3 year ACS stats puts the population at just over 1.2 million. I will add the link later.
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