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  1. Its actually a nice looking jail in terms of architecture. It certainly looks much better than the old jail and is the most attractive government building in the center-city. I know its adds nothing to downtown in terms of activity but it certainly adds urban density to downtown. The jail actually has 10 floors if you count the underground level.

    Really? You think the jail is better looking than the 1918 Guilford County Courthouse or the Art Deco Federal Courthouse? Wow.

  2. Roy Carroll assigned an employee to the committee that developed the manual named Al Leonard. Al attended the meetings faithfully as did other downtown developers including John Lomax and Milton Kern. If the manual is so restrictive, why did the other developers participate in its creation and why are they supporting it? They arguably have much more at stake in built-assets downtown than Carroll does. Why do the guidelines make sense in Charlotte and Raleigh but not in Greensboro? That seems odd.

    I have spoken to many people who have seen Carroll's plans for the North State lot. It includes suburban-style buildings that are clustered in the center of the block, surrounded by parking lots. The high number of parking spaces is his requirement (parking is not required downtown).

    I guess we are safe in assuming that Carroll will never invest in downtown Raleigh or Charlotte, since they have manuals that would be so restrictive to his business plan.

  3. I also wonder what the city is going to do about the safety perception on the southern leg? After all that portion is really close to a few high crime public housing developments. hopefully it wont become a gathering spot for the homeless

    One low-income housing community, St. James Homes II, has already been torn down on the east side of South Eugene Street (thanks to Skip Alston), and as recently as today I heard people talking about ousting the Urban Ministry building from its West Lee Street location. The area is a huge gathering spot for the homeless and a major challenge for the Greenway supporters.

  4. Plans are still being developed (and likely will be refined for years to come), but the path will have few bridges (aside from taking advantage of existing road/rail underpasses). The idea is to keep people on grade to connect with art and flowers. This will not be a bike freeway, it is a recreational amenity for office workers, residents, and college students. If someone on a bike wants to go fast, they can do that out in the country.

    Most of the money for this is coming from DOT, community foundations, and even health initiatives...not necessarily the same pot that law enforcement and economic incentives get funding from.

    The southwest (first) 1,800-foot portion is underway...but paving the pathway has been slow. I doubt it will get much use until other sections are connected to it (not much demand for walkers behind the MidTown body shop and Urban Ministry).

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