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  1. Grandville Castle Apartments

    Well, it is Winter and all.
  2. Lake Drive Changes.

    Just opinion. I can find either in LA pretty easily. Though I really wish I could get Rowster out here too.
  3. Lake Drive Changes.

    Madcap > Stumptown
  4. Staybridge Suites announced for west side

    Just had another thought: I also wonder if the hotel architects are thinking it's better for the building to face 131, since that's where most people will see it. Still would rather it face the river though.
  5. Staybridge Suites announced for west side

    Better to front the river in my opinion. Make the riverside trail be the walkable side of this strip, and leave the cars on Front. They could even add another foot bridge over the river to Canal Park.
  6. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    Despite my snarkiness earlier, thank you for speaking up & I meant no offense to you or the neighborhood personally. I just didn't think the neighbors' position was well-served by the articles' quotes.
  7. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    From the MLive article: I know right?? I mean, look at it sitting behind those trees. Like it owns the place. No kidding! I can't see the sky at all, can you? It's like a total eclipse. Gee I wonder why. If neighbors want to be listened to, the onus is on them to have something actually worth hearing. Sorry I'm in a bad mood, but just sayin'...
  8. All of your mental gymnastics obscure basic common sense and the personal experience of anyone who visits the library. I've walked to that spot from just about every other point within downtown and have never thought of it to be out of the way. I'm not sure what needlepoint half-acre you consider GR's CBD, but I'm certain I've walked to the library from that corner in my lifetime. It's the library, for Pete's sake - Downtown is so small and everything is so close to everything, this whole discussion just doesn't compute for me. And you missed the point of that post mentioning NY for Chicago. It wasn't meant as a comparison, it was an observation that anyone in those cities would be amused that we're arguing over points within such a small area. No one claimed this ramp is supposed to fix everything - it's just a piece of low-hanging fruit that could be plucked in service of the parking problem. If even some people who work closer to Division park there, that could clear up spaces in other ramps for people who work closer to Monroe, which isn't nothing. And you're absolutely right that the county ramp on Ionia is an even lower hanging fruit - that's why it's in the resolution. It's the commissioner's acknowledgement the city isn't taking action on it yet and should be. But even still, your reaction to everything has to be "Oh those idiots at City Hall are at it again." Whatevs.
  9. I know right? It's so far away from the CBD. No one could ever walk that far. Literally nobody. It's cruel to put a parking ramp so far from Downtown.
  10. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    It actually took me a second to realize what building I was looking at. Strange, since I've been seeing pictures of the building's progress all year, but now with all the skin off it just seems completely different.
  11. Creston Neighborhood

    ^^^ I agree. Not where I'd donate my money, but all's fair to anyone else who wants to. Whether you get cheetah bucks or restaurant swag, is there really a difference? If people haven't already donated to inner city college funds before, it's not this kickstarter that's stopping them. Their closest friends probably tell them all the time, "Oh, you should reopen, everyone I talk to wants Gaia Cafe to come back." And at least this is one way to gauge whether there's an actual communal interest in having it return.
  12. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    501 Eastern Development getting Brownfield credits: Hope to begin construction in Spring 2018.
  13. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Reminds me of when the union president pulled this stunt a couple years ago. It's like "We're mad as Hell and we're gonna find the most counterproductive ways to channel it."
  14. Mangiamo/Paddock Place Residential Development

    I wouldn't say the comment about Rockford was unprofessional, just not persuasive. Like, what the heck does that even mean? When Mangiamo first appeared I thought it was a Maggiano's Little Italy. I still get the names mixed up sometimes.
  15. People talking about Grand Rapids

    The author is local. Seriously!! Also, I'm pretty sure Sunday liquor laws are statewide. Has nothing to do with GR. EDIT: @iK1NkY is correct. The state changed the law in 2010, so businesses can apply for an extra permit to sell before noon. Local municipalities can still set their own restrictions. Grand Rapids is not one of them.