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  1. Amen. If buildings could speak...
  2. That, and some others that I found which match the same LLC naming convention as the Amplify GR properties:
  3. Madison / Cottage Grove area: Boston Square: I think I found the missing two: 1110 Evergreen and 226 Eugene. The LLCs listed as owners for these parcels are the same as the parcels they border. They are included in the map above.
  4. You're right! They'll be walking up and down Lyon. We gotta do something about that stone wall!
  5. Closing streets for the Grand Prix is not the same thing as closing streets for a bike race [EDITED FOR WINGBERT ]. I remember reading about what they had to do last time. They needed to individually forklift over a thousand concrete barriers, which weighed over 9000 pounds each, to line the course, then place miles of cables and fencing on top. Then they had to weld all the manhole covers down into the street to keep them from flying off during the race. Then they built the grandstands, skyways, etc. IIRC it took about a week to prepare the whole course, as they were closing off traffic to different portions gradually. Then the week after the race, they had to reset everything. I don't remember what condition the roads were in before the race, i.e. if they had to be resurfaced, or what - but yeah, the road had to be in good shape, and had to fit certain sloping & crowning specs. I imagine if it were coming back today, there'd have to be some work done. It's doable. Other cities do it. Long Beach has done it every year since 1975, and it's fantastic. Would love to see it come back to GR myself. But, larger cities than GR or Long Beach have hosted street circuit races that folded; I think successful races tend to be the exceptions. It's no wonder with over 100,000 in attendance both years, the West MI Grand Prix still couldn't get a corporate sponsor. This is a much bigger beast than a simple road closure, and I can understand why it's difficult to line up sponsorships or make the logistics work.
  6. Nice! I like it. Was wondering how far down the block this will go. I'm thinking this will fill the entire space between Logan and the alley across from Bemis? 501 and 505 are owned by "Restoration Row LLC." ICCF owns 511, 513, and 750 Logan. So correct me if I'm wrong, it looks like they'll be tearing down what's standing on 505 and 513 Eastern and building over all 5 parcels. As much as I like this development, I'm sorry to lose 513 Eastern - I wonder if it isn't worth saving?
  7. Life in Downtown Grand Rapids:
  8. I don't understand why they wouldn't incorporate the Meijer name in at least some form. Will it appear anywhere on the building?
  9. And I bet you never once ate a piece of avocado toast that whole time.
  10. This is terrific. So glad the developer is looking to restore it! Given what an effort Wealthy was, I'm sure this will be an arduous undertaking. Never seen the inside before. That stage is bizarre.
  11. OMFG IT'S LIKE DETROIT ON THE WEST SIDE -- Oh wait, no, it's the opposite.
  12. Um, Indiana's Lake and Porter Counties are part of the Chicago MSA (just as Grandville is part of the Grand Rapids MSA) so you can't have it both ways. That's your geography lesson. And as much as I'd love to take issue with the wondrous aesthetic beauty of driving past the Calumet River & environs, I'll just echo GRDad and advise you not to worry so much.
  13. Oh please. The "first impression" GR people see when driving into Chicago are steel mills. Actually, the best way to view this project is from a distance (not exactly a compliment, but it's true). I don't think it'll look bad from 196.
  14. I'm not a hater. I like it too.