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  1. Creston Neighborhood

    ^^^ I agree. Not where I'd donate my money, but all's fair to anyone else who wants to. Whether you get cheetah bucks or restaurant swag, is there really a difference? If people haven't already donated to inner city college funds before, it's not this kickstarter that's stopping them. Their closest friends probably tell them all the time, "Oh, you should reopen, everyone I talk to wants Gaia Cafe to come back." And at least this is one way to gauge whether there's an actual communal interest in having it return.
  2. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    501 Eastern Development getting Brownfield credits: Hope to begin construction in Spring 2018.
  3. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Reminds me of when the union president pulled this stunt a couple years ago. It's like "We're mad as Hell and we're gonna find the most counterproductive ways to channel it."
  4. Mangiamo/Paddock Place Residential Development

    I wouldn't say the comment about Rockford was unprofessional, just not persuasive. Like, what the heck does that even mean? When Mangiamo first appeared I thought it was a Maggiano's Little Italy. I still get the names mixed up sometimes.
  5. People talking about Grand Rapids

    The author is local. Seriously!! Also, I'm pretty sure Sunday liquor laws are statewide. Has nothing to do with GR. EDIT: @iK1NkY is correct. The state changed the law in 2010, so businesses can apply for an extra permit to sell before noon. Local municipalities can still set their own restrictions. Grand Rapids is not one of them.
  6. People talking about Grand Rapids

    Yeah, that's wrong. The article shouldn't have worded it that way. was ranking zip codes, not whole cities. Specifically 49506, which includes all of EGR, Eastown, part of East Hills, Ottawa Hills, and some other SE areas. 387K sounds right if you base it off that.
  7. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    I certainly don't want to see the state/city commit the insane amount of money & tax breaks that will be required to win this. That being said, I agree with previous posts on why putting in a good-faith effort to attract Amazon is still worth it, despite the impossible odds of actually getting them. Great columns, @localtalent and Ms. Richett. On another note, I've noticed in the past 24 hours MLive has run multiple articles about how the airport is growing. Does this have anything to do with Amazon...?
  8. Redevelopment along 28th Street

    Yes, it was Loeks' own expansion throughout the last decade that did it. By 2008 (technically before the recession) they had opened the Gaines Township location and bought the two mall Cinemarks. At that point, they no longer had any competition in all of southern metro GR. To keep Studio 28 open would be to cannibalize their own market. That being said, after the closure, the recession did make any reinvestment in that area impossible afterward. Maybe if 28 West really takes off they can lure in a different chain than Loeks. Not impossible, but a big "if."
  9. I agree but I think they're specifically targeting the eastern upscale suburbs (EGR/Forest Hills/etc.). A downtown Ada spot would be great.
  10. A Grand Vision 2.0

    There's a USPS facilty on East Paris Ave, sitting on a parcel of property that's about the same size as the one downtown, like five minutes away from GRR. I wonder if they can move the Processing Facility there? That may have been brought up before, now that I think about it.
  11. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    I like that too. How about Bezos shaking hands with Gerald Ford?
  12. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    We shall send Amazon an Artprize-Entry-Style 8-ft statue of Jeff Bezos made entirely of Kindles.
  13. New projects in Monroe North

    Actually some posts have been pretty critical. Are we that desensitized to long diatribes from certain members about how terrible everything is? That may not have happened here (yet), but I wouldn't call that giving the building a "pass."
  14. Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    Just want to make an observation about Glendale, CA (where I live). Over here we're in a housing boom right now too, and a lot of the new buildings remind me of the stuff going vertical in GR. Some examples of the new buildings around Glendale's Central Ave: Link: Link: Link: I threw in the links in case you feel like swiveling the camera around - it's block after block of this stuff, and they've all been built within the past four years. A few of them have balconies, at least. Sorry moderators, I know this isn't the California forum, but I thought it was relevant. It's not just GR that's doing this. Maybe cheap design is just indicative of the boom times we live in? Some of the new buildings in LA are really nice, but most of them just look like these. And somehow Glendale ended up with all the bland stuff.
  15. Who's Done This?

    I don't know why you think GR has it so bad. I really don't