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  1. Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    Classic. From the article:
  2. Suburban Projects

    ^^^This, and also just because more transportation moves south from GR. Most goods produced here are going SE on I-96 , SW on 196, or S on 131. Walkerview is a notable exception because the access to I-96 still gives trucks a quick route out of town. Oh, and also the airport. Wherever the airport is, a lot of jobs are going to be near it. RE: Ring expressways, I don't exactly see the need for a complete ring. "Because other cities have it" is not a very good reason IMO. I-96 already functions as a northern bypass around GR, and I don't see what another leg of freeway through Alpine would add. Also, there's a lot we could do with East Beltline. Thinking something like this: Then you could add flyover express lanes onto M-44/EBL all the way down to 28th Street. M-37 and M-11 would still be a mammoth intersection, and then you could add more express lanes on Broadmoor from 36th going down all the way to M-6. Wouldn't be a true expressway, but would serve the same function and would be almost as fast. That would allow traffic from the north to bypass GR easily and alleviate some of the congestion from the north on 131. EDITED: Annotated the image a bit more.
  3. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    +1. I did that as well. Often I've found paywalls do not block returns that come up on a Google search.
  4. Lakeshore Projects

    I think both of these are accurate... Though I don't think there's very much Dutch elitism anymore. I've never encountered anything like that myself (though I didn't grow up in a very Dutch neighborhood). The "If you an't Dutch, ya ain't much" saying harkens back more to the early 20th Century, when the Dutch community was more of a local political machine. On the other hand, you can drive around through Polish neighborhoods in GR and see the White Eagle emblem on buildings, the Polish Falcons and other organizations are still around, Pulaski Days are still celebrated, etc. So I agree with @GR8scott that it seems like Dutch culture is less visible in GR. A couple thoughts on why I think this is (FYI these are just my personal opinions): --First, for Dutch Calvinist immigrants, the church was at the center of their identity. They were taught that any secular associations were not to compete with the church (hence labor unions were frowned upon). So, while the Dutch community certainly did assert its own identity in the area, it was through religion, not nationalism. --Second, Dutch immigrants didn't settle in and take over whole neighborhoods like the Germans and Polish did. They settled in small clusters interspersed throughout the city, and each cluster was populated by immigrants from a particular Dutch province (Source), where they could be closer to their kin and speak the same regional dialects. So it's possible that a Dutch immigrant would identify more as a Zeelander or a Groninger as opposed to a Dutch national.
  5. Lakeshore Projects

    The Princes are Dutch Reformed, not CRC. Remember: Holland --> Hope College --> Reformed Church in America Grand Rapids --> Calvin College --> Christian Reformed Church
  6. Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Not an Interstate but yes - I love that road too. Definitely a better route in/out of NYC than I-95. I wonder how may U-Haul roofs have been shaved off by the low-overhead tunnels over the years
  7. Highway and Road Construction Updates

    The Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) between the East LA interchange and I-605 has some crazy short on-off ramps and stretches with no emergency lane. Some of these entrances are really strange, like they are just neighborhood residential streets that dead-end into a freeway. Swivel the Google Street View around in the links below to see what I mean: Concord Street Calzona Street There may be plans in the works to fix this... As long as I've lived in Southern CA (5+ years) at least some portion of I-5 has been under construction at any given time.
  8. The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    We used to have a thread on it too:
  9. Suburban Projects

    At least in Baseketball you get to psych people out.
  10. Hey, what's that?

    Love it! But I probably wouldn't get married there.
  11. Hey, what's that?

    I never noticed this before, but Google Maps has a marker in the middle of the river: So I course I had to look up wherever the heck that came from. This is the only tidbit I could find: No idea how true any of this is. Just thought I would share.
  12. People talking about Grand Rapids

    I now regret typing the words "DC of the Midwest" because I didn't mean to invite comparisons with DC, but I know what you're saying. I'm all for building more stuff and iconic landmarks and everything. But if your implication is that Downtown GR, as it is currently, feels or looks indistinct from other cities, I don't agree with that at all. I'm not sure exactly what scale of landmark "makes" a downtown generally, but GR has its own features that, while small, add up to its own unique style. Example: Blue Bridge in and of itself is iconic. it's no Statue of Liberty, and it's no marvel of engineering, but it's still uniquely GR. In every other city with a truss bridge, they look like rusted symbols of decaying industry. I can't think of another place that preserves repaints, lights up at night, and uses them as public thoroughfares. Maybe there are, but I haven't seen it. Sixth Street Bridge, also, was almost demolished in 1975, but the community rallied to save it. We're never going to need a giant majestic suspension bridge across the Grand River, so what did we do? Of course, we embraced our truss bridges. They are symbols of both GR's past and its modern rebirth - and people recognize that even if they don't bother to learn the bridges' specific histories. I mean, people actually get married on Blue Bridge - on how many truss bridges have you seen that happen? Why would people do that if Downtown wasn't an arresting backdrop? Don't mean to go on so long about bridges, but that's just one example. There really is no place in the world like GR. And I don't know why Fort Wayne is apparently everyone's favorite punching bag on this forum, but we have nothing to prove over them (or them over us, for that matter).
  13. People talking about Grand Rapids

    I think we on UrbanPlanet are just jaded because we see a lot of the same pictures of Downtown GR floating around. There are some great cityscape and/or vibrant streetscape shots of GR out there, they just never seem to make it on these city-ranking listicles. Recently another poster somewhere (I think it was @GRDadof3) suggested we embrace 12 stories and make it our thing. I agree. I would love it if GR became the DC of the Midwest.
  14. People talking about Grand Rapids

    Shutterstock needs to carry better pics of GR. Seriously, ours is the lamest photo in that group.
  15. Grandville Castle Apartments

    Well, it is Winter and all.