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  1. It's a save point. You can heal your party and save your progress for later. You don't see them much anymore - ever since the PS3 era most video games use an auto-save feature.
  2. About Citizens Telephone Company: http://www.migenweb.org/kent/etten1926/telephone.html
  3. Something like this? On a completely unrelated note, sometimes I do find ways to occupy myself when I'm in a long Zoom meeting...
  4. When I first brought it up I was more concerned about how the pandemic would affect the process of counting itself than about migration. They've already delayed plans to deploy the census takers already, and internet access at libraries and other public sites are limited due to social distancing. They've delayed the due date of the final count to August 14 (which is good), but who knows if that will stick - easy to imagine delaying again. College students home from campus might be confused about where they are supposed to be counted (the Census guidance is clear but will everyone read it? I don't know). I'm not saying the count will definitely get screwed up. To the contrary, so far I think the Census Bureau has adjusted to circumstances appropriately, and in general I regard them as one of our more competent federal agencies. What I am saying is we don't know what the next months will bring; this pandemic is outside of anyone's control; it could eventually lead to a compressed timeline for census workers to do their jobs; it could make people less responsive; all of which could affect the count. I mean, this is true for every city and state, but no one wants a count that's out of whack. Again, not saying it'll definitely happen. I'm not alarmed, but there's enough concern for me that it's worth bringing up.
  5. My cholesterol went up 10 points just from looking at that picture.
  6. That's a breathtaking video. Question: What's that Penobscot-shaped thing on the corner of Louis and Monroe?
  7. Wow that's interesting. What school are you referring to? In GR or in Rochester? I know right... And please stop lecturing me about how great Wegmans is
  8. On that note, hopefully we won't see Ottawa County get realigned into its own MSA again. That would ruin everything. I am 100% for more suburban development in Eastern Ottawa County that brings commuters into Kent County.
  9. Wow, thank you so much @MJLO . So interesting to see what's going on in the state. For anyone curious, I threw together a table of where the metro ranks nationally. GR moved up one rank to #51. For the first time, we've officially bypassed Rochester, NY! #SuckItRochester This is a table of our "peer group" (MSAs ranging 0.9 - 1.3 million i.e. roughly 200k up and down from GR). Some thoughts: -Is this the first year they've identified the principal cities as "Grand Rapids-Kentwood"? I could've sworn as recently as last year it was still "Grand Rapids-Wyoming." That's surprising to me, but I guess it would indicate the Southeast metro is helping grow the region's economy. For those who are curious what the criteria is for naming the principal cities in a metro area, see here. When there's a second principal city, it means there's a high worker population there compared to residents. -If these estimates are accurate and the trends continue, GR will easily pass Birmingham and Buffalo in the next decade. Hartford is unlikely. -Tucson, Fresno, and Tulsa have been chasing GR for years but our rate of growth this past decade has been slightly higher. Need to keep pace to avoid getting bypassed ourselves. -BUT: This is a census year that's taking place in the middle of a pandemic so who knows what the 2020 numbers will be. We were burned pretty badly in 2010. Remember to fill out the census, people.
  10. I'd be happy to join via Zoom or other videoconferencing mechanism if that is feasible. If so, feel free to post a link or DM me and I will join in from the West Coast. I completely understand if it's not possible and sorry for the short notice - I only just had the thought and figured I'd ask. Thanks!
  11. @GR8scott Man, you will not let up on that airport tunnel idea
  12. Just bumping this post since this is what got everyone talking about Lunch & Learns. @grandrollerz I think the answer to your question is "Yes."
  13. I spent a long time on this too yesterday with Google Maps and now I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I looked all over Cottage Grove, Roger B. Chafee, Broadmoor & 29th St, NW side, etc... Couldn't find it. I'm not even into rock climbing, I just really, really, really wanted to find that building.
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