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  1. In 2009 Belknap adopted an ASP which envisioned the neighborhood as the Medical Mile's bedroom community, with higher density and retail amenities, so that the resident health care workers in the neighborhood could walk/transit south in the morning and come back in the evening. The plan deliberately clustered mixed use and retail along Hastings at Coit and Lafayette because those were the entry points to the neighborhood (that's why this building is called "Gateway"). The hope was that a cluster could form there from commuters coming and going. I mean, hindsight is 20/20, so it's easy to crap on the plan now, but 10 years ago that was the vision and the Gateway is a result of that. And yes, it's also fair to say that "pedestrian-level activity" was a trendier buzzword back then and that influenced the ASP. But I don't believe there was any blanket city policy or tyrannical committee meddling here. There was an actual plan here in this case.
  2. The concept drawings described the "plaza berm" as a vehicle barrier, which from the photos above doesn't look like it offers much protection. But the illustrations also show tree planters lining the curb on Fulton Street, which would help if they put those in. A couple more concrete bollards in between them would be better.
  3. Weren't there supposed to be more trees planted along the queue route, and vehicle barriers along the street? I wonder if those are still coming.
  4. Not an industry expert, but I have to think the dominance of Meijer had something to do with it. For a metro area of GR's size, it's rare to see a single big-box retailer with so many locations (like 12 in Kent County alone?). Rochester, NY is a metro area about the same size as GR (and for most of its history was bigger; GR's only just caught up with it). They just broke ground on their first WF this year. Wegmans has a ubiquitous presence over there, similar to Meijer in GR.
  5. Blanditecture? But WE could build it like a castle!
  6. Cool concept, but I hope they reconsider the name. If you have to explain how to pronounce it, you're not doing it right. People are going to call it "Murdered."
  7. Or maybe they all quarantined next to the statue for 14 days.
  8. Nice. A Ohio-based chain that's so far only expanded to major metros. Speaks well of GR that it's their next target. And that they're moving into Bridge St instead of the suburbs.
  9. Look at this trendy classroom! Irregular desk arrangement! Ball chairs! Exercise bikes! So disruptive! Much Dynamic! ...But why is the projector image so small?
  10. It's a butcher shop, used to be in the Kingsley Building in Eastown, now it's on Lyon Street next to Nantucket.
  11. Thank you for flagging this. It's a nice article. Here's link, but you might have to register with the site: https://www.economist.com/special-report/2020/07/23/americas-mittelstand. Here's the kicker at the end:
  12. I feel like the one-way aisles do not work well in practice. I always wind up behind someone who parks their cart in the middle of the aisle and deliberates for 10 minutes.
  13. I'm all for GOOD signage. Amway Grand = stately, simple, & succinct. Good signage. GRCC Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall = Clunky, gaudy, & verbose. Not good signage.
  14. That was great @MJLO As always. For those curious about GR and national rankings, here's where the city stacks up with its current peer group: Many cities saw the softening trend that MJLO pointed out. GR overtook Glendale, CA and Salt Lake City this year. Huntsville and Frisco will likely pass GR (Frisco is one of the fastest growing cities in the US). A couple other thoughts: (1) Sun Belt suburbs are still growing like mad. Where did Port St. Lucie come from. (2) GR's in a crowded neighborhood - there's about 15 cities hovering close to 200K, five of which are within 1K of GR. The census this year will no doubt mix up these rankings. And here's a ranking of the 30 largest Midwestern cities:
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