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  1. The reason is because GR doesn't have a tunnel under the airport. If only we could manage that, big stores like Nordstrom would be impressed enough to come here.
  2. Yes, but didn't you take the satellite image from Google?
  3. I still have all the IKEA furniture I bought when I first visited in 2007. They've survived 4 moves (2 cross-country), our cats, and "The Great Pipe Bursting Incident" of 2014. I've found their design to be very pragmatic; I probably wouldn't fill every room in my home with it, but what I do have fits the space it's in just fine. I'll concede there are some areas of my life I need to reassess, but furniture is not one of them.
  4. Exactly. They would find a spot either in Byron Township off of 131 or somewhere in Ottawa County off of 196. I think we need another million in the MSA before that ever happens though.
  5. I think a more apt comparison is "Chicago's Duane Faust." Except they actually fell for it.
  6. When they build a stadium, they're going to want a site that leaves room for future development. I.E. not Houseman.
  7. Buses are designed to accommodate cyclists. It's not an unusual sight to see.
  8. No, for LAX the exit off I-105 turns you onto Sepulveda Blvd. It's a state highway and major thoroughfare. It's close to the entrance, but it's not at all a "direct access" off the freeway, which was what your last post asked for. In San Diego the exit off I-5 turns you onto Hawthorn St, and it's about 10 minutes to the terminal from there, despite the fact that the freeway is right next to the airport. It's actually not too different from GRR's relationship with I-96. I live here, I know what I'm talking about. Also, in Grand Rapids the airport exit for I-96 is 36th Street (where the tunnel would come out on the map). There's no reason to take 28th Street.
  9. LAX doesn't. Neither does San Diego. Those are the ones near me that come to mind. So a tunnel would save... what, five minutes of hassle driving down 36th & Paterson? Maybe seven tops? And making that shorter is a priority to you? Maybe in twenty years GRR will be bigger and busier, and the traffic onto Oostema Blvd will be congested enough to justify this, but not today. It's a good long-term plan, but why a "priority?" And who cares what Holland does? It's not like these tunnels are feats of engineering.
  10. You mean something like this, right? The cost vs. benefit is probably why it's not a priority.
  11. Skateboarding is not a crime.
  12. Do you think will leave Hoboken entirely? I'm honestly asking, you're more in the tech sector than me.
  13. I agree with @GR_Urbanist. They're still a MI based company, as far as I can tell. It's still a standalone brand, and will still be run out of Madison Heights. That's 350+ jobs that are staying in Michigan for now, and probably more secure than they were last week. Let's cool our heads a little and see how this plays out. For example: Take El Matador chips. Years ago they were bought by Garden Fresh Salsa in Detroit, which is owned by Bolthouse Farms in California, which is owned by Campbell Soup, based in Camden, NJ. Is El Matador no longer a "Michigan company"? On the contrary, they're still made in Grand Rapids, and to me it's still a uniquely Grand Rapids brand. A successful enterprise is never going to stand still. There's going to be expansions, mergers, and sellouts. The alternative is staying in the same place and withering away like MC Sporting Goods. It's the same reason I support ArtPrize expanding to other cities, if it ever happens successfully.
  14. I noticed the branch too, it's on over a big chunk of the city. Doesn't Google do any quality control?