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  1. And I bet you never once ate a piece of avocado toast that whole time.
  2. This is terrific. So glad the developer is looking to restore it! Given what an effort Wealthy was, I'm sure this will be an arduous undertaking. Never seen the inside before. That stage is bizarre.
  3. OMFG IT'S LIKE DETROIT ON THE WEST SIDE -- Oh wait, no, it's the opposite.
  4. Um, Indiana's Lake and Porter Counties are part of the Chicago MSA (just as Grandville is part of the Grand Rapids MSA) so you can't have it both ways. That's your geography lesson. And as much as I'd love to take issue with the wondrous aesthetic beauty of driving past the Calumet River & environs, I'll just echo GRDad and advise you not to worry so much.
  5. Oh please. The "first impression" GR people see when driving into Chicago are steel mills. Actually, the best way to view this project is from a distance (not exactly a compliment, but it's true). I don't think it'll look bad from 196.
  6. I'm not a hater. I like it too.
  7. But seriously, can we stop bicycle-trolling every single thread? This is a thread about Studio-C and yet somehow we managed to throw in yet another bike lane joke. It's getting stale. I get it already. Just making an observation.
  8. I get your point, but anyone can post pictures. You could say wintertime driving is lovely in GR too:
  9. GR fans shouldn't be ashamed of Single-A ball. Now, it's true that GR is bigger than a lot of Triple-A cities and could easily support a team. A Double-A team isn't likely, as those leagues are heavily regional (like Single-A), and they don't have much presence in this region. However, GR is smack-dab in the Midwest League's region; it's a good fit for GR, and having them here doesn't reflect poorly on the town at all. Two big things I like about the Whitecaps: 1) It's in the Tigers farm system, which would probably have to change if we picked up a Triple-A team. The Mudhens aren't leaving Toledo anytime soon, and I don't think the Tigers will ever want to change their affiliate as long as they are there. 2) I like that the Whitecaps can play nearby teams like Lansing and South Bend. I wanna see the Whitecaps beat their brains out. I'm less interested in seeing Grand Rapids vs. Colorado Springs or Norfolk. I'd support a Triple-A team in GR, and it would thrive, but I'd still be sad to lose those things. Triple-A isn't everything.
  10. It's a typo. The picture shows 442 Bridge (Renee Austin's old space behind Stanley Ketchel).
  11. The reason is because GR doesn't have a tunnel under the airport. If only we could manage that, big stores like Nordstrom would be impressed enough to come here.
  12. Yes, but didn't you take the satellite image from Google?
  13. I still have all the IKEA furniture I bought when I first visited in 2007. They've survived 4 moves (2 cross-country), our cats, and "The Great Pipe Bursting Incident" of 2014. I've found their design to be very pragmatic; I probably wouldn't fill every room in my home with it, but what I do have fits the space it's in just fine. I'll concede there are some areas of my life I need to reassess, but furniture is not one of them.
  14. Exactly. They would find a spot either in Byron Township off of 131 or somewhere in Ottawa County off of 196. I think we need another million in the MSA before that ever happens though.