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  1. Well it's not like Des Moines' restoration is happening tomorrow . The article isn't clear, but it doesn't seem like they've started raising money yet.
  2. Whoa, whoa, I wouldn't characterize it that way. I agree with the ^^^others that Des Moines benefits from its status as a capitol and largest city in Iowa, while GR has to compete with other cities taking up the oxygen in our state. But it's also worth pointing out that Michigan and Iowa do not have equal tourism industries. Michigan has the Great Lakes and a robust network of natural inland lakes and streams. We already have a well-established outdoor recreation scene that draws vacationers from out of state. GR White Water's project is limited to Downtown GR and would complement all of this. Iowa as a state has far less inland water, and much of what they do have was formed by dams. They have a bigger project because they are trying to bring more outdoor recreation to the region as a whole. It costs more because it will take a lot more engineering to do it. They are playing catch-up. More power to them; I don't think it's anything for us to be insecure about. Iowa Tourism (2017): Visitor spending: $8.5 Billion Travel-related jobs: 69,570 State Revenue: $507.1 Million Michigan Tourism (2017): Visitor spending: $24.7 Billion Travel-related jobs: 224,476 State Revenue: $2.7 Billion Does GRWW need to be a bigger project? If so, let's talk about what it's missing. We shouldn't necessarily be jealous that other regions are trying to do something bigger - Michigan is blessed with a lot already!
  3. "Doug Meijer Place Where Lotsa Medical Stuff Happens"
  4. ^^^ Words I posted a few weeks ago. So, yeah... Starting to rethink that a little... For one of them anyway.
  5. Plus if I understand correctly this will bring in employees throughout the region for training, right? I feel like the Embassy Suites could not have wished for better news within their first year of opening. As for the building itself, I'm not expecting much. Just a larger version of Heart of the City with it's own ramp. Let's see if I'm wrong...
  6. Might be more of a historical curiosity at this point, but the Harrison Park area has also been called Lithuanian Town. Not sure if the moniker was truly commonplace back in its day, but it became more well-known after a local author wrote a book about it. The Vytautas Aid Society is still on Hamilton Ave. Overlapping neighborhoods and names are signs of a healthy city. It means multiple placemakers and communities have placed their stakes in the same spots at different points in history as the larger city continued to evolve.
  7. The ground floor of 20 Fulton E looks like it was built for a CVS or Walgreens. Downtown GR needs 2 of these, really. One for both ends of Monroe Center.
  8. Ottawa County-based Pux Cider is opening up a tasting room on Fuller, next to The Cheese Lady: https://mibiz.com/sections/food-agribusiness/pux-cider-plans-grand-rapids-tasting-room
  9. I missed this story a couple weeks ago, but the blighted structure at 1414 Madison was struck by lightning and is coming down. It's the small red ( ⌝ )-shaped parcel in the middle on the map above. https://www.wzzm13.com/article/news/local/neighbors-want-action-after-abandoned-building-damaged-in-storm/69-152c7f7b-976f-4e2f-b01b-6d6124b6c35f Seems like this building was destined to come down anyway but this will expedite things. Jekel Moving has some historic photos of this building on their site: http://jekelmoving.com/historical_photos
  10. I'm glad you gave me a chance to clarify I realized when I saw your reply how inarticulate my statement was and was like "Oh crap! Not what I intended"
  11. What I meant was that the "vision" articulated is just an effort at coordination between associations - it's not a concrete plan and from the way I read the article I felt concerns about displacement were premature. At least as of yet. It wasn't a comment on the neighborhood itself. Sorry that wasn't clear.
  12. Um, a lot of what you listed is exactly why they make plans... There isn't one person who gets to decide what's "in good shape," what counts as "cheap" or "derelict," or whether NA concerns should be deemed reasonable or "stonewalling." I'm not, like, a huge fanboy of they city's planning process or anything, but I get the utility of these exercises. And plans can be a problem when they are used as a weapon to stop development (like the old SWAN used to do). They're not meant to be binding, but should be used as a guide for the neighborhood stakeholders, who are going to be involved for better or for worse, to state their vision and compromise where they can. And yeah, of course some people are just going to oppose everything anyway. All that being said, this Southtown effort, honestly, doesn't seem to be really much of a plan so far - it's just an effort to coordinate between the different associations that are on South Division and identify focuses of effort. If the "Development without Displacement" headline is what set you off, I get it. But I also think they have to say that because anytime the city talks about developing a low-income neighborhood that's the first thing people ask about. I don't think there's enough here to worry about displacement in the first place, but people are still gonna ask.
  13. That must be part of Walkerview. Might be Falk North America's project - they announced a 78,000 sq. ft. building last December: https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/walkerview-continues-growth-spurt-as-industrial-vacancy-remains-low
  14. Yeah, and Dogfish Head's merger valuation was reported as $300 million, so wouldn't that make Founders a slightly higher value?
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