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  1. I bet Chervon really, really hates autocorrect.
  2. Maybe they're saving all their money for the N. Monroe project?
  3. Yes, I've heard Grandville very briefly outpaced GR for a short time.
  4. Historically the development of GR clearly spread southward more than anywhere else. Paris and Wyoming Township were settled very quickly after Grand Rapids was established. I think outgrowth from the city center was concentrated south because: (1) It's generally flatter in that direction, and I'd theorize the low lying areas of Kent County were ideal for farmers at the time. (2) The first big transportation corridors went southward (Kalamazoo Plank Road, Chicago Road). Railroads eventually took over those same routes in the 1870s. The river played a role too, in that the Village of Grandville was established as a lumber center to compete with Grand Rapids (they believed its location around the south bend was better). So right away as GR was fledging, you had another town just to the southwest growing as well.
  5. Did anyone catch this on TV? I don't have Cooking Channel, so I haven't seen it. The entire episode featured GR. You can look up everything they sampled in the show's location guide (scroll down to #207, "Great Lakes Craves"). They went to Anna's House, Donkey Taqueria, and Stella's Lounge, in addition to Winchester. I'm surprised this wasn't better publicized. All four restaurants posted about this on social media, but somehow only Winchester got picked up by MLive.
  6. Tacos are quickly becoming one of my favorite things in GR. And I live in California. Just saying...
  7. Well I wasn't surprised, but only because that's such a pedestrian dead zone. I remarked at the start of this thread that they would need signage visible up and down Fulton or no one would know they were there (I often forgot myself), and I doubt that would have saved them regardless. I'm starting to think a major development across the street on the SW corner of Fulton and Market would be what it takes for a business to stick at that location.
  8. You could say it's a similar story along the Grand River. We're frustrated today with the underutilization of the river and lack of green space, but back in the day people looked at the riverbanks and envisioned sawmills
  9. Shake Shack just expanded in LA this past year, and super trendy right now. I don't think their burgers are as life-changing as some claim, but still pretty darn good. Still, it'd be quite a trendy steal for GR, since we're always the last place to get stuff. They have barely any presence in the Midwest so far - only Chicago and Minneapolis.
  10. Sorry I'm late to the party. I don't have a lot of predictions this year. Everyone took all the good predictions already anyway For 2017: --Dammit, I STILL predict Whole Foods will plan a location on 28th Street or East Beltline. Or EGR/Breton Village. One of these years I'll get this right. --USL will be the rumor of the year. A stadium will be proposed. Padnos on the westside would be my preference, but I can see a lame site, like right next to 5/3 Park or something, just as likely. --Someone proposes a big development w/parking ramp on a Westside DASH lot. --Woodland has broken ground on their expansion. --Urban Outfitters will not be part of the Woodland expansion. But they will open a location somewhere else in GR. --x99 loves the finished Grandville Castle so much, he moves in!
  11. I agree. But I bet the SE Dick's would much rather be in a mall location, and PREIT wants a sporting goods anchor tenant for Woodland. Does REI only like standalone stores?
  12. They could use exterior shots of the Pyramid as SPECTRE headquarters in the next James Bond movie.
  13. Throughout the hundreds of Sears's store closings the past decade, typically it's been a case of the store closing once the lease is up. Obviously I don't know when the Woodland Sears' lease ends, but I'm sure PREIT is basing their plans on that. I agree with MJLO - Rivertown isn't going anywhere (though it could use some maintenance). Woodland's been upping its game for a few years now, and we have room in our market for both a first-tier and second-tier mall.
  14. So they're proposing the corner that's still GR city limits? Is the city OK with drive-throughs at that spot?
  15. Ahh! Makes sense. I agree. Let's get the renovation done right first, worry about the lots later.