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  1. RegalTDP

    42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    At the end of the day I actually do like this better for that parcel.
  2. RegalTDP

    New projects on the West Side

    You might be right - that's also 540 Leonard and I didn't realize it was all one building. Because the application says "theater/assembly use" I thought they were taking over the church, but I guess it could be any portion of it. Obviously, frontage on Leonard would be way more desirable.
  3. RegalTDP

    New projects on the West Side

    Cool project, great to see on Leonard. Here's a visual of the site:
  4. RegalTDP

    West Michigan/Grand Rapids Economy

    A few thoughts on Sun Belt migration - 100% anecdotal, 0% based on data, so take for what it's worth... --I don't think it's about the weather. It's certainly a factor for some, but hardly the defining point. When I look back at my own peer group, here's what I see... And keep in mind, I graduated college in the middle of Michigan's lost decade, when our state's economy was depressed, and the rest of the country was riding the housing bubble. Of all the people I know of from my class in Kentwood, a large number of us resettled out of state; but, only a couple (which includes me) ended up in a Sun Belt state. Most everyone else is still in the Midwest, particularly in the Chicago area. Everyone complains about the weather all the time, but I can't remember seeing anyone actually pick up stakes and move over it. The weather wasn't a factor for me moving to California and it certainly wasn't for my friends still in Chicago either. On that note... --...I would hypothesize that most people would rather stay close to their families than chase warmer weather. OK, some have family connections in the Sun Belt, others actually do want to get away from their families for legit reasons, but most people don't. That's why I think Chicago was such a draw for my "Lost Decade" classmates - it was a bigger city that was still close enough to their families in GR. I'm sure there's data on this sort of thing somewhere. --Random thought: Michigan has a thin DoD presence, which is clearly a net loss to the state. Military bases are concentrated in the West Coast and the South, and their effect on migration has to be accounted for. Now, most service members who get out after their first enlistment go back to their home state. However, those who reenlist are soon looking to settle in the communities near where they are stationed. Before long they're raising their families there and are skilled in their ratings. After they retire from the military, local defense contractors are quick to scoop them up and give them jobs. --Bottom line, I don't think Michigan's tech sector can compete with the West Coast and the South, all things being equal. It's just too big down there. So, somebody looking to build a tech startup at all costs, or seeking the absolute best job market in that area should probably still go there. But on the positive side, anyone who actually wants to stay in Michigan but still work in tech now has opportunities to do so. You couldn't say that with much confidence fifteen years ago. Again, not based on data, just my $0.02.
  5. RegalTDP

    New projects in Monroe North

    You just posted yesterday that people weren't ridiculing it and expressed bewilderment over that. Your entire post was beating a dead horse.
  6. RegalTDP

    New projects in Monroe North

    -People are ridiculing Movies on Monroe because what was a successful program (Movies at the Park) became a casualty of city politics and now it couldn't be more obvious they're just putting lipstick on a pig. -People are not ridiculing Downtown Ada because so far it's been well-planned, well-constructed, and looks nice. Does that help?
  7. RegalTDP

    Cable cars in GR?

    So I guess cable cars are the new trendy thing to propose in cities nowadays. This was just in the news in LA not long ago: Not sure how realistic the LA proposal is, but at least it's being offered as a solution to a problem: The need for more options going to Dodger Stadium on game day. The Dodger Stadium Express, a direct bus from Union Station to the stadium, is the best way to go right now, and it sucks. This could work in GR if it's fixing a similar problem. Like, perhaps the cable car could run from somewhere around Bridge & Summer over to DeVos Place with a terminus that links to the skywalk. That way you can connect the food and drink establishments on Bridge Street to the rest of downtown. Saves the trouble of having to walk under the highway underpass and across the river, getting attacked by birds on the way. Is this more convenient than just Ubering? I don't know. Still an outlandish idea to me, but just a thought. The point is, I hope whatever proposal they're cooking up is intended to address a problem, not just be something cool to have.
  8. RegalTDP

    Predictions for the coming year

  9. Quote: "The store, called Market 5-ONE-5, is one-fifth the size of a typical supermarket" OK, well, their store's name is dumber.
  10. RegalTDP

    Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    Classic. From the article:
  11. RegalTDP

    Suburban Projects

    ^^^This, and also just because more transportation moves south from GR. Most goods produced here are going SE on I-96 , SW on 196, or S on 131. Walkerview is a notable exception because the access to I-96 still gives trucks a quick route out of town. Oh, and also the airport. Wherever the airport is, a lot of jobs are going to be near it. RE: Ring expressways, I don't exactly see the need for a complete ring. "Because other cities have it" is not a very good reason IMO. I-96 already functions as a northern bypass around GR, and I don't see what another leg of freeway through Alpine would add. Also, there's a lot we could do with East Beltline. Thinking something like this: Then you could add flyover express lanes onto M-44/EBL all the way down to 28th Street. M-37 and M-11 would still be a mammoth intersection, and then you could add more express lanes on Broadmoor from 36th going down all the way to M-6. Wouldn't be a true expressway, but would serve the same function and would be almost as fast. That would allow traffic from the north to bypass GR easily and alleviate some of the congestion from the north on 131. EDITED: Annotated the image a bit more.
  12. RegalTDP

    The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    +1. I did that as well. Often I've found paywalls do not block returns that come up on a Google search.
  13. RegalTDP

    Lakeshore Projects

    I think both of these are accurate... Though I don't think there's very much Dutch elitism anymore. I've never encountered anything like that myself (though I didn't grow up in a very Dutch neighborhood). The "If you an't Dutch, ya ain't much" saying harkens back more to the early 20th Century, when the Dutch community was more of a local political machine. On the other hand, you can drive around through Polish neighborhoods in GR and see the White Eagle emblem on buildings, the Polish Falcons and other organizations are still around, Pulaski Days are still celebrated, etc. So I agree with @GR8scott that it seems like Dutch culture is less visible in GR. A couple thoughts on why I think this is (FYI these are just my personal opinions): --First, for Dutch Calvinist immigrants, the church was at the center of their identity. They were taught that any secular associations were not to compete with the church (hence labor unions were frowned upon). So, while the Dutch community certainly did assert its own identity in the area, it was through religion, not nationalism. --Second, Dutch immigrants didn't settle in and take over whole neighborhoods like the Germans and Polish did. They settled in small clusters interspersed throughout the city, and each cluster was populated by immigrants from a particular Dutch province (Source), where they could be closer to their kin and speak the same regional dialects. So it's possible that a Dutch immigrant would identify more as a Zeelander or a Groninger as opposed to a Dutch national.
  14. RegalTDP

    Lakeshore Projects

    The Princes are Dutch Reformed, not CRC. Remember: Holland --> Hope College --> Reformed Church in America Grand Rapids --> Calvin College --> Christian Reformed Church
  15. RegalTDP

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Not an Interstate but yes - I love that road too. Definitely a better route in/out of NYC than I-95. I wonder how may U-Haul roofs have been shaved off by the low-overhead tunnels over the years