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  1. I'm almost certain the station platforms I've seen at Harbr Park and Medical Centr are 180 feet, meaning two car stations.
  2. http://www.gohrt.com/vbtes/documents/hrt-n...r-sep09-web.pdf Detailed information on the the VBTES. Light Rail Transit (LRT) on the Norfolk Southern Alignment: The light rail alternative would extend The Tide LRT along the existing east-west railroad corridor in Virginia Beach. This alternative would provide station stops at various points along the alignment that will be identified and finalized as part of the study. Preliminary station areas to be studied (for both BRT and LRT) include: Witchduck, Town Center, Rosemont, Lynnhaven, Great Neck, Oceana, Birdneck and the Conven
  3. That is true brikkman. Only problem is the darkness, the smell, and the dirty bathrooms.
  4. Most of the time I'm on the ferry it's at least 40-50 people on it (I've never seen it after a tides game). But you are right, the ferry has very strong ridership. If they don't put it LRT through the midtown tunnel, unless ridership estimates were like 100,000 a day, I don't see them building a underwater tunnel solely for rapid transit.. The mayors of Portsmouth and Norfolk should be in Richmond right now fighting to put LRT through the tunnel. Especially with them putting tolls on it. Ridership would go through the roof.. It will be a serious loss if it doesn't happen.
  5. Just curious. Honestly, do you all think the tide will make 11,500 trips per day? It seems do able, but what do the experts think?
  6. Sorry, another random question. Will the platforms have countdown until next train signs?
  7. maybe that's the plan. build small platforms so you have overflow and then you can say "so many people ride the train there isn't even enough room, we have to extend this to the oceanfront asap!"
  8. People will not want to wait for the next train if the first one is full, 7.5 minutes is a long time when your trying to get home.
  9. This is how the train will look if they use single car trains. Taken in middle of the day #20 This is for whoever thinks only bums ride the bus.
  10. ^^ Agreed. HRT is running two car trains during peak hours, right? All the simulations seem to only have single car trains running.. Once again, that's not going to work, especially during special event service like a Tides game. I surely hope the platforms are being built for 2 car trains. Otherwise the stations will be too crowded and will make riding not so appealing. Nevermind I found it.
  11. Comments from Pilotonline.com! Most retaurants at Town Center are very reasonable. I think much of the griping here is based on heresay. Go and actually VISIT Town Center before making assumptions. Bottom line: Light rail WILL happen in VB. Town Center is thriving. And Town Center West is coming. I can't wait. I dont go to Town Center-I cant afford it! But I have no problem parking my car and taking the the light rail to work down in Norfolk! I hate driving in this area, and it wont cost a lot. Light rail it a good idea, and it will be great for people who dont drive,cant drive
  12. So far, the comments in the Pilot are surprisingly positive and people are asking for expansions throughout the whole city..
  13. http://hamptonroads.com/2009/09/va-beach-c...r-pembroke-plan City planners have finished the plan that will guide development of Town Center and the Pembroke area. Light rail is a big focus in the Beach's first foray into urban-style growth. The City Council will be briefed on the plan Tuesday at 4 p.m. at City Hall.
  14. ^^ I agree. If all goes well, we won't need to drive and park to ride the trains.. But for the next 4 or 5 years, thats' where the majority of the ridership will come from, park and riders. If HRT or the city built a parking deck now (maybe 750 spaces), that would open up the other part of the surface lot for private investment and would ensure there is enough parking for everyone.. You don't think more then 300 people are going to park and ride from Newtown to downtown to avoid that horrible downtown traffic in the evenings? TCC students, Businessmen and women, Anybody going to MacArthur.
  15. I like the modern version. I'm telling you guys, we need a parking deck at Newtwn Rd. Station. Charlotte has 1120 spaces and it fills up every day by 8:00AM. Our 300 spaces aren't going to cut it. In case you don't know, more people ride public transportation in HR, then in Charlotte. Even though Charlotte is more populated
  16. It couldn't hurt.. That area does look pretty rough.
  17. Spartan Village to be razed for Public- Private redevelopment?! .
  18. This project has always seemed like a sure bet because of the conference center and parking garage being paid for by the city. The condos are already sold. I'd expect this one to begn rising within the next month, month and a half. The mayor said fall in his state of the city, and we haven't heard any bad news. For all we know 'better use of space' could just mean some floor flip flops, elevator shifts, or any other minor detail.
  19. Well I don't see how shorter could equal better use of space. The entire site will be used regardless,so that can only mean it's grown in height. I just wish they would start driving piles tomorrow!
  20. Yeah I know it's not a big deal, I'm just predicting that we will need more parking at the newtown rd. station to accomidate end of the line demand.
  21. That makes no sense. I agree the majority of the line (especially downtown) should have a parking deficiency, but it seems backwards that Monticello Avenue Station and Harbor Park Station both have over 1500 parking spaces, but the end of the line station (Newtown) only has 266? Doesn't add up to me. I bet you the Newtown rd. parking lot fills up by 7:00.
  22. Good video. Do you all think that there is enough space for parking at the newtown road station? Charlotte's end of the line station fills up daily and it has 1200 spaces in a parking deck. If the Tide only has a parking lot, I think a parking garage must be built. Don't you think? I'm telling you 266 spaces is not going to cut it. I expect a lot of downtown employees who commute from 264 to ride the rail to avod downtown traffic and the congestion that occurs daily..
  23. i love norfolk. it's such a beautiful city with so much to offer. you guys take great pictures. thanks for the updates.
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