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  1. Just to set things straight here....the ivy leagues are not D-1 in football. They are D-1AA non-scholarship (like Davidson, and D-III). D-1AA is split between the scholarship schools and the non-scholarships schools. The scholarship schools are significantly better than the non-scholarship ones (at football, anyway).
  2. There was an article in the paper today about the increase in the number of student applicants to our state universities. Chapel Hill, UNCC, and NCSTATE all had around a +7% increase. Not too shabby! However, App state had a 19% increase!!! I would bet money that increase was a direct result of FOOTBALL. Pure and simple. Their university went from being an obscure small state school to being mentioned in the national media overnight. Now who knows of the type of applicant that has now chosen to apply to app, but with the higher number of applicants, the school has the ability to raise the bar of its academic standards for admission (an application ,literally, of supply and demand in a non traditional sense . It's a win win situation for the school, student body, and alumni. Way to go App!
  3. I am sorry to hear about the loss of the braves. I have quite a few friends from richmond who are diehard fans . However, if a new team (and i am sure there will be one) comes out of this....here's my take on a new name. The Richmond Cavalry -with reference to the history behind the infamous cavalry in the war between the states. Also, i might add that cavalry was used to crush the indians in the push westward for new territory. Come to think of it, braves are indians...concidence? i think not
  4. ^ i completely agree. What really pisses me off is when the CEO's gladly take the big time bonus/salary, but leave the common man out to dry. Just imagine how many jobs Lewis would save at BOA if he took a cut from his 75 Million dollar salary! Usually the successful companies take care of their employees. Happy employees = better work product = larger production!
  5. It'll be Ohio state and LSU......and it'll be a bloodbath. My prediction: LSU 35-17
  6. Unfortunately, he's a redneck with way too much money. There's no denying he's an intelligent businessman, but i wouldn't be surprised to see him build a new track just to "prove" that he can.
  7. Be careful what you say......wake forest played their home games in Greensboro up until LJVMC was built in th early 90's. However, i agree the hall needs to be in greensboro. Lord help us if they put it up in the DC or atlanta area.
  8. I definitely can agree with your rant. However, somtimes it's nice to have this image. Why you ask? Becuase when people first come here, either driving down 77 or flying to the airport, their reactions are priceless. HOLY SH&*! I never knew how big charlotte was!! How tall is that building? One of my favorites was, "I was literally driving through what i thought to be cornfields, and i saw this massive city that seemed to appear out of nowhere". I love playing it off, but deep down in side it gives me a kick everytime I know someone is visiting the city for the first time.
  9. the races in daytona were a result of the bootlegging....not the other way around. Long story short.... Shiners ran moonshine aka "white lightning" down from the stills in the mountains (lots of woods....good hiding places). That journey was called "thunder road". thus running "white lightning down thunder road". that explains "thunder road" the roller coaster at carowinds, days of thunder in daytona etc etc. To run shine down the mountains, cars had to have stiffer leaf springs. Not only for the added weight of the shine, but for better cornering around the mountain roads. Along with the suspension came other upgrades....engines....exhaust etc. Why you ask? Because running shine was/is illegal. They had to outrun the law. It got to a point where guys not only loved to run shine, but they enjoyed racing their friends down thunder road. Many events were help well before the races at daytona pitting "stock cars" against other stock cars. Tracks like North Wilksboro, the old charlotte speedway (a wooden planked track on wilkinson blvd), were running before daytona. Then the first sanctioned event by NASCAR.....a newly formed association..... was held at daytona beach (half on the beach, half on the road). Later the first paved track in Darlington SC (aka the "lady in black", or "the track too tough to tame") really set off modern nascar with high speeds. Thats' the short story.....amazing sport and an even cooler history. we truly are lucky to be the center of it all! Enjoy the week
  10. Yeah, or if you have seen Chris Farley's SNL Chippendale skit. Either way....should be an interesting show.
  11. Great....just what the mall needs. More kids loitering.
  12. Oh, don't worry....this will be huge. It will the only one of its kind in the world. Successful? Do you know how loyal NASCAR fans are? I guarantee you the week before this place opens....people will have driven from Idaho and camped out all during that week
  13. i think that uncc will increase it's research status/funding esp if the new research campus in K town really picks up steam.
  14. Georgetown does have football. It's 1AA non scholarship (similar to D III).
  15. http://charlotte.com/109/story/89528.html No surprise here. Didn't know they were thinking about buidling another concourse!
  16. I like the idea, but i am not so sure that most of america is ready to support soccer. There would have to be a huuuge fan base to support soccer. A few years ago, they tried to have a big league soccer game in bank of america stadium between two teams from mexico. They expected a large draw due to the latino population, but only 2k or so people showed up. What's the average ticket price of a MLS game?
  17. http://www.wcnc.com/news/topstories/storie...ng.ad7c744.html Click on the link for a video of the implosion.
  18. I think that Krazeeboi is saying that you make it seem like it's a bad thing to try and emulate success. I don't know whether you are trying to belittle the triad or not, but one could easy get that impression from your comments. I think that the situation is kind of like an arguement between a multi-sibling family. The oldest kid (in this case charlotte) has had his license for many years now. The middle kid (raleigh/durham/chapel hill) has just recently turned "sweet-16" and gotten his license. The middle kid flaunts his license to the youngest kid (the triad) because he can, and because he finally thinks that he's "arrived" with the big kids. What he soon realizes is that driving is no longer the cool thing to do for the oldest sibling. It's buying beer. Well now the middle kid wants to be old enough to buy beer. His jealousy only subsides when he too gets to buy beer. At this point the youngest has been driving for a few years and he too will eventually be able to buy beer. The point of my analogy is that everyone has an oldest sibling (ATL is charlotte's oldest sibling). Everyone is eventually going to grow up (this is NC and even the triad has that potential). Why not realize that will happen, and that the best thing to do in the meantime is not to flaunt your success? Weird anology i know, but take what you want from it.
  19. I think that it would look better in the roudabout with just a giant pillar. The fountain would take away from the face of the statue. Nevertheless, cool history lesson.
  20. great pics, i love seeing how cities used to look back in the day. When did Greensboro get rid of the trolley line?
  21. but do you think that if the infrastructure is there, someone will utilize it?
  22. http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/16273224.htm more big news. I could see US Air putting up even more $ for delta now. Nontheless, this is good news for charlotte (esp in light of getting federal money).
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