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  1. This board is about Urban growth and discussing policies that contribute to growth is appropriate. Because of Federalism and the 10th Amendment (sorry if I offended with a Constitution citation), we have 50 different States that can enact their own policies for us as USA citizens can later measure what works and what doesn't. The biggest Blue States with high Tax / Spend/ Regulation like CA, NY, NJ, MI are also the the states doing the worst budget and unemployment wise. The biggest of the Red State with low taxes / regulation, TX, has the best job growth and state budget is in the black. Therefore, we as Floridians who like a growing economy and the Urban Development which follows should have a forum to discuss and analyze what other states are doing to grow. About UCF, one of the reasons (if not the best reason) students go to college is to have a marketable skill once out of school in order to get a good job. These 5 majors cuts are all in the medical \ technology fields, all in demand (just google them and see hot they rank in pay\demand), and because of Supply/Demand, also high paying. The City \ County Govt sees our regions economic growth potential by attracting (by of all things evil tax cuts) medical employers (like Burhman Institute) and technology firms to Innovation Way \ Research Park. I wanted to point out how insane I see spending money attracting medical / technology employers on one hand, but then having the regions largest university cutting the majors that would best develop potential employees for those industries on the other hand. To deny a liberal influence in academia is just as insane as me denying a conservative influence in the NRA. With this liberal influence, you can see how political \ ideology could clowd the trustees judgement by cutting these 5 non-liberal ideological majors rather than having to cut programs from their college of LIBERAL arts (sorry to again say liberal, but it is the name of the college). If I am now called a Neo-Nazi or wanting to start the next Crusades, so be it.
  2. Just as Orange County is making the push through Medical City and Innovation Way to bring Medical and Technology Industy job to expand out tourism based economy, UCF takes two steps backwards with grads who will work these new jobs. Look at all the 4 programs (cardiopulmonary \ radialogical sciences, engineering technology, MIS) which are extremely high-paying, relevant medical \ technology majors that will produce well skilled graduates to grow these industries. I can't believe UCF cut those practical majors, yet left alone all of the liberal arts majors. Shows the liberal influence running our education system. I guess cutting Anthropology or Humanities - Popular Culture is not PC. I'm sure companies coming to Medical City are dying for UCF grads with a Theater Studies degree. Thankfully they kept Philosophy since it's a great degree to have... Yeah, if you want to think deep thoughts about being unemployed. UCF is a joke! http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/educat...0,2230754.story
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