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  1. The city is looking for ways to fill increasing vacancies in retail especially in urban districts. https://www.pilotonline.com/government/local/vp-nw-fz22-downtown-vacancies-rising-20220903-dbqphr3gffbkppw3ulz45qi7xa-story.html
  2. Back in the day, Norfolk had some posh department stores located downtown.
  3. A great time for the city. Considering other postings in the development thread that’s over 730 great paying jobs in the last couple of months.
  4. A local firm is expanding with 40 new jobs average salary $95k. https://www.pilotonline.com/inside-business/vp-ib-vectrona-expansion-0822-20220817-ibxzbuslyvfgjabbh2737d2pjq-story.html
  5. Maybe they’re “afraid” of development across the street at Pembroke Place. To be sure there is room enough for both to exist, to expand and build. I just don’t get it.
  6. A bit off topic but did your dad work for Sovran Bank? I worked their retail credit branch way back. Good times.
  7. Time for that new tower. We’re still awaiting….
  8. If my memory is correct there were too many environmental impacts along the route and the city finally gave up.
  9. Took this a couple of weeks ago. I’ll Troy to get a photo of the residences soon.
  10. Gee, I opened this thread hoping for some-thing. Lol. Let’s play ball folks…
  11. Suburban blandness
  12. Years ago the owner of that parcel swore to never sell his property.
  13. That’s a great area for mixed use.
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