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  1. Looking at Google maps it looks pretty urban with some older retail that can be eventually redeveloped. Also, if you turn left onto 36th Street, while using maps, there appears construction is/was beginning just across the street from the upcoming apartments.
  2. I must admit it’s a great place for mixed use. There are plenty of people living nearby in condos and apartments that would patronize said shops.
  3. Another entertainment option is good for TC.
  4. This should be fun to watch “grow” up.
  5. CHKD and Towne Bank have teamed up to buy the old NS Tower. https://www.pilotonline.com/business/vp-bz-towne-bank-downtown-tower-20200624-7422uvj56bev7en5x2i6om5aei-story.html
  6. The Virginia Supreme Court sided with the city. I’m still bummed this didn’t work out... https://www.pilotonline.com/cities/virginia-beach/vp-nw-beach-arena-appeal-20200528-oibvertpvrgrdj4vviqxj7pwea-story.html
  7. urbanvb

    Norfolk Pictures

    My mom was very surprised to see the switchboard. Thanks for sharing that!
  8. I guess we could have seen this coming. The Pilot is going to close it’s VB facility and move it’s printing to Richmond. https://www.pilotonline.com/about/from-pilot/vp-nw-virginian-pilot-richmond-20200526-6lqguauxknhbrpxl47orc2zem4-story.html
  9. McCormick and Schmicks has closed in Town Center. https://www.pilotonline.com/food-drink/vp-db-mccormick-schmicks-closed-20200523-kj44umpcabfzrasyusq3ralhfq-story.html
  10. urbanvb

    Norfolk Pictures

    Ok, a bit off topic..I think I’ve mentioned this before .. My Mom was raised in Norfolk back in the day when everything was downtown and bustling. She took the bus to her job at a department store then later to her new job at the telephone company as an operator, now AT&T on Bute/Bousch. Everything was much different back then. Sometimes I wish I could peek into the past.
  11. A bit off subject but I recall an article a couple of years ago that Dominion Blvd will be a “bigger and better“ Greenbrier in years to come.
  12. Changes could be coming sooner than expected to this site. https://www.pilotonline.com/business/vp-bz-armada-hoffler-earnings-20200430-z4hdujnwirbu7nataj6hx4varq-story.html Armada Hoffler addressed concerns about its leases with Regal Cinemas and Bed Bath and Beyond, both the only tenants in the Columbus Village II in Virginia Beach that the company bought in late 2016 to eventually expand Town Center’s footprint. “The current crisis may well give us the opportunity to unlock the full potential of this site sooner than we had anticipated," Haddad said.
  13. That density is incredible!
  14. A massive green battery factory is going up at the former Owl’s Creek golf course. https://www.pilotonline.com/business/jobs/vp-nw-global-technical-systems-0402-20200402-o6a3j2x6gfbwhmhkdm2ty3cylq-story.html
  15. urbanvb

    Norfolk Pictures

    I may have mentioned before but the city of Norfolk Public Library has a fascinating video on lost architecture I found via a quick search. It’s such a shame so many significant buildings went way of the wrecking ball including Union Station, Monticello Hotel and many more.
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