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  1. Rooms to Go is coming to Virginia Beach and Newport News. Newport News is under construction and the Beach store opens next year. I bought a couch from them last year and so far quite pleased. Good competition for Haynes which will be just down the street. https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/article_cd255204-487f-11e8-81d2-7f79f28b7c73.html
  2. Block 2 Tower

    Here’s a link to the article which also has a nice rendering of the Hyatt.. Block 2 will be a great addition to the center. I really like how this building sits on the corner of the Boulevard and should add a lot of density and presence. https://pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_30652c2e-44c8-11e8-8f50-336033f33e1e.html
  3. Residence Inn at Town Center Progress

    Yeah it's a little meh but will be ok I think for that area. Looks a lot like the one on Brambleton.
  4. Hyatt Place at Pembroke Park Progress

    This will be a nice project in addition to town center. Hopefully the enhanced streetscape the city is installing will inspire more redevelopment of this area. With Wegmans coming and occupying a large footprint, large tracts of land are very few.
  5. Virginia Beach Development

    That's great news! Word is spreading about the high speed cables. I noticed today some activity on some land on Princess Anne just before the courthouse area. Is this the biomedical center going up?
  6. Town Center North

    Lego Land anyone?
  7. Premier Apartments Progress

    This is coming along nicely.
  8. Virginia Beach Development

    Personally, I don’t care for this at all. I find the original building to look more traditional and colonial. This rendering looks like a super stretched version.
  9. Norfolk International Airport

    I could imagine this being a popular route due to the military base located there.
  10. Norfolk Off-Topic

    I found this article to be interesting about the former bus station. https://pilotonline.com/news/local/history/article_75e79716-2ad1-11e8-80de-bfc7ebd1d471.html
  11. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    I seriously want to be hope something good comes out of this but Virginia Beach with all its studies have left me feeling jaded. Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce will be inspired. Pittsburgh is a great city though and hopefully something will be learned from this trip.
  12. Norfolk Off-Topic

    That's great. Don't ya love competition? (the Main).
  13. Premier Apartments Progress

    Took this really fast at the stop light.
  14. It’s no surprise but Farm Fresh has been sold. Most stores in VB will bedome Harris Teeters though a couple were sold to Food Lion. The rest will become Kroger. http://www.supervaluinvestors.com/mobile.view?c=93272&v=203&d=1&id=2338149
  15. New Bonney Road Development

    It sounds like they are indeed trying to build something urban in nature. I was really wondering what may go there because it’s not directly connected to TC. Hopefully over time there will be more connections over the creek .