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  1. A massive green battery factory is going up at the former Owl’s Creek golf course. https://www.pilotonline.com/business/jobs/vp-nw-global-technical-systems-0402-20200402-o6a3j2x6gfbwhmhkdm2ty3cylq-story.html
  2. urbanvb

    Norfolk Pictures

    I may have mentioned before but the city of Norfolk Public Library has a fascinating video on lost architecture I found via a quick search. It’s such a shame so many significant buildings went way of the wrecking ball including Union Station, Monticello Hotel and many more.
  3. urbanvb

    Norfolk Pictures

    Norfolk in 1965. Wow
  4. That's true. Now if we can get approval for the Hampton Inn to use city parking we might have some decent activity going on.
  5. And the Loopnet listing is gone now so this is pretty much finalized. Man, I was hoping for something taller. Nonetheless, ready for "something" to go up.
  6. I kinda like the modernist look. And a 14/15 story tower on this smallish lot definitely adds presence.
  7. What I find extremely amazing is that that a private corporation is spearheading this huge project with no subsidies from the city. And the city stands to gain a new “downtown “ or urban development and eventually lots of new revenue streams from taxes. It sets a new precedent for Chesapeake. Think VB’s TC effect.
  8. I saw this crane tonight and took this photo. Sorry for the halo effect.
  9. Former 1920’s school in Colonial Place is being redeveloped as apartments and townhomes. https://www.pilotonline.com/business/vp-bz-monument-school-apartments-20200225-vjioishgubf7phr3qyobuohyqq-story.html
  10. I walked in Pembroke Mail recently. A lot of "filler" type and empty storefronts. I'm hoping that management is working on something big that includes mixed use development.
  11. It's about time for some serious construction at TC.
  12. urbanvb

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Thankfully, some of the Pilot's staff will be transferred to the Beach's location.
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