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  1. Virginia Beach Development

    The old Kmart on Constitution is beginning to come done. If memory serves me correctly the new owner was interested in a mixed use development so hopefully this should be interesting.
  2. Beach Dome Site Proposals

    I agree. Studies to study whether a study is appropriate. Remember the 31st Street Hilton and what an “outrage” that city money was used in its construction? And now all of the northern end of the Oceanfront nearby is being redeveloped and new hotels going up. I believe it was Nashville who told our city council that they didn’t vote on light rail. They knew what would benefit the city and went ahead with funding. Our timid leaders need to step up and big time.
  3. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    I think I made the same comment last January. This time of the year seems to be a bit sluggish. Anyone else ready for spring already?
  4. Could a true merger work?

    I remember it so well. In those days I actually subscribed to the paper. I took it to work, took a brief look at the front page and about fainted - at first.
  5. Norfolk Outlet Mall

    I’m hoping more stores are indeed on the way. I was at Banana Republic a few weeks ago and they were quite busy with probably 10 people in front of me with 3 cashiers hard at work. I’m looking forward also for more development around including restaurants around the center. Right now it feels like an isolated center of shopping.
  6. Town Center North

    With all of the construction in and around town center, I'm trying to stay hopeful some of the redevelopment will really begin in earnest and some high quality at that. I think now we have a lot going on behind the scenes. A lot cookin.
  7. Town Center North

    Well, I'm not excited about a hotel going in however most anything is better than those 70s Pembroke buildings lol. Hopefully this will continue to spur more redevelopment. I would love to see all of those buildings being redeveloped. That area has huge potential.
  8. Norfolk International Airport

    Allegiant Air has come to Norfolk and offers a few weekly flights to FL. Doing a quick search I found flights from ORF to FLL (Ft. Lauderdale) for $49 each way. It's only a few flights per week but it's a step in the right direction. https://pilotonline.com/news/local/transportation/new-airline-coming-to-norfolk-international-airport-boasting-flights-to/article_789af365-2f96-591f-8d60-38432728d6a5.html https://www.allegiantair.com/
  9. Norfolk International Airport

    The airport continues it's upward trend of passenger count, up almost 10% for October. https://pilotonline.com/inside-business/news/maritime-and-transportation/passenger-traffic-up-at-norfolk-international-in-october/article_cc3c097d-df41-599b-81ce-ee5c434984a9.html?spMailingID=12409967&spUserID=NjM0NzcxNjQ5MzcS1&spJobID=1281985298&spReportId=MTI4MTk4NTI5OAS2#utm_source=pilotonline.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletters%2Finside-business%2Fwednesday%2F&utm_medium=email
  10. Beach Dome Site Proposals

    While I agree the ocean is just a few feet away I think this is a pretty cool opportunity. I think it would be pretty successful with residents and tourists alike. And after so many years of waiting just build something already...
  11. Town Center North

    The new chick fila and even the nearby Walmart to some extent have an industrial or vintage look that I really appreciate and I think it would be neat to have the new hotel to carry on that theme.
  12. IKEA to open in Norfolk!

    Construction started today on the IKEA. Looks like we’ll have to wait until spring of 2019 for the opening. https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/ikea-starts-construction-on-new-norfolk-store-opening-still-slated/article_67dfaf8a-1f37-5e45-aaf4-82df2353b250.html
  13. Virginia Beach Arena

    I watched the news at 4pm. Mid Atlantic sent a letter to the city stating if the city doesn’t honor its obligations then Mid Atlantic will protect its interest and will exercise all of its rights and remedies relating to the city’s breach of contract. The mayor says they are preserving their rights by sending the letter. The mayor is hoping they will come to the city with satisfaction the loan is closed.
  14. Premier Apartments Progress

    Me too. And when i think of City View i wanna cry. I love thes photos. Makes Virginia Beach look so urban and dense.