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  1. Here's some updates on projects going on this summer in our fair city: Deni'na Convention Center Atwood Parking Garage (with retail at ground level) Park Plaza II (located at the Chester Creek greenbelt entering downtown) 188 WNL in midtown (retail, parking, and office at a total of 14 floors) Anchorage Museum of History and Art Expansion JL Tower in midtown (14 floors) other developments worthy of notice (both in downtown): I really don't care much to see the JL Tower nearly topped out since it's in an isolated location tha
  2. Hi Urbanguy and others, I just thought I'd pop by and give you guys some news on a new parking garage that is breaking ground right now across from the convention center: http://www.davisconstructors.com/projects/AtwoodPG.htm
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