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  1. okinawatyphoon

    Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    Thanks for the pics Si7i!
  2. okinawatyphoon

    Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    For those with Instagram accounts, try searching #downtownnorfolk every once in a while. I've seen some pics of the construction on there. I would post them here if it were easier to do it.
  3. okinawatyphoon

    River Tower (Approved)

    This document is a year old, but has even more detailed renderings that fall in line with the ones posted above. Hopefully they haven't changed since then...
  4. okinawatyphoon

    Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    Thanks for the pics, Norva. Just a small note, but Hilton has added the hotel to their website. It includes renderings we've already seen, but also a night-time one.
  5. okinawatyphoon

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    That's great news. Swarovski stores are fantastic.
  6. okinawatyphoon

    Westin Aloft and residences

    The rendering of Town Center in 5 years looks a little....(forgive my bluntness)...silly. Sure, the core of buildings look nice, but look right outside the buildings -- all parking lots and suburban residential areas, and the whole thing looks extremely artificial. Every downtown has to start somewhere, and Town Center is heading in the right direction, but it will take decades to achieve Downtown Norfolk's CURRENT size, culture, opportunities, and character. Just my opinion.
  7. okinawatyphoon

    Norfolk International Airport

    What does "connect through" BWI mean? Do you have to deplane and reboard? If so, I don't see what the big deal is. They aren't non-stop flights.
  8. okinawatyphoon

    Norfolk Pictures

    Great shots Caveman, especially the first one. Lots of layers to the picture.
  9. okinawatyphoon

    Norfolk Pictures

    Great last shot there, Tel. The Residence Inn is really coming along.
  10. okinawatyphoon

    Norfolk Pictures

    ^^ Nice shot, URBbum. I love ground-level shots like that.
  11. okinawatyphoon

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    Awesome news. They should do great at MacArthur.
  12. okinawatyphoon

    Norfolk Pictures

  13. okinawatyphoon

    Waterside District

    Will Waterside meet the wrecking ball?
  14. okinawatyphoon

    ODU Development

    ODU is really making strides at becoming a first class university, it seems. If ODU becomes more acclaimed, Norfolk becomes more acclaimed.
  15. okinawatyphoon

    Hilton Norfolk at The Main