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  1. Swarovski Crystal is going to open in MacArthur in the old L'Occitane space on the second floor next to Cache and Starbucks. The sign is up now. I heard from an employee in the mall that the reason why L'Occitane closed is because Swarovski is willing to pay more money for the small space than L'Occitane and that L'Occitane was unable to renew their lease with Tubman. This is great but they just opened a store at Lynnhaven around 2 years ago. I'm suprised that they would even open a second location in Hampton Roads, especially another on the southside. I mean how many crystals do we need. I can't see this being a store that most of us are going or able to patronize on a regular basis. But this is good news that the mall is still able to attract some quality tenants.

    That's great news. Swarovski stores are fantastic.

  2. Hello all,

    I'm new to the forum. I grew up in Norfolk, but left after college. I visit a couple times a year and, whenever I'm in town I always try to take some pictures. Over the past several years, I've taken a few shots that you all might enjoy. Nothing really that you haven't seen many times before; just, perhaps, seen from a slightly different perspective. If you're interested, please follow this link to my Norfolk page (apologies for posting a link rather than the pictures themselves, but there are about 60

  3. They were going to build a hotel where Waterside is? Or are you referring to the Sheraton?

    Years ago (I think somewhere around 1999) there was a developer trying to build a hotel (Holiday Inn Express, I think) right next to (or in place of) Waterside, and from what I remember the public hated the idea.

  4. How about the exterior? Is he renovation that?

    This is the only clue from the article:

    He plans to renovate the interior of the 12-story tower and its 350 rooms and might remove the two side wings of the building to use the land for another purpose.
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