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  1. Another Tennessee city! New service to Memphis.
  2. I'm glad. We don't need another anchor like that. Are we kidding ourselves if we tempt the idea of Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus?
  3. The mall in general is in decline, but I hope MacArthur is doing well. I think the addition of Banana Republic and the expansion of the Coach store speak volumes.
  4. Thanks for this news! I was wondering when Southwest would add Nashville again.
  5. Southwest becomes dominant carrier at Norfolk International
  6. I don't see why they wouldn't take a second look at the design, but I doubt it.
  7. First contract awarded for Light Rail
  8. You won't find a bigger supporter of elevated rail than me, but it's just not realistic for our area. There's too much sprawl, and it's just too expensive. Ideally, we'd all have time transporters and not even need public or private transportation, but that too is unrealistic.
  9. Vdogg, I saw those a while ago but my thinking was that it was just a generic design for the hotel. Maybe there has been a major redesign (which would be nice) but I doubt it. I think that those were just focusing on the hotel and using some other random things for the background maybe. I could be completely wrong but I just have a feeling. Because if so, then he has 3 different renderings of the same project on the same page.
  10. Locals' pleas can't stop demolition of Norfolk building
  11. NO MORE PICTURES!? hahahaha just playing. get better soon man!
  12. I agree with Tel, I think we should have done monorail all along. Where I lived in Japan, they started out with only buses for transit and then went to a starter line monorail (13 km long) in 2003. It carries about 60,000 passengers per day and keeps growing. I think they chose monorail because it was too crowded for anything else, but still, it just looks so cool and it avoids traffic and pedestrian accidents. But *sigh*, reality must set in because of costs.
  13. Gross. A blown-up, suburban hotel.
  14. Developer gets new partner for hotel
  15. That is great, but I would have expected MacArthur Center to already have one. Oh well, late is better than never, for sure. I really like Banana Republic.
  16. From the Fort Norfolk Plaza website (Aug 19) "Fort Norfolk Plaza will be home of Midtowne Jazz Club and Restaurant. The ground floor of Fort Norfolk Plaza is a great location for Dr. Newby
  17. I'm very excited about this. I only wish it had street access.
  18. Wow, the second-to-last one shows a lot of density! I think Norfolk has come a loooong way recently.
  19. Wow, I've been waiting for shots like that! Thanks vaceltic!
  20. I found this on Flickr toinght, uploaded Aug 1 by divemasterking2000
  21. Thanks for the link. I really wish it would have had outside access as well. Oh well, I guess that leaves plenty of room for Bloomingdales!
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