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  1. I love the food court at Phipps Plaza. I like that it is on the top floor and the selection is small but decent, Moes, Johnny Rockets, Sbarro, and a few others. The big window gives it nice natural lighting.
  2. The upper scale people in Greenville (which there is a lot of) don't shop at Haywood much. They drive down here to go to Lenox and Phipps. Which speaking of, -a family owned Indian leather shop is planned to open at Lenox in April -The Shop Around Lenox are getting more tenants. Bill Hallman finally made his was up to Buckhead, as did Fab'rik, and a shop called Swank -rumors had been swirling Ed Hardy is expanding into a larger unit at Lenox, I highly doubt this though. It is definitely a thing of the past and not anything shopper of Lenox want but suburban shopping in TJ Maxx and JCPennys. Also, anyone know what is up with Barneys coop at Phipps? Are they waiting things out to see if they will move into a larger unit or what?
  3. AJC article on foreclosure of Allen Plaza :cry::cry:
  4. http://www.ajc.com/news/atlanta/marta-coul...the-133990.html hmmm....
  5. caribou9

    Mall of Georgia

    And Lenox Square got an Aeropostale (EW). But I was hoping that side of the MOG would get stores like French Connection, Ralph Polo, Club Monaco, etc. Not skillz and those stores that sell Hello Kitty products, eh.
  6. caribou9

    Mall of Georgia

    That is the exact reason I started this. I was walking by and saw "Skillz" and thought oh god that's the first sign of MOG becoming yet another gwinnett place. I found it weird they put it on that wing of the mall anyways since that is the "upscale" end with Nordstrom, Armani Ex, etc. But I doubt it could ever get bad as gwinnett place. I mean that huge amount of the malls main demographic has to have somewhere to shop.
  7. I hope one day Downtown or eh maybe Midtown gets all the flashing lights, marquees, huge advertisements, jumbotrons, etc. like times square has. Our urban outfitters our in the malls and shopping strips. I hope we can get Atlanta to get the street level retail and it not be just little overpriced boutiques and your occasional mall store but actual streets where you can go shop to shop to shop. Like for example, the Diesel in lenox square would look great on a corner in midtown rather than inside a stupid mall. Hopefully Downtown can become more connected with Midtown and Buckhead, so they city can become one as a whole. Downtown could have potential for more retail for tourists and residents. The peachtree center mall could be more than just a food court and a bunch of random shops. It could become more of a destination for something people would go to rather than a lunch spot for 5-9ers and hotel guests. Also, it would be nice for CNN to get a huge jumbo tron tv thing with all the times square jazz around the CNN center area outside. Sorry that is so random and may not make sense. I am new to all this.
  8. Do you think MARTA rail will ever make it to Gwinnett? What would have to be done for it to happen? I think they could expand the Doraville station up to Duluth around the sugarloaf/gwinnett arena area and then branch off into Lawrenceville, maybe around the Gwinnett medical center.
  9. caribou9

    Mall of Georgia

    The Gwinnett Braves stadium is open and is right by MOG. A BrandsMart is under construction between the stadium and mall. What do you think is going to happen with the Mall of Georgia area over the years? Will it eventually become like Gwinnett Place? or turn into a Perimeter? or just say a middle-class suburban mall?
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