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  1. Hey there...I used to live in Norfolk. Really miss Handsome Biscuit, and although I do not normally like the fact that much of Charlotte’s food scene is just imports from other cities, I would welcome a Handsome biscuit satellite location with arms wide open. As far as neighborhoods to visit, I’d say SouthEnd and Lower SouthEnd are musts along with NoDa and Plaza Midwood. Uptown has a nice skyline, but little else to offer as far as I’m concerned. Also, take some time to explore our outlying towns such as Concord, Gastonia, Belmont, Cramerton, Monroe, Waxhaw, and Kannapolis. Because C
  2. September 11, 2001 is a day I will never forget. In many ways I feel it was so impactful that it split my life into two separate time periods where everything before represents my “ancient” life, and everything since represents my modern life. On this day it is my sincerest prayer that God blesses (and helps) our Nation. I hope that He allows us to come together as a nation the same way we did in the days and weeks after-not living as a mere amalgamation of separate identity groups divided by our tribal proclivities -but as a people united under a common identity... Americans
  3. My “dream” conference would be the AAC-to keep the name, prestige, and presumably the money-with the following schools: Charlotte, ECU, App, Coastal, Liberty, Memphis, UAB, ODU, USF, FIU, FAU, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Marshall. Benefits for Charlotte: -Old CUSA rivalries reetablished- Charlotte, Memphis, ECU, along with UAB which I believe was a rival in Charlotte’s earlier CUSA days. -Battle for the Carolinas-ECU, Charlotte, Coastal, App -Atlanta vs. Charlotte-Charlotte and Georgia State -Additional Regional rivals <5 hrs away-Liberty, Georgia Southern
  4. Yes. It runs in-street on Howard St from just a few blocks north of Camden Yards until the area of MLK Jr Blvd just South of 83 and Penn Station. Baltimore Light Rail has a lot of problems, but I think one of its biggest issues is that the cars are old, dirty and klunky. Definitely not the Siemens S70s like we have here. Also, IIRC the few times I’ve ridden it, the frequencies were terrible. Edit: I think the frequencies were maybe terrible for the Pen Station Shuttle. But the fact that they didn’t connect the main trunk line to Penn Station is another problem.
  5. There are rumors swirling around that the AAC is in conversation with the AD at UNCC, but they are just rumors. However, once Cincy, UCF, Houston, etc go, the case for going to the AAC is significantly less appealing, especially as it relates to football, but also basketball I think. Once those teams move, the AAC just becomes a glorified CUSA in my opinion. Although having an in conference rivalry with Memphis and ECU again I think would be pretty cool.
  6. I think this project looks awesome. Sure it has a bit of a SouthEnd look, but it looks like the buildings are reasonably high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Coupled with the fact they are saving the 2 historic buildings and will have lots of ground level retail...grade A in my opinion. Wish more development/redevelopment of the early-mid 2010s looked like this. *Edit: needs some sort of pedestrian connection to Sunnyside (perhaps a bridge over the RR tracks) to make Gold Line accessibility super convenient.
  7. I’ve read a company that would fit well amongst the companies in uptown” but not “the stagecoach”...so a major fintech???
  8. See photo. The old hangar is actually where the museum was sometime ago. It’s basically across Runway 5-23 from where the previous museum was.
  9. Plus hopefully a Major League Rugby team and perhaps the Hounds being resurrected as a PLL team. It would be great for those as well.
  10. I believe it’s going to be located in the NE corner of the airfield near the original Hangar for the museum. They are renovating that building plus adding a 45000 sq ft building and 5k sq ft visitors center. https://www.carolinasaviation.org/prepare-for-takeoff/
  11. Would be nice if GM developed an automotive plant on the old Phillip Morris site.
  12. “Hey Ronnie, how happy are folks who save 15% or more by switching to Geico?” Ronnie: “Happier than Kermit reading The resignation letters of top management at CATS.”
  13. I didn’t realize this until yesterday, but Bobcat just recently reintroduced their compact tractor line in 2019 after having previously halted production. I also found out that they assemble those tractors at the Statesville plant, which before the reintroduction of the tractor line, was used to build auxiliary construction equipment such as light towers, compressors, and generators (note: they still build these items at the plant). The expansion is purportedly related to their grounds maintenance division, which includes the compact tractor line and will include up to 500k square feet o
  14. And home to a future WF Law School campus **I have no clue whether WFU plans to add a law school in Charlotte, but it wouldn’t surprise me** edit: ref to Desert Powers post above
  15. Yeah, I think they added the number of jobs announced and implied they were all corporate jobs. Lack of proofing I suspect. I’d like to see a big east coast plant for Tesla sitting right at the old Philip Morris site.
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