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  1. I hope that if/when we get a 3rd daily to LHR, that it is on British Airways and I hope it’s on a 777. I really would like to see some diversity of airlines and aircraft on international routes (Would also like to see Aer Lingus and Japan Airlines in CLT at some point soon as well). The A350 is a beaut, but I think the A340-600 is even more beautiful. It’s of course bigger and has four engines which is becoming increasingly rare these days in the realm of passenger aircraft especially in markets like Charlotte. I’m happy to see the return of a large quad jet in CLT. This may be off base, but I have a theory as to why they are making the switch: 1. Aligning seating arrangements with consumer demand. The A340-600 has considerably more premium seating and considerably less economy seating with less total seating than the A350. My guess is the type of traffic that sustains this route is premium traffic from BMW that has been purported for some time as well as the high number of German companies in the Charlotte region that tend to prefer Lufthansa (according to Ted Reed) as opposed to hundreds of economy passengers. 2. The need for additional cargo space. A few years ago it was reported in the observer that BMW sent a lot of transmissions (and presumably other parts) for their cars being built in Greer via the MUC-CLT flight as belly cargo. At some point later, dedicated freighter service between Munich and Greenville/Spartanburg was initiated which I suspect took a big chunk of the air cargo business away from Lufthansa. It appears, according to flightaware.com and the air freight company’s website that the dedicated freighter service between MUC and GSP no longer exists. This, in turn, may be creating significant demand for air cargo on the Lufthansa flight which cannot be accommodated by the smaller A350.
  2. I think that if/when we get a convention hotel it will almost certainly land at 401 S. College. I imagine there is a scenario where the city uses public subsidies to build the fourth and final “quadrant” of the convention center and that quadrant just happens to have a foundation and supporting structures that are designed to have a large hotel built over the top of it. The new convention center space would also just happen to be a shared meeting space with the hotel. The hotel developer essentially gets their foundation and lower levels built by the city at no cost to them. I bet the city also gives the hotel developer air rights at no cost or at highly reduced cost. I think that’s how the city can/will get around the local hotel association’s opposition to using taxpayer dollars to support an entity that will become their competition.
  3. Their operation in Germany looks pretty big to be for a relatively unknown regional with a small audience. Their capacity there is supposedly capable of 850k bbl/year. I think their longterm plan is to make a big splash in the US and Charlotte is their entry point/market. You can’t be in business for nearly 5 centuries and not know what you’re doing. I think this property is all theirs
  4. New insider info, or speculation based on the idea that Charlotte Pipe might sell their land to the Panthers and the Panthers might build a stadium there?
  5. Cool...Didn’t know that I had a fellow VCU alum in the Charlotte forum.
  6. Did you go to VCU or U of R? I agree with you about the Universities. I think if Charlotte had a VCU and a University of Richmond, given our other advantages, would really be punching above our weight in terms of knowledge economy jobs-even moreso than what we already have. As for culture/identity, VCU and U of R give Richmond something that is simply not replicated in Charlotte. Having two universities of their pedigree and caliber in Charlotte, from a culture/identity standpoint, would truly be game-changing. I agree 100%. I lived in Richmond for a few years prior to moving back to Charlotte area last year, and I think a hybrid Richmond-Charlotte would be perhaps the coolest city in the US. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could take Richmond’s identity, historical preservation culture, universities, political relevance/institutional culture (with the state government, federal courts, Federal Reserve bank, and military bases) merge it with Charlotte’s more cosmopolitan feel, its transit, airport, and its exponential growth, all while maintaining the business elements of both cities (I.e. Fortune 1000 companies, industry, etc )? Edit: BTW, thanks KJ for the photos. As much as I love Charlotte, I do miss my old home of RVA a lot. The pictures allow me to reminisce on the great memories I made in that town.
  7. I looked at a range mapper and assuming I operated it correctly, I believe all of these are in range along with all major Scandinavian cities with the exception of Helsinki. If that’s the case, my bets would be on Manchester, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Zurich, and Stockholm (due to the ties with Electrolux and Husqvarna). I also think with the A321XLR, a strong case could be made for year round flights to Madrid, Paris, and Barcelona...Dublin as well, but I hope that one is served by Aer Lingus metal year round in the not too distant future. I don’t think Geneva or Edinburgh is in the cards, and Lisbon seems like it might be a stretch, but who knows.
  8. ECHL and AHL are not equivalent in stature. Both are farm leagues but one is a lower tier in the system than the other. AHL is the hockey equivalent of AAA in baseball whereas ECHL is equivalent to AA. You routinely see guys going up and down between the AHL and the NHL; ECHL players usually have to play a stint in the AHL before they are promoted to the NHL. AHL is top quality hockey with serious NHL prospects whereas ECHL is less so. Side note: I think the fact that the Checkers won the cup was in no small part due to the contingent of 3 or 4 players who got sent back to Charlotte from the Hurricanes after their run to the Eastern Conference Finals in the NHL. So if you watched the Checkers later in their playoff run, you were watching not only NHL caliber players, but NHL caliber players who were, just a few weeks prior, on a Stanley Cup chase.
  9. Congratulations to the Checkers aka Baby Jerks!!!!
  10. “Beulah land, I’m longing for you And some day, on thee I’ll stand Where my home shall be eternal Beulah Land, Sweet Beulah Land.” Grew up in the Baptist church myself. Still go to a church that, while not Baptist has traditional tendencies born out of the more traditional Protestant denominations. So singing of Beulah Land on any given Sunday isn’t out of the question.
  11. cltbwimob


    If you haven’t seen the article in the Bizjournal about the future of Ballantyne, I encourage you to take the time to read it. Northwood is planning mega changes to the park including eliminating the golf course in order to build open up space for more retail and residential development. Park space will approximately double, including one that will feature a stream that I didn’t even know existed on the property. The whole project is inspired by a project in Austin in which Northwood has some holdings. Although some of the renderings still make it look a bit suburban in a Reston Town Center and Tyson’s sort of way-think suburban corporate space with nice urban features-this will be a major upgrade for Ballantyne. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/06/08/reimagining-ballantyne-what-northwood-has-planned.html?iana=hpmvp_clt_news_headline
  12. I actually like it based on the renderings. The one big question mark in my mind is what will the screening for the parking deck addition look like in reality. In the rendering it almost looks like the glass; however the rendering is a bit cartoonish and may look starkly different from what is built. Overall though, much better that what I was expecting based on Lancer’s and RDF’s comments.
  13. Oh don’t get me wrong-I’d be fine with the tech hub ending up in Mooresville. While I’d rather it be in Charlotte, I’m happy for new job announcements regardless of where they end up as long as they are in the Charlotte metro area (with of course the notable exception being the companies that get sucked into the South Carolina poaching machine and uproot from Charlotte only to land a few miles south of the state line). What I don’t want to see is this 2000 employee tech hub land in the DFW area. I wouldn’t be concerned about our prospects if this were just about any other area, but DFW is tough competition for Charlotte, and I hope our economic development professionals aren’t hanging their entire pitch to Lowes on the fact that our metro currently hosts the corporate HQ.
  14. So it seems as if the David in this story may have stood up to Goliath and won. Although I am an AA fan and I hate when CLT loses any air service, I am glad that it’s AA bowing out on this one rather than Volaris. AA has been engaged in what I consider to be a turf war in Charlotte and seems to be targeting carriers that I imagine it feels it will easily chase out of market such as Volaris by simply introducing a competing product on those routes. The same applies to their recent upstart Munich route and their increased frequencies to the same markets as those served by the future Spirit routes. I think they are trying to chase Lufthansa away and do not want Spirit to gain a toehold so they are just simply engaging in overtly anticompetitive business tactics. My guess is that if they would have been successful in chasing Volaris out they would have likely dropped the CLT-GDL route altogether and if they are successful in chasing Spirit out they will reduce flying to the markets served by Spirit back to frequencies in line with those prior to the Spirit announcement and I find this type of behavior to be monopolistic and annoying.
  15. While I’d like to be able to agree wholeheartedly with these sentiments, I am with KJ on this. The economic development community in and around Charlotte needs to go full force on this one. This will be huge if we land it and will go a long way toward diversifying our workforce and continuing our trajectory as a burgeoning tech hub. It will top a pretty successful streak of economic development expansion and relocation announcements, but we must not rest on our laurels simply because the HQ is 25 miles from downtown Charlotte. The state of Texas and Dallas are economic development juggernauts and will be stiff competition. The last time we had something purportedly so assured that it was ours to lose-Alliance Bernstein-we did lose it to Nashville. I don’t want the same thing to happen again, and I hope no one in a position of power or influence is taking this potential tech hub announcement for granted.
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