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  1. cltbwimob

    The Good News Report

    The only real problems with a super low unemployment rate that I can think of are producer prices and consumer prices. In a tight labor market, producer prices go up because the wage rate often goes up, which is what we're seeing -thankfully-happen for the first time in decades (when adjusting for inflation). Consumer prices can go up due to a rise in aggregate demand. As more people are employed and the weight rate rises, the aggregate figure of dollars able to be spent in the economy is higher. However both of these problems have a good side to them-more people are employed, the wage rate rises, and aggregate demand rises which boosts economic output. One thing you have to remember is that while the unofficial unemployment rate is at an all time low, labor force participation rate and employment to population ratio are still 2 1/2 to 3% below their levels in 2007-2008. This means that there are still a significant number of marginally attached workers in the workforce or people who have left the workforce all together. The real unemployment rate, sometimes called U6 by economists, takes into account discouraged workers and individuals who have left the workforce altogether. That unemployment rate for the US is between 7 % and 7 1/2%. Assuming the differential between real unemployment and the official unemployment statistic is the same for Charlotte as it is for the US, real unemployment is probably just a shade over 6% in the metro. Roughly speaking, that means that the official unemployment statistics would have to drop another percentage or two to get aggregate employment levels to where they were in early 2008 (as a percentage of population), and get real unemployment to the 4%-5% range.
  2. Glad to see Jim Puckett gone too, although I hate to see single party rule on any level of government. Too bad that commissioners like Bill James and Jim Puckett were the only hope for balance in the commission. Why can't there be more Edwin Peacock type Republicans running for local office?
  3. cltbwimob

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    I used to look at that building from my apartment in downtown RVA every day. As ugly as it is I have to agree with RDF it looks better than Novell Stonewall Station. I assume that picture is taken from Jefferson Park...Libby Hill park is another great place to look over the cityscape in Richmond.
  4. cltbwimob

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    To be honest, I'd take anything including residential to rehab this old mill.
  5. cltbwimob

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    WRT Queens Park initiative, I think the only way you will ever get the buy in from NS to move their rail yard would be to offer them a huge chunk of money probably somewhere North of $150mil for the 220 acres considering its proximity to Uptown. Considering environmental cleanup on this site will likely also cost a crap ton, my guess is that the city will not be able to get the site plus cleanup costs for less than $175mil and would probably looking at a price tag of $200mil or greater. I think the only way to get the city to purchase the site is if they have the ability to recoup, most if not all, the costs of such a transaction. That certainly won't happen if it is converted into civic space. I think a path forward that may make sense would be to offer to purchase the rail yard from NS and to offer them a lease on some additional land adjacent to the intermodal yard between the runways at the airport so they can rebuild the yard there. Then the city would need to clean up the land, implement infrastructure such as new streets on the land and sell off the excess 200+ acres left over for just North of $1mil per acre (average) to developers and get the land back on the tax rolls. That's really the only scenario under which I can see the rail yard being moved. Certainly, in no circumstances do I see a 220 acre park coming to the rail yard.
  6. cltbwimob

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    IMHO this tower looks quite nice. Plus it is a luxury branded hotel, so that is a huge win for us considering most hotels announced in Charlotte are of the ubiquitous interstate exit variety.
  7. cltbwimob

    Carolina Panthers

    Maybe winning this game in the way we will be a watershed moment in the Panthers 2018 season. We looked absolutely terrible for three quarters then out of nowhere comes the reincarnation of the 2015 Panthers to play the 4th quarter...truly unbelievable. Defense got timely stops today which is What I expect given the level of raw talent on that side of the ball. However, Cam Newton deserves about 99% of the credit for this win. I still have my doubts about his passing game sometimes, but his ability to pick up the team, put them on his shoulders and carry them to the W is crazy. The guy is obviously as tough as nails physically, but he now has the mental toughness and maturity to match. I remember thinking earlier in the game when things were going sideways for the Panthers how nice it would be to have a Carson Wentz on our sideline, but by the end of the game I was reminded why Number 1 is our guy. This was a Superman worthy performance by him.
  8. cltbwimob

    Carolina Panthers

    I'd put this L on DJ Moore. Cam had a pretty good game except for that one int (which really ended up being the functional equivalent of a punt anyway). I am pretty disappointed in what I see from Norv Turner thus far. Aside from upping Cam's completion percentage, I am not seeing a huge difference in the offense and most of that can be attributed to short pitch and catch type tosses. In exchange for greater completion percentage it seems as if Norv has thrown the deep ball out of the playbook despite Carolina having some lightning quick receivers. On net Norv has done virtually nothing to stretch defenses, which is what we were all promised with the newfound speed in the receiving corps. And my 30% of the way through the season impression of our defense is that it's as porous as it's been in a long time which is surprising given the names on the roster. edit: remember that time that Carolina passed up on Calvin Ridley to get DJ Moore? Sounds like another Charlotte based professional team I know.
  9. cltbwimob

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Continuing off topic here but if you want the best fried chicken money can buy, you all should make the trek to Hathaway's in Monroe. Best... fried... chicken... breasts...ever!!! Also they have killer biscuits, delicious tater wedges, and awesome coleslaw. If anyone does decide to make the trek, do not get anything other than the four menu items listed above. If you go down there, veer off course, and decide to get something like chicken tenders you will be wasting your time. Consider yourselves forewarned.
  10. cltbwimob

    Carolina Panthers Panther sign Eric Reed. Marty Hurney finally decides to do something about our less than stellar group of safeties.
  11. cltbwimob

    Polk State building at 500 West Trade

    This line of thinking is not too far removed from the line that might argue for the virtues and merit in plutocracy.
  12. cltbwimob

    Polk State building at 500 West Trade

    Funny that everyone keeps mentioning lack of profitability/financial feasibility in renovating Polk. I think we are on NWR's third proposal for the all tear downs and rebuilds...If it is true that this project has stalled again, it looks as if NWR is having just as tough a time finding a way to make any of the raze and replace proposals financially feasible as he did finding a financially feasible way of renovating the building-perhaps even tougher. I just can't believe for the life of me that it can't be saved profitably despite the nominal bit of hand-wringing that David Ravin did in the Charlotte Observer article when he said he couldn't make the numbers work. All over the country there are derelict buildings like this one that get saved and turned into profitable enterprise-in places where the land costs are significantly higher than downtown Charlotte. At the very least NWR could save the facades along Graham and Trade streets. That is well within the realm of financial possibilities. Rest assured if/when the Polk building is demolished, we as a community will be collectively made poorer. We may not feel it in our wallets but we will be poorer as we give a little more of our soul away, as we continue to tear down buildings that have some semblance of historical importance, and a great deal of [potential] architectural appeal. We will give people yet another reason to say that Charlotte tears down its history, that our city is boring, that it's bland, that it lacks character, that it's sold out to developers. Architecture like painting and sculpture is art-art whose exhibit space is the common spaces we all share and art we encounter everyday. Like all art, there is good and there is bad. There are museum worthy pieces and there are pieces that you find in the home decor section of Target. Replacing a 1-of-1 Albert Kahn with the 14-story monolith that NWR has proposed is something like removing a piece in the Met and replacing it with a $39.99 piece from Target.
  13. cltbwimob

    Polk State building at 500 West Trade

    This!!! I'd rather look at Polk until my dying day in its current state than to have to look at what will replace it which looks almost like a carbon copy of Stonewall Station minus the abundance of retail square footage. To me NWR replacement design has only slightly more appeal than a Soviet housing project.
  14. cltbwimob

    Polk State building at 500 West Trade

    If this is true then praise God. Now is time to work on getting the building landmark status and saving it or at least saving the facades.
  15. cltbwimob

    The Good News Report

    To follow up on this discussion, the bizjournal had a neat little slideshow detailing the GMP rankings as well as their 5 year growth. Metro Charlotte is by far the biggest economic engine in the Carolinas. Charlotte MSA's economy is larger than the economies of Raleigh, Durham/Chapel Hill, and Greensboro/High Point MSAs combined.