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  1. XFL would be nice, but I think it’s probably a smaller stadium than they’d like to have, especially if the league catches on. Maybe the plans still call for the ability to be expanded if necessary. I hope Major League Rugby finds its way to Memorial stadium. Would be really great to have MLR, MLL, and USL (maybe the XFL one day too) all playing at the stadium.
  2. I hope you are correct. I know there is some modest level of institutional protection for these given that they are historic landmarks in a historic district. These two buildings may be the most beautiful examples of early 20th century architecture in the city. Tearing them down would be a crime.
  3. Yes, at least as of last summer that was the plan. The plans as I understand them, call for demolition of the machine storage building at the corner of 36th and the current ACWR tracks in order to make way for a new building along 36th, but the mill itself will be salvaged. Currently there is a COA delay in place for demolition of the machine storage building. Sounds like this info corroborates Tyree Ricardo’s info. For more info, here are the minutes of the Historic Landmarks Commission’s August 2019 meeting: http://landmarkscommission.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/HLC-Minutes-2019_August-DRAFT.pdf I have seen a crude site plan somewhere but I can’t seem to find it. If I come across it I will share.
  4. Announcement was pax numbers-50.2mil in 2019. Much ado about nothing.
  5. Huh??? On what data do you base this assertion? The 2016 AADT volumes published by NCDOT for almost all points of the John Belk are 90K-100K. That’s in line with 485 and Johnston Rd-also a 3 lane section of interstate. And it’s significantly higher than the traffic counts on all points of 485 north of 85 which varies between 3 and 4 lanes per direction. https://xfer.services.ncdot.gov/imgdot/DOTTSUMaps/AADT_URBANS/CHARLOTTE_URBAN/2016/Charlotte.pdf
  6. He apparently doesn’t want to build a whole lot of goodwill with the community. Less than transparent negotiations with the city regarding MLS, potentially asking for millions of dollars to renovate a stadium that he intends to abandon in the next decade for a new multi-billion dollar stadium for which he will ask for hundreds of millions-if not over a billion- from taxpayers. Says he wants to build a winning organization yet presides over a mass exodus of star Panthers including Keuchly, Thomas Davis, Olsen, Rivera, and probably Cam Newton. He hires unproven college coaches when there were multiple high profile NFL OCs and other coaches available. I really don’t know why people seem to like him so much. I think we are about to go through some years with the Panthers that will, in some ways, be eerily reminiscent of the Hornets in the late 90s and early 00s under Shinn and Wooldridge. I don’t think he’ll ever move the team out of the area but I think he will ultimately burn a ton of bridges here and he will create the type of apathy around the Panthers that plagues the Hornets to this day even though Shinn and Wooldridge are long gone.
  7. Yep, in the nonexistent chance that BofA gets a Super Bowl and the Panthers happen to be playing in that Super Bowl, I prefer that to an NFC Championship game at BofA. In all other scenarios I prefer a BofA-hosted NFC Championship game.
  8. Aside from Aloft, do you have any idea as to what brands will be represented. Not asking which brands will correspond with any particular project, but just want to know any new to market brands that may be coming down the pike if you’re able to share.
  9. I’ll take a Charlotte-hosted NFC Championship game over a Charlotte- hosted Super Bowl [almost] any day.
  10. Repost from the center city retail topic-Ole Mason Jar moving from Uptown to Southend. Southend is really becoming a complete urban neighborhood. https://us5.campaign-archive.com/?u=2a350f7bd308623b3ef50eafc&id=de9bc73baf
  11. Bad for Uptown retail but good for Southend retail-Ole Mason Jar is moving their store to Southend at 1930 Camden. https://us5.campaign-archive.com/?u=2a350f7bd308623b3ef50eafc&id=de9bc73baf
  12. My question is what is happening with the “adaptive reuse” block on Morehead? I seem to recall around 2015 the entire block was purchased by some Canadian entity (if memory serves) and they were going to lease all the buildings as restaurant/bar space until conditions warranted a tear down and rebuild of something larger. Now it looks like some of the properties are for lease with Whiteside industrial and some are for sale, with virtually nothing having occurred since the 2015 purchase. I do hope it ends up being adaptive reuse rather than a tear down. While not necessarily very pretty or historic, these buildings kind of have some of that gritty urban charm that seems to have been lost in the often sterile developments that have popped up around Southend. I’ve thought for a long time these buildings would make a great little restaurant and bar row especially considering the Panthers /MLS are next door and all the residential and commercial development in the area.
  13. What an awful cap to an awful year. I’ve got coasters in my house with the numbers 58 and 59 on them for TD and Luke who were my two favorite players. Within the span of a year, they’re both gone. Oh yeah and a 5-11 season to boot.
  14. Congratulations, you used a non political thread to make a political statement, made light of a sexual assault/molestation incident and also managed to offend those who subscribe to Christianity. What a disgusting comment-has to be one of the worst I’ve ever seen to grace urban planet. Please keep this kind of crap to yourself.
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