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  1. Does Inlivian plan on using any federal tax incentives to help fund their project?
  2. Perfect... So there is a viable path to saving this building by selling it to a hotel developer, several of whom are interested. And there is developable county owned land just 2 blocks North, which Inlivian could probably get for free or minimum charge. So they could sell the building and the land that it’s on and build some additional capital for their affordable housing project, but rather than do that they are going to forego the money they could get from a sale of Hall House, use some of their funds (which include taxpayer money) to raze Hall House, and completely ignore the presumably much cheaper option of the Hal Marshall site (which is county owned and wouldn’t require a complicated demolition). Sounds like a healthy dose of obstinance, hubris, and institutional narcissism mixed with a bit of bad stewardship of taxpayer funds. Edit: BTW, once Silver Line arrives, the Hal Marshall site will actually have better transit access than the Hall House site (given that both sites are roughly equidistant from the Blue Line but Hal Marshall is closer to the Silver Line route), and I thought one of the reasons the Hall House was considered to be the perfect site for this housing development was due to its convenient access to transit.
  3. Keep the pressure up...this building must not be destroyed.
  4. I hope this is successful and I hope after the Hall House is saved it morphs into a grassroots effort to save historic buildings all over our area. History matters, and so much of our historical building stock-the stock which hasn’t been torn down yet-is in danger by virtue of the fact that it was built in Charlotte. Although sparse compared to other cities, Charlotte has some superbly beautiful old architecture and it should be defended from ill-conceived efforts to destroy it.
  5. @SaveHallHouse is live on twitter and there will be a website soon. Give it a follow.
  6. Sorry Kermit...J-man is correct. A) Technical point: His argument is not a straw man. B) You base your entire argument on an extremely small data set (I.e. you and you alone). And you are living in fantasy land if you believe that most -or even a sizable minority- of people in Charlotte have either a living arrangement or the economic means (or both) to do what you suggest in your post. FWIW#1: My truck is paid off and has been for years. Ergo my ownership cost I estimate to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $5500/year (gas, insurance, about $2000/year in repairs-she’s old, etc). For the $30/day hypothetical rental, I can have a subcompact car as opposed to the versatility of a four door full size pickup for 180 days/year and still need transportation for the other 185 days (I live and work no where near public transit and a Lyft/Uber would probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $20/per direction). Oh by the way, I would still have to pay for gas and my own insurance unless I wanted to pay for it through the rental agency which costs an arm and a leg. Now I know my situation represents a single data point, but you based your argument on your personal situation. FWIW#2: Even if people were to give up personal cars in favor of rentals guess what they’d need...a place to park it.
  7. Not sure I follow. Other than a vague reference to the Inlivian proposal, which we already knew about, there wasn’t much talk about the Hall House in the article. Did I miss something?
  8. Can we get some representation of classic American muscle cars here? I mean all these euro vehicles are nice, but nothing beats the classic American muscle car sporting a screaming V8. 70 Chevelle SS 454 LS6...yes please 1967 GTO...one of my favorites. 1970 Dodge Charger with a blower sticking out of the hood...also one of my favorites An Eleanor...perhaps the greatest looking car ever built.
  9. True-we don’t have an organized push. About 20-25 years ago, there was a conversation about MLB here, but we were told and continue to be told by those who know better (sarcasm) that we as a city are just unable to support a team so a lot of the momentum we had in the late nineties and early 00’s that may have budded into an organized effort has retreated to the underground. Nashville, on the other hand sees itself as a town that is 100% capable of supporting MLB (in addition to NFL, NHL, MLS). So Nashville in this case is the pawn that sees itself as a king whereas we are probably a rook, but we see ourselves as pawns. And as Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can or think you can’t-you’re right”. One thing that is worth noting is that while Nashville does have organization, including some well known names like Tony La Russa, they have no one that is as gigantic as David Tepper to bank roll them. And the mayor, unless he has changed his tune, told them that they are on their own when it comes to a stadium. So the reality is right now, unless I am mistaken, that they have some level of organization but really no viable funding plan. Side note-if Tepoer wants a new stadium partly paid for by the taxpayers, then the city should demand he organize an effort to bring MLB here in the same way he did MLS.
  10. Nashville MSA population: 1.934 mil Charlotte MSA population: 2.636 mil Advantage Charlotte Nashville MSA Growth: 17.5% since 2010 Charlotte MSA Growth: 17.51% since 2010 Advantage Charlotte ( Growth rates are similar, but numerically Charlotte is growing faster than Nashville. So not only is Charlotte bigger than Nashville; it’s growing larger at a faster clip, adding about 10k more residents per year than Nashville) Nashville MSA GDP: $132 bil Charlotte MSA GDP: $169 bil Advantage Charlotte Nashville F1000 Companies: 10 Charlotte F1000 Companies: 16 Advantage Charlotte (Side note, many of ours are systemically important companies such as BofA, Truist, Duke, Honeywell, and Nucor) Nashville DMA: 983k households Charlotte DMA: 1.125 mil households Advantage Charlotte
  11. My question is what-if any-effect does Larken’s opposition to the Inlivian project have? I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the CHA/Inlivian is answerable to the city council (even though it’s a nonprofit), so if that’s the case I could see him being quite the ally for those of us opposed to the demolition of Hall House. But if Inlivian operates completely outside the purview of city government, does Larken’s voice have any sway?
  12. I wonder if they plan on purchasing the large building on the north side of the CSX tracks. That building looks to be about 75k square feet based on a crude Google Maps estimate, but it looks as if there is sufficient room for expansion to 100k square feet. Also that building would allow them to build a rail siding and bring in grains and such via hopper car. 500,000 bbl/year is a lot of beer and I suspect the being able to use bulk rail freight as opposed to truck would be beneficial both from a logistical perspective and a cost perspective.
  13. https://www.preservemeck.org/board-of-directors The Preserve Mecklenburg board. They probably are not going to purchase the Hall House and renovate it, but they might be good advocates.
  14. I guess my question should have been how do we approach these individuals? With the exception of Susan Harden, I do not know who these individuals are, and I don’t know what bearing they have on the project. With respect to due diligence, Sounds like an Agenda article with some pretty renderings might be a good start. Did anyone else notice that the Inlivian proposal seemed to be thrown into the mix at the last minute? They didn’t even release the specifics of the plan (I.e. the intent to demolish Hall House) until their presentation last week. And from what I read it seemed as if they were anticipating community opposition. So it seems to me as if the whole thing was timed as it was so as to minimize the amount of time the opposition was given to organize.
  15. There are a few people on the scene that seem aligned with #SaveHallHouse who I’d imagine still wield some influence in the city even though they are no longer elected officials. Matthew Ridenhour, Judge Bob Orr, and David Erdman all seem to be on board based on their tweets. Also, what specifically should we email the individuals listed above?
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