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  1. cltbwimob

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I say this would be a good place for a stadium built for the 2027 or 2031 PanAm games that would be converted to a 35k-39k seat MLB stadium for the Major League expansion team that Charlotte will [hopefully] get awarded. Build the Pan Am village on site and convert the housing for the athletes into mixed income dwellings with some TBD number of affordable units. Add in some apartment wrapped parking decks and an entertainment zone like the Battery at Sun Trust Park in Atlanta. As for the Panthers, keep them right where they are. If the Panthers need extra revenue they should look at continued renovations to BoA (such as sideline suites) and building an entertainment/shopping district on the excess land around the stadium (like the shopping district outside Gillette stadium). Bank of America stadium is, IMHO, the football equivalent of Camden Yards; just like Camden Yards is the ballpark that changed baseball, BoA is the football stadium that changed football. It was one of the first in the modern era to be constructed specifically for football just like Camden was one of the first modern era "classic" ballparks (i.e. both stepped out of the previously popular multipurpose design), and it was one of the first designed around the fan experience. Many of the football stadiums that have been constructed since have used BofA as a sort of blueprint much in the same way many of the baseball stadiums since Camden Yards was constructed have used Camden for the same purpose. Bank of America stadium is to football what Camden Yards is to baseball. Analogous to the history of baseball that Camden represents, BofA is the same for football, and it would be a crime against either sport to abandon either stadium.
  2. cltbwimob

    Savona Mill, Lakewood Trolley, Greenway

    Plus you could branch the Gold line cars off to Freedom Drive via a ROW parallel to Stewart Creek then take the line along Freedom drive to I-85. Use the center lanes on Freedom drive to give the Gold Line cars a dedicated ROW, and open up the Freedom Drive corridor to redevelopment...something for which it is no doubt ripe. Lakewood Trolley would use heritage trolleys such as Car 85 along with the cars currently being used on the Gold line and terminate at Gateway. The Freedom drive Gold line branch would use the Siemens streetcars and continue on Trade Street in the ROW currently being constructed then branch off towards CMC at some TBD street. See attached image:
  3. Regardless of anyone's opinion of Trump I think if Charlotte gets the RNC for 2020 it will be yuge. How many cities can say they've hosted two major political conventions within three presidential election cycles? Plus it shows that the city is welcoming without respect to political affiliation. I think that this too may be a watershed moment for the city's relationship with the state. Obviously the republicans in the NCGA want this to happen but it seems as if the biggest cheerleaders for this convention are some in the democratic leadership of the city. Perhaps what is really happening is that the city is extending an olive branch to the NCGA in hopes that if the two can work together to land a political convention-even though their political viewpoints are at odds-then perhaps going forward they can work together in a more constructive way on more substantive matters. I applaud Mayor Lyles and the city for spearheading this.
  4. cltbwimob

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    It's baffling to me that as big as Charlotte is, we do not have a single full service Hyatt flag hotel. With respect to Marriott, assuming the JW comes to pass we basically will have their entire portfolio of properties. Don't think a Park Hyatt will ever come to Charlotte, but a Grand Hyatt sure would be nice.
  5. cltbwimob

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    This seems like a cryptic message. I thought the pressumed brand that was going here was not really presumed at all (I.e. It was simply awaiting an official announcement). Do you have some info to pass along?
  6. cltbwimob

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    Wholeheartedly agree. Sidenote: If memory serves, the facade on Aon is from NC.
  7. cltbwimob


    John Lewis mentioned the possibility of extending the blue line to Ballantyne to a local news outlet a few months ago, but I can't remember exactly which one. I think such an extension makes too much sense, especially considering the nightmare that is the stretch of 485 between Ballantyne and Pineville plus the explosive growth both in Ballantyne area and in upper SC areas such as Ft Mill and Indian Land. I am glad that the new Ballantyne group is looking at more constructive advocacy efforts to advance their cause as opposed to threatening to deannex themselves and form a new town. In my opinion if the previous deannexation effort would have been successful it could have been a real body blow to Charlotte. And considering the entire region rises and falls with Charlotte, it would have been destructive not only to Charlotte but to the entire region, including their new [hypothetical] town.
  8. cltbwimob


    I don't know that Pineville would have a choice if hypothetically the ROW went through property whose owners were willing to sell or if the ROW was along state roads, neither of which the town of Pineville would control. I am not sure but I imagine Pineville didn't actually stop the Blue line from going into town per se as much as they just made a stink about it and CATS voluntarily dropped the idea. IIRC their fundamental objection to the line occurred because the proposed ROW was to take the line right into the middle of downtown Pineville and they thought it would alter the character of the town for the worse. An extension of the Blue line to Ballantyne probably would not go through what is considered downtown Pineville, and even if it did I don't know the same objections from 11-12 years ago would still exist.
  9. cltbwimob

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    I think the worry about balance is not so much about whether there will be a new tallest, but the placement of tall towers in general. Of Charlotte's soon to be 7 towers that crest 500 feet, 3 are clustered around DEC at one end of the skyline and BofA and Hearst are at the other end. It gives an appearance of lack of density when towers between the two "bookends" are, in some cases, only about half as tall as BofA, DEC, Hearst and Legacy. I personally would rather have a new tallest-or any new tower over 600 ft-right between DEC and BofA rather than right beside either one of them but obviously Duke owns the land they own and building on land they already own makes sense. More concerning to me is the design of the new tallest. Regardless of where it goes, I hope that its a signature piece of architecture and not just a 900-950 ft box.
  10. cltbwimob

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    I would have banned you for suggesting that, but alas I haven't been afforded such power by the powers that be. Dont mess with Charlotte's crucial infra.
  11. cltbwimob

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    No but only because Uptown Charlotte is not an island. If it were an island say like Guam, then capsizing would definitely be a concern.
  12. Along those lines is there any more info on what hotel brand might be going here or if there is a hotel associated with the project? I believe there was talk of an Indigo here at some point. Is that the flag by chance?
  13. cltbwimob

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Amazon is looking at building a 2 mil (4x as large as their current facility on Old Dowd Rd for reference) sq ft center on what sounds like airport property based on the description in the article below. I wonder if this will means a significant uptick in Prime Air flights to Charlotte or perhaps even a second Prime Air hub. Also wonder if this will create significant demand for other air cargo services from FedEx or UPS. Fun fact: Not including feeder flights, FedEx operates more flights to/from CLT from more cities than it does from its air "hub" in Greensboro.
  14. cltbwimob

    Charlotte economy...

    In Amazon's RFP it specifically mentioned transit as a priority, although I will agree that their short list suggests that it wasn't their top priority. It also mentioned air service. Raleigh has fairly extensive air service but nowhere near that of greater D.C. The quality of Raleigh's universities is roughly on par with DC's but I doubt the number of graduates pumped out of the Triangle is anywhere close to the number pumped out of the national capital region. Also, DC is the nations capital and sandwiched between two state capitals, so metro D.C. is the political epicenter of the nation and the free world. And with all the things Amazon finds itself in the news cycle for, I am certain proximity to political centers is a consideration. Not really sure what Alliance Bernstein has to do with anything.
  15. cltbwimob

    Charlotte economy...

    Plus it meets every wicket on the list. With arguably the most extensive metro system outside NYC and a fairly extensive commuter rail network they have transit covered. With Georgetown, GWU, UMD, GMU, and Johns Hopkins in nearby Baltimore as well as a host of secondary universities and colleges they have the requisite university system. They have three major international airports nearby (FWIW, BWI is one of the largest Prime Air operations outside Cincy, if not the largest). Montgomery County, NOVA and D.C. all made the top 20 list-it was the only metro area to have three different areas chosen in the top 20.