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  1. Maybe they’ll purchase Truist, keep the HQ here, and dispense with the hideous signs that mar Hearst Tower and also their ridiculous name that sounds more like a health insurance agency than a large financial institution.
  2. Hmmm…do you know if there are a couple of big pharma manufacturers waiting in the wings or is it just generalized interest?
  3. You mean something specifically about the Vinfast announcement that is good for the region or something else unrelated?
  4. You think they will come back to the table a few years post merger and ask for incentives for an hq they already have established?
  5. I hope so…that sign is a crime against architecture. I think looks worse than what would have resulted if we’d just let a graffiti artist go up top and paint the word Truist on the side of the building. Every time I drive to downtown it just about makes my stomach turn. It has defaced an otherwise picturesque skyline.
  6. Aww man, I was hoping that there was still another big announcement waiting in the wings. Oh well, it’s still great that we actually got a big name manufacturer in a strategically important advanced industry. In the past year, I’ve seen so many major manufacturers go to the Triad and Triangle…I was getting pretty sick of seeing little more than spec warehouses and distribution centers for our industrial market while they notched major manufacturer after major manufacturer in advanced industries. Glad this wasn’t just another distribution center.
  7. I wonder if this was the big announcement @theronhobbsreferenced a few weeks back. It’s not 6x the size of the Kroger distribution center though as he had suggested, so perhaps there is another game changer industrial manufacturer waiting in the wings Agreed. The Triad and the Triangle have been assembling large-scale industrial sites for a while now and they are starting to bear enormous fruit in strategically important manufacturing sectors. It’s long past time for the Charlotte Region to dive into the industrial mega project game. These industrial companies tend to pay solid middle-class wages and they lead to a significant amount of spinoff business- two important considerations for economic mobility of the region’s citizens. Not everything has to be a white-collar F500 hq job.
  8. Don’t forget there is another distro center of approximately 1000 jobs under the code name “Project Bishop”. I suspect that might be Amazon. Separately, does anyone know what happened to “Project Popcorn” ? It went silent. Last I read they had shifted away from looking to build to suit and instead are now looking for existing space which Rowan EDC said they don’t have a building of the size the company would be looking for. @theronhobbs perhaps you have some insight into this since you seem to have an ear to the ground when it comes to industrial projects?
  9. Considering it’s ranked #28 in best National Universities in the 2022 USNWR-tied with Chapel Hill-and it has a Top 50 Law School and Top 50 Med School, I’d say you’re underselling it quite a bit.
  10. Can you give a hint as to what industry? Aerospace, Automotive, heavy Machinery, food production, pharma?
  11. Not sure what you mean by non-traditional. If you mean not full time, then yes, but Wake shut down their full time program years ago so neither Charlotte nor Winston Salem have a full time MBA program. But I don’t think that just because it’s a part time program that it is non-traditional per se (note neither location offers an EMBA either)
  12. Wake does have an MBA program with campuses in W-S and Charlotte. Charlotte is the outpost though, all the other B-school offerings for Wake outside the MBA are based in W-S
  13. Can you post a link. I can’t seem to find any record of a sale or permit or anything on that building
  14. Hey there...I used to live in Norfolk. Really miss Handsome Biscuit, and although I do not normally like the fact that much of Charlotte’s food scene is just imports from other cities, I would welcome a Handsome biscuit satellite location with arms wide open. As far as neighborhoods to visit, I’d say SouthEnd and Lower SouthEnd are musts along with NoDa and Plaza Midwood. Uptown has a nice skyline, but little else to offer as far as I’m concerned. Also, take some time to explore our outlying towns such as Concord, Gastonia, Belmont, Cramerton, Monroe, Waxhaw, and Kannapolis. Because Charlotte for most of its history was a relatively small city, it did not dominate the entire region in the way other cities dominated their region. This helped the outlying towns to form their own identities separate from Charlotte. In fact I think our outlying towns are one of the most special parts of our metro area. edit: Don’t forget Mount Holly, Albemarle, and Salisbury on our list of special outlying towns
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