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  1. I didn’t realize this until yesterday, but Bobcat just recently reintroduced their compact tractor line in 2019 after having previously halted production. I also found out that they assemble those tractors at the Statesville plant, which before the reintroduction of the tractor line, was used to build auxiliary construction equipment such as light towers, compressors, and generators (note: they still build these items at the plant). The expansion is purportedly related to their grounds maintenance division, which includes the compact tractor line and will include up to 500k square feet o
  2. And home to a future WF Law School campus **I have no clue whether WFU plans to add a law school in Charlotte, but it wouldn’t surprise me** edit: ref to Desert Powers post above
  3. Yeah, I think they added the number of jobs announced and implied they were all corporate jobs. Lack of proofing I suspect. I’d like to see a big east coast plant for Tesla sitting right at the old Philip Morris site.
  4. Man I hope she becomes a regularly scheduled visitor. She is a beaut. Do you know why Qatar has been flying here lately? Are they considering doing regularly scheduled runs? BTW: QTR8198 is inbound from London Stansted
  5. ^^^Could be, but last time they were here they were using the cargo ramp if I am not mistaken. Also I believe their cargo flights are all numbered QR8xxx and all the flights here have been QR8xxx
  6. Do you know what QR has been doing here for the past couple of weeks? Are they doing testing or something?
  7. Qatar Airways 777s have been flying into Charlotte again. The flights from a few weeks ago were Ostend (Belgium)-Charlotte-Doha runs, and I thought they may just be pre-Valentines Day flower runs or something else as a just a special ad hoc charter. Well it appears they are back this week, with two London (Stanstead)-Charlotte-Luxembourg runs already, and maybe more to come if the rumor mill on A.net is to be believed. This makes me wonder if QR is doing test runs here before starting scheduled cargo services. I read somewhere that they did test flights to Ostend prior to startin
  8. So are they doing a full tear down or are they saving parts of the facade as it shows in the renderings?
  9. Looks like another one enroute today. Landing in less than an hour from Ostend-Bruges Int’l Belgium
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/second-phase-of-centene-campus-expansion-which-called-for-third-clayton-office-tower-on-hold/article_ec9de5a1-3996-5083-90ee-1eb3c2117f82.amp.html Looks like Centene is halting further development of their St Louis area HQ campus. Just speculation, but I think there is a strong possibility that Centene moves its HQ here in the not too distant future.
  11. 100% Correct. For resident Charlotteans, this station is probably more important than Gateway. Needs to be treated as such.
  12. Agreed. The idea of crossing at grade is exceedingly dumb. Unless there is some future version of PTC that was capable of legit magic, this idea should be rejected immediately (and truthfully shouldn’t have been put on paper in the first place).
  13. Then Rock Hill might be your best bet. They have a couple of ILS approaches and one of the FlyCarolina locations is there as well. http://www.flycarolina.com/flight_school
  14. Concord might be your best bet. I think they actually have several different flight schools there.
  15. Yeah I don’t see much in the way of change. This city will committee, task force, and study an issue to death and still fail to take action on anything. I will say that Charlotte is great at creating white collar jobs, attracting hqs, and so forth. And the companies we do seem to have are often powerful and relatively important to the national economy (Honeywell, Truist, Duke, BofA). I will also say that I think we are heading in the right direction on Transit. But we really could use an injection of culture, art, historical preservation, high quality low-and mid-rise arch
  16. I took my first stroll around downtown Greenville yesterday and...holy crap...Charlotte is doing it wrong. It’s unbelievable how nice their downtown looks at the street level and just how livable it seems to be. They have some beautiful historic buildings and the storefronts are aesthetically pleasing. They have actual soft goods retail and restaurants that look like places I’d want to eat. Their new architecture, even the mid rise super block apartments look to be thoughtfully designed and use high quality materials. And the centerpiece of their downtown is the beautiful falls park on th
  17. Does this mean the entire LoSo Station Development is dead, hotel, multifamily and all? Or is it just that they are selling the land where the office tower is supposed to be?
  18. Here is what I actually said: “Or perhaps a better question is what freedoms is the left trying to imbue us with that are really worth having? The only freedoms that the left seems to espouse these days is the freedom for a bunch of angry and often privileged white kids to scream and shout at people, tear down statues, and riot...” You paraphrased the above statement as: “...the left isn't trying to push for any freedom worth having. Then you gave the example of free speech (for a specific group of people) as one of those things that is not worth having.” You are conflatin
  19. With the implication being that the left is trying to imbue us all with free speech, and to which I replied do you actually believe the left is on the side of free speech. Unless you want to try to argue that’s not actually the implication in your post, in which case I’d love to see you push such a notion. Your turn, sir.
  20. Are you suggesting the left is on the side of free speech in this country??? seriously, if you believe that then I have some ocean front property in Arizona that’s for sale. I’ll give you a great price.
  21. What freedoms exactly, are people willing to give up for the republican elixir of the two point tax cut and racist dog whistle politics? Or perhaps a better question is what freedoms is the left trying to imbue us with that are really worth having? The only freedoms that the left seems to espouse these days is the freedom for a bunch of angry and often privileged white kids to scream and shout at people, tear down statues, and riot and the right for a woman to eliminate her unborn child no questions asked. Outside that there are not too many freedoms the left as a whole-political and/or cul
  22. Couldn’t help but laugh at this little “concern troll.” I can assure you as someone who spent about a third of my life in the military and knowing the general political preferences of military individuals, the last thing that Trump wants to do is disenfranchise military voters. That would be an utter disregard of self interest on his part. The military has been doing absentee ballot voting for decades. Believe me, military members know to get their vote in well in advance. The military will be fine.
  23. 1. Welts are not a serious injury. I’m going to guess-and admittedly I wasn’t there-that a) the police did not specifically aim for that person, and b) if the person would have listened to the dispersal order which was said to have been projected at 120dB, then they would not have been in position to be hit in the first place. But taking the preferred narrative as given-that their was in fact no riot, and that the dispersal order was either not given or not loud enough to be heard despite the fact that the vehicle carrying the 120dB speaker was clearly identified by the SBI in video camera f
  24. Serious question about this incident...was anyone actually hurt seriously in a physical sense-like broken bones, blindness, death, etc? Anything of that nature? I haven’t seen anything to suggest that there was a serious injury as a result of police actions, but I could have missed something.
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