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  1. jeez... 3 years in progress and never even opened. i always joked around that kyto was just a money laundering scheme. now i see all of the old koji staff working at fengs. wonder if koji is running out of steam completely and this will be a hot tomatoes type of re-shuffle where everyone leaves.
  2. i can see pratt getting stuff out of it, although they'll get even more stuff out of it if/when they decide to become a major investor, not a minority holder. they make stationary power in east hartford, so if they actually owned the company and controlled it they could move manufacturing/design to east hartford and that would create more jobs. power will never get this technology. a lot of people got laid off at power including the ceo that had this vision of mixing "green technologies". they moved everyone out, i mean everyone, even down to the legal, those that were responsible for something other than fuel cells. power has also facility issues, that place is grossly undersized for manufacturing. engineering is probably very close to 90% of occupied space. 2 years ago they were saying that if business picked up they would need larger facilities and they can't be made on south windsor grounds, since they lease the building and land and there is no where else to build. pratt on the other hand has plenty of shop space after moving production over to middletown and elsewhere... football fields of enclosed shop space. although moving production here might be very costly, unless you're shipping to europe so that way you'll cut down on transport fees. with regards to what you say to redundancy etc... when you get that big that's what happens. there are pockets of self serving interests that will never relinguish power. it'll be that way for a long time.
  3. UTCPower just did the exact opposite exactly 1 year ago. i don't think corporate would even allow them to return to that business model again... it's live or die on fuel cells alone. everything else that was not a "fuel cell" got stripped away and moved over to other divisions. CT will still probably benefit from this deal because i can see this going over to pratt. pratt already had stationary power plus whatever stationary got taken over from ut power plus now the wind turbine. although at a minority stake, i'm not sure how much actual work will carry over to connecticut, this seems like a pure investment plus probably some share of the IP for utc right now.
  4. i guess having a tenant is better than not, but i don't quiet get why big fascination or push for having more banks in that space? i think having a bank branch downtown is probably one of the worst things you could do to that space, unless you want to make it pretty much useless for the term of the lease. how many banks do you really need on the corner of asylum and trumbull? a single atm machine would be enough. the foot traffic that you're talking about probably won't make a difference, being it's during the day and i doubt any place is struggling during the day in downtown while people are working there. the bank most likely won't be open on the weekend, just an entrance to the atm machine; and even if it was, how many people do you actually think will drive out from suburbia into downtown to do their banking? i bet close to 0. also, i doubt that anyone going out to downtown hartford is going to base their decision based on if XXXX bank has an atm machine downtown or not. yes, i guess it's great there there will be 10 or whatever new people working in downtown hartford and it's a new business that's going to get taxed, but it's a drop compared to what that place would contribute if it was actually taken by some sort of a retail/restaurant business. i suppose beggeras can't be choosers though.
  5. the guy must have a relative that owns a construction/paving company.
  6. who the hell is going to ride that bus? i don't want to go to nb in my car, why would i ever opt to take a bus there ?
  7. HT was open at 9PM yesterday, i guess it doesn't say much, but they're open so far. i'd take it with a grain of salt that a staff at one restaurant is going to boycott their employee and open a venue on their own elsewhere. i know nothing about restaurant business but i imagine it doesn't run cheap, i just can't imagine a bunch of waiters all of a sudden getting approved to be owners. you keep talking about 420 asylum, do you know more details? the initial fill date was supposed to be in august. walking by it in the evenings i've only seen one light on, although yesterday there we no lights and makes me wonder if the one i saw 1/2 weeks ago was construction related. it seems as though upstairs is done, but downstairs still doesn't have any walls or anything put in. perhaps they're waiting for tenants and will build to order?
  8. i'm actually surprised that they even made it for a year. every time i walked by it i wondered when they'd close. the place had a complete identity crisis. i didn't even know it was a portuguese food until i read your comments. my friends and i actually made it there twice when they first opened and both times we'd rather gouge out our ears because their band was so obnoxiously loud that you couldn't even carry a conversation as you were eating dinner. if it wasn't the band then it was the music/dj that once again killed any sort of a conversation. add to that to the complete stereotype of a duchebag clientelle and there you go.
  9. thanks for the info. why would anyone get into a mortgage on 100+ units if they can't even make back the payments from renting them out, seems weird to me from an investment perspective. unless they were just going to do some quick maintenance and flip the place? also wonder how the condo association works with the other 50 units that are owned. wonder how they split utilities, maintenance fees, etc. anyways, i digress now, so no need to answer as i doubt it's pertaining to the title of the subject.
  10. can you please tell me where you're finding this information? as i've mentioned before i'm looking to get a place downtown and this is scary. bushnell on the park are condos, how can they be in foreclosure? are people not paying their property taxes or something? the building was built in 1969 or something? you'd think it'd be paid off by now.
  11. as you can see this place is a sad story. nyberg is no longer involved with the place... i guess how long can you bleed 300+$/month for condo fees for 35 unsold units + your payments to banks. these 35 units are now all rented out by a separate company; i'm not sure how they're planning on selling them if you have leases signed on all of them, and they're rented for what, $1400/month? once again, that's some funny math and i can't imagine how the new owners are making profit and will be able to sustain having owning these 35 units and for how long.
  12. May I ask where you pulled that number from? Two month I was considering buying a condo in the building and no large commercial bank would approve the mortgage because the owner occupancy is nowhere near 40%; hell, it's not even nowhere near 30%. As I understand, I doubt there are more than 20 units that have "owners". Nyberg couldn't get rid of them and now some other holding company took over his share. You can see this by who's the listing agent, the girl works for someone else and not the College St. Those apartments are rented, you can see from the windows, but they're far from owned.
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