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  1. now worries ronsmytheiii, we went by it yesterday and saw the same things. trees cleared, can see all they way through to town center now. and the trailer and such are there too. and, for the West Aloft, they seem to be getting ready, looks like, can't be sure of course, no construction trucks yet, but they also have trailers there now. just waiting for that house to get demolished. lol
  2. oh i know you were, just playing too. i totally agree you with on that. i've just been lucky to be working for the gov't. i bet it is harder in the civilian world, depending on your skills.
  3. sure there does. thats why i work for the government to make sure i do. lol
  4. its supposed to be, from the articles i have read and rumors, it's supposed to be awesome. but we will see. I'm sure that City Council won't approve anything dumb. lol
  5. Agreed. Anyone who has been to DC or NYC or anywhere with LTR or Metro/Subway will realize how efficent they are and what a good thing it will be for VB. Like you said, anyone who doesn't want it, for some reason don't know what it will do for us. Has anyone even heard what their reasons are for not wanting it besides bring rif-raf from Norfolk and Taxes?
  6. I must agree, we don't want this going to referendum, yeah the Mayor said in his campaign that he will have it, but he realized it wasn't a good idea any more. He already apologized for saying he will have one and then turn around and decide not to have one. I have to agree with him and everyone else here that we don't want it to go to referendum, it will only slow the process and if the results don't come out the right way, I'm sure City Council will just override it anyway. Light rail is needed and wanted, lets just keep it moving forward. It is something to get excited about, especially sin
  7. Wow, and it seems only like yesterday they were starting, lol.
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