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  1. Can't be part of the U Club if your skin is too dark.
  2. You think that's bad? Try driving in Shanghai!
  3. It is apples to oranges to compare Orlando to a city that offers a lot of perks we couldn't even contemplate coming here in the next 20 years or that has mass transportation or In-N-Out Burger (that alone makes LA traffic worthwhile). Now Tampa is an apt comparison if what you say is true. Had you started with that I probably would not have said anything. Just so everyone is aware it appears the City attempted to fill in some of the potholes in the last few days. Still witnessed a pedistrian get drenched when an asshat drove too quickly over one this weekend.
  4. Best not to waste your time with lengthy posts giving me advice about my attitude because as a general rule of thumb I don't listen to tidbits about self betterment from people on an internet forum about downtown development. If I'm disliked by all three dozen people that post on here, especially the ones with financial ties to certain of these projects that go out of their way to polish a turd they are involved in and like every post criticizing my posts, I think I can still sleep at night. Comfortably. And there is no amount of effort that can make the comparison between our traffic and
  5. Classy or not the point is true. It's absolutey mindblowingly stupid how people constantly point to issues cities 10 to 20 times the size of Orlando face in an effort to try and rebut valid criticisms. It's the epitome of apples to oranges. The stupidiest one has to be "you think traffic is bad in Orlando, try living in LA", but how roads are maintained up in Boston is pretty close to being up there. I'm waiting for someone to make the Chicago comparison for our growing crime rates here.
  6. Orlando is a 10th of the size of Boston. Only a tard would hold the two to the same standards. It was piss poor planning as usual.
  7. The city majorly screwed up by not paving the left side of Pine Street at Rosalind before allowing Modera to block half of it off. Massive potholes down the whole stretch. Anyone with a brain work there?
  8. 20 out of 28 units in 2 years at this price point would be a failure for any other downtown project, but if people that clearly have no concept of the market want to keep pretending that is good I won't continue to burst their bubble. We are talking about a small townhome project on a cheap piece of land on the outskirts of downtown, not a 300+ highrise on property facing Lake Eola. It's clear some people on here are so desperate for any development downtown they would talk up a dog turd if it went condo so there really is no use in trying to argue with them.
  9. No, I would not have made an offer on this type of project considering the poor location and poor value. Bought into the Sanctuary, very happy there.
  10. Maybe third-tier Miami new construction. But Miami is not in central Florida and I recall significant pushback on here at one time for proposed projects that tried to bring the Miami look to Orlando.
  11. Care to elaborate because I can't think of a single thing it resembles. Considering it is a clone of their Atlanta project if it did resemble anything it would be purely coincidental.
  12. Steve-O, your lack of a college education is showing. I know it is hard for someone to subject realism on here, but please don't insult people that know this business. The sales have been lackluster so far and anyone with any knowledge in the business can see that. Doesn't mean that they are bad products, just severely overpriced. I suppose I should congratulate you for selling 1 unit every two months of a place that borders the highway, dilapidated duplexes, a future dog poop mound and the projects.
  13. People trying to manipulate the discussion are not relying on facts, just ignorant people on this board desperate for any growth in this burg.
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