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  1. Nothing I’ve seen or heard. Don’t believe however this is a Lowes situation. The developer is from Memphis and is committed also council, county commissioners and DMC have already approved public funds/pilot/ Tif. I’m very optimistic that this project will happen maybe in a downsized scope from what was originally proposed but it will happen.
  2. Yes glad to see this project happening a total renovation exterior and interior.
  3. This is just what the doctor ordered along with the news that Grand Hyatt is moving forward. Sheraton has stepped into the game with this proposal it would be a welcomed long overdue renovation. Memphis Rising. Now let’s get 100 N main construction started. Memphis rising
  4. http://Sheraton Memphis Downtown renovation renderings 2022
  5. From MBJ The Bluff City’s largest hotel is gearing up for a massive, multimillion-dollar project to complement the $200 million in renovations that have recently been invested in the Renasant Convention Center. The 590-room Sheraton Memphis Downtown has proposed $123 million in upgrades and a possible $103 million new tower, according to an incentive application with the Center City Revenue Finance Corp. (CCRFC), an affiliate board of the Downtown
  6. Looks like Sheraton is serious about being The convention center hotel. Newly proposed. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/business/development/2022/09/07/sheraton-memphis-downtown-hotel-tennessee-expansion-renasant-convention-center/8014355001/
  7. Interesting point about pedestrian bridge I drove by today and really scouted the site never considered Pedestrian bridge but I do see how it could work. What I did really notice was how much land mass is available also the current office building roughly 128,000 Sf could stay and the warehouse could be torn down along with the adjacent lot to build a 8,000 seat stadium. The current office just need to be renovated it still has a very nice and somewhat modern design. Would definitely save cost.
  8. No MI in its current structure cannot handle 100k. I think u may have to split it and use both TLP and MI. I don’t see MI being available until 2024. Hopefully by then. Also I was thinking wolf river greenway could be another alternative to look @.
  9. Yes good info and to answer your question honestly have no definite answer on how to finance it. That being said CA building sits in opportunity zone it would take ownership group as well as city/state funds to make it a reality. Being in OZ it would allow a developer to take advantage of Tif financing would need Other mixed uses office/ retail/ Academy to make it attractive to a deep pocket developer. Just some thoughts
  10. Here are the specs. https://www.officespace.com/tn/memphis/2024809-495-union-ave
  11. Would love to see MLS. Also NWSL is doing expansion in 2024 will add two teams Utah is named and one other team will be added. This is an excellent location in the emerging Edge district u have the Ravine, Memphis Made brewery High cotton. Rise apts, newly announced Rise on the Ravine apts, Orleans station and others. A developer told me the asking price is 20million for CA 12.5 acre site. Building a soccer specific stadium in that vibrant corridor would spur more and more development in the Edge. USL has stated they want all franchises out of baseball stadiums and in SSS stadiums or loose franchise that’s the main reason Louisville SC had to build new. Just hope our city leaders will see the vision. This would be a transformational project @ that site. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/soccer/united-states-nwsl/story/4692534/as-expansion-race-heats-upnwsl-faces-tough-questions-about-its-future-with-utah-expected-to-join-in-2024%3Fplatform%3Damp
  12. Here’s another example: 11 acre site similar in size CA site 12.5 acre. https://www.kacmarcikenterprises.com/iron-district-mke I see the CA site as Stadium/ office/ retail and possibly a Soccer Academy.
  13. https://www.elevenpark.com/ Here is a good blueprint for the vacant CA site and adjacent land. The edge district has a lot of potential for infill projects Rise 2 has been announced across street from CA site. Lot of talk and plans for more retail/ restaurants. The ravine hosted it first event 901 day and was a huge success showing it can be a great gathering place in the edge, Memphis Made open its doors for the public and it could be a great HQ for 901 fc I saw Craig Unger show up he looked like he was scouting the Ravine and brewery Just My opinion. Hopefully the city will see that this location would be amazing for a new soccer specific stadium.
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