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  1. Memphisborn

    Memphis Fairgrounds development( Urban Village)

    thanks for reading. Hoping the same so i have been doing a lot of research lately have some more to post. Yes we did have a decent following in Memphis hope it returns
  2. Memphisborn

    Roam The Market

    Thanks dont know what happen to this forum. used to be a lot more views and comments posted. Activity seem to die not sure why.
  3. Memphisborn

    Roam The Market

    Heres a link to the Plan For an extension to the farmers Market
  4. Memphisborn

    Toof Building being redone

    check this out
  5. Memphisborn

    Historic Chisca Hotel Development

    Finally the chisca is being redeveloped.
  6. Memphisborn

    Main 2 Main Project

    Intersting read on the Main St and Harahann bridge Project
  7. Memphisborn

    Greyhound site Potential Hotel

    Here's an interesting read about a potential development for the old greyhound bus station
  8. Memphisborn

    Memphis Fairgrounds development( Urban Village)

    Just a follow up the 88 page application to state outlining the 233 million dollar investment
  9. Here is an interesting read about the Plan to redevelop the fairgrounds I like the concept of World class Skatepark, And 38 acre Sports plex also improvements to tiger lane and Making old liberty land site new park named Liberty park heres the article
  10. Memphisborn

    Downtown Projects List

    Here is a video of what the Memphis Hotel Indigo will look like once completed