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  1. It’s permanent. P.F. Chang’s Little Rock Location to Permanently Close Sorry I didn’t see the post above mine. I hate posting from my phone.
  2. What's strange is that on P.F. Chang's website, all locations that I looked at showed regular hours. Even in places where restaurants have been ordered closed, regular hours are posted. The listing for Little Rock shows closed on every day of the week. The only other place I could find was in Las Vegas. A location there is located inside Planet Hollywood Casino which is temporarily closed.
  3. I think I've been in there twice. I'm not sure I ever ate there as the service was so bad. I know for sure I left on one occasion. Probably both times.
  4. The AC looks great! Glad that building was re-imagined as a hotel!
  5. I had no idea Whichwich had closed. Of course, I'd only been there once and was not in the least bit impressed.
  6. La Madeleine? I could see that. Genghis Grill? I could see that one going away as well.
  7. I think the mayor was trying to get TopGolf to locate in the Outlet Mall area. The I-40/430 interchange is in NLR. I don't know why the LR mayor would want something like that to locate in NLR.
  8. Is Maggie Moo's still there? I could see Gearhead expanding that direction. That wouldn't be a huge addition.
  9. According to the media reports, Zoe's Kitchen will close on January 26. It's been rumored on here so not really a surprise.
  10. I would never have put Lonoke County in the Top 5 median income counties in the state. And Grant County?! Wow.
  11. That looks great! I hope it spurs more development in that area!
  12. Seems an odd time to be closing (before the holidays) unless the lease runs out December 31.
  13. Oh, yes! I do recall that now thanks to the OKC discussion. It is weird that OKC to DAL is no longer nonstop.
  14. Did I miss this? Starting January 6, Southwest is bringing back the LIT-HOU nonstop flights that ceased in 2014.
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