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  1. Little Rock. Come see our parking decks! Park a night in each of our 34 parking decks! Enjoy the views from our parking decks! Don't step in the pee. Don't mind the homeless. Visit the stairwells of our big parking decks. I'm Big on Little Rock (Parking Decks)!
  2. Fazoli's returns to the Little Rock Metro. Fazoli's is located in the former Pizza Hut on Warden Drive next door to Texas Roadhouse. George's Restaurant will open in the former Cafe Prego on Kavanaugh in Little Rock.
  3. Plumbing permit issued for Circle K at 109 Chester Street. Location of now-closed Bank of Ozarks location.
  4. I've never been impressed with Lenny's. Maybe it's because it's so hard to get in and out of its location. And Jimmy John's?! Oh, my! I guess it's good if you like a bread sandwich, but the meat on the sandwich is so thin.
  5. I'm looking forward to Jersey Mikes! Please tell me it's better than Lenny's and Jimmy John's!
  6. Weinerschnitzel is coming to Arkansas! Never been to one, but according to the announcement, they will be opening 20 or so restaurants in the state.
  7. Wow! That's going to leave a lot of vacant space in that center!
  8. The article was pre-Covid. The 2017 article said 3 Walk On's in the Little Rock Metro. Walk Ons
  9. I don't recall specific locations in Little Rock. 5 in the Little Rock Metro area. Only the Conway location has been built. Meanwhile, they started popping up in NWA. I've been to the one in Conway. I like it. I wish there was one in LR.
  10. Seems like I recall Pies & Pints opening in the Promenade some time ago. Has that gone kaput?
  11. Well that's disappointing. Apartments that in less than 10 years will look like crap.
  12. Anybody know what is being done next to the empty parking lot across from the old Alltel complex at the corner of Cedar Hill and Riverfront Drive? Several years ago the powers that be tore up the soccer fields to create a parking lot that is now 99.9% of the time empty. Is there a need for yet another empty parking lot? What else could it be?
  13. Okay, I found some nonstop flights. I found one on a Wednesday, one on a Saturday, and one on a Sunday, but this was not every Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday as there was not a nonstop on the following Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday. Weird scheduling for sure.
  14. Not doubting you, but I cannot find any information on this. SWA's website doesn't show nonstop in November or December.
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