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  1. I noticed there is work at Chenal and Autumn Road where the traffic island has been removed. There are also barrels at Chenal and Bowman. I'm wondering whether the traffic islands blocking thru-traffic in the third lane (right turning lane) of Chenal will be removed. This would open up traffic for three lanes going west on Chenal from the Shackleford overpass all the way to Markham. Anybody got info?
  2. Signs up, but nothing's there! And yes, I know Raisin's is there. As I said...nothing!
  3. It may be open now, but this article indicates it will be closed soon. Arvest to close 31 locations on June 30.
  4. The former Zoe's Kitchen is being remodeled so it can be....a bank. Chase Bank is expanding into the Little Rock Metro. It is opening a larger location on South University near The District. It is also opening branch banks and the former Zoe's Kitchen will be one of them. Remodeling is happening now, including construction of drive-thrus. There are several former Arvest Bank locations just down the street that are now vacant. The one in front of Planet Fitness is closed and up for lease. The one in The Heights at Cantrell and University is now vacant. I'm not sure why those locations, already made for a bank, couldn't be of use to Chase.
  5. Mighty Crab will be opening in the former location of Tia's, Famous Dave's, DaqShack...any others? There's a Mighty Crab in Lakewood Village in North Little Rock and one on South University in the former Catfish City location. I've never been to either.
  6. Looking at the "Where We Fly" map on Southwest's website, Knoxville sure looks like a prime location for expansion. The nearest Southwest airport is Nashville (2 hours 45 minutes away), Atlanta (3 hours 45 minutes), or Greenville (3 hours). It's not close to any SWA location.
  7. I'm a huge fan of a one metropolitan city/county government. It makes too much sense.
  8. I wish Little Rock and North Little Rock would have kept those train tracks and bridge across the river. This would have been great as a light-rail train system to help get people back and forth across the river, especially for events at Alltel/Verizon/Simmons. There would be a great stopping point there. Oh well.
  9. Okay, I just had a huge Dollar Sign ad appear when I checked this site. I clicked the X in the upper right corner and it was an ad bought through Google. No way to opt out. The only options were "Already purchased item" "No longer interested in item" and maybe one more option, "Repetative" perhaps?
  10. It is going independent for a bit until it transitions into the Marriott family of hotels. It will be a Delta Hotel. It's already listed as a Delta Hotel on Delta Hotel's website. There are only 46 in the US. The nearest ones are Dallas or Jackson, Mississippi. Looks nice even if Jackson, Mississippi, already has one.
  11. You know the answer to that! Developers never pay. Taxpayers do! Just take a look at all the sidewalks we don't have.
  12. I had heard that David's Burgers at Markham and Bowman was looking for a new location due to landlord/tenant issues. Looks like David's will be relocating to Kanis and Bowman. A plumbing permit was issued for David's Burgers at 11921 Kanis Road.
  13. Would that be where a nail salon and, further west, the place where The Hop and several restaurants came and went? (Before you get to Shipley's) If so, yes, those collection of buildings have been an eyesore. Don't know what' s going there. The lot is not deep so I'm not certain what could fit there.
  14. I imagine Walter Hussman is holding on to the property as long as possible to maximize his profit on the sale of that land.
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