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  1. 1476 tickets are currently available for Sundays game. This does not include resale tickets. Source: Sales account rep Note: Vancouver is not even in our conference and the worst team currently in the league.
  2. PSL owner and from what options were left when I decided after the first game it was slim pickens for 4 seats together. I was told from my rep upper bowl would not be opened up only for season openers/payoffs/cups. I would estimate they are about 80% there on from what I have seen. Here is the fan cam from the most recent game. https://charlottefc.fancam.com/20220514?s=east-view&atv=-1.222&ath=-68.28&fov=28.087
  3. Crane going up on Element
  4. Driving by this morning it looks like they are setting up some sort of stage and tent on the property. Possibly an announcement?
  5. Dick’s and Starbucks have closed.
  6. If they were going for it will look better at night. They missed that mark also. The brackets holding the sign make it hard to read irl.
  7. I have a bus stop a less than block away from my house in west charlotte. To get to this location it would take me 11 minutes in a car and 45 minutes taking public transportation according to google maps.
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