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  1. Golds Gym is closing tomorrow. Any ideas if something is going to take its spot?
  2. I have a friend that works at Ally in the current building uptown and he was was saying that he might not get to move into the new building because they are saying they don't have enough room.
  3. Updated renderings have been posted to CA Instagram.
  4. Lots of room. A small grocery or convenience store would be nice.
  5. This actually has quite a few spots for parking on the inside. It has a loading bay also. They would just have to educate people like at the property at Kenilworth and East blvd.
  6. Another crane is up at Atrium Midtown at Kenilworth and the crane at Opus is down on Providence road.
  7. From Lincoln at Dilworth Rooftop Lounge:
  8. Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute went vertical.
  9. There was an event this weekend at Carowinds. It was pretty much confirmed that RIP Roaring Rapids is being removed. It's also been removed from the park map.
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