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    The Coliseum will be in between where the new building is going to be located and the Strom, the corner of Greene and Assembly streets, not Blossom and Assembly.
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    well with all the rain we have had in the city for the last week or so, im assuming alot of that topsoil that they brought in probably eroded and they are having to move it back.
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    It looks like that they just brought in some top soil and are cleaning the lot up so that it looks better then what it has been for the last 2 years. When i passed it today the last of the grading equipment was getting packed up on trucks. I also noticed they are finally putting in the portions of sidewalk that have been missing there since they started this endeavor.
  4. Looking north at the at the city is pretty interesting. I know if you travel on 160 in Fort Mill, that when you go over 77 you get that same sorta angle, pretty neat that it can be seen from there from about 15 miles away.
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