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  1. Does anyone know when the North line should be open?
  2. The news does look worse and worse for USAir everyday. The paper said this morning they need 800 million dollars more in concessions in order to stay competitive. That is an amazing amount of money.
  3. It will be good to see highrise cranes again in Charlotte. After the late ninetys, it has been relatively quiet construction wise. Looks as if this one will be taller than PTL and the Arlington.
  4. Honestly I can't say that I will miss them. My experience with US Air in Charlotte has almost always been bad, and there are no low prices to be found. I have noticed that US Air is offering $29 flights out of Raleigh because they have competition there.
  5. thumper


    What is the market like for condos uptown these days. I have heard the it has been a bit soft lately. Maybe because of the economy.
  6. I for one am happy they are building this stadium. Greensboro is close enough for a trip everynow and then to watch ball.
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