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  1. from ashvegas.com "MHG-Tower LLC has decided to begin the redevelopment of the BB&T properties on the site of the existing parking deck on Broadway and College streets. The first phase of the overall redevelopment process will include a new parking garage, a hotel and retail, according to John McKibbon, Chairman of the McKibbon Hotel Group. The existing parking deck, which is 48 years old and has 351 spaces, will be demolished and replaced with a new garage. On top of the garage, on the Broadway end, McKibbon will build a 120-room AC Hotel by Marriott. The hotel will include a restaurant and bar with mountain views, meeting space, a fitness center and other amenities. Additionally, there will be retail spaces at street level on Broadway and College streets. See attached rendering. Construction will begin later this year. “We are excited to finally begin our next hotel project in Asheville. We are partnering with Glenn Wilcox to build an exceptional AC Hotel by Marriott on one of the very best sites in Asheville,” McKibbon said. Plans for the BB&T Tower include an extensive external redesign. The new-look building will house an upscale, full-service, boutique hotel with 150-170 rooms and suites on the lower floors. Above the hotel will be six floors with vacation rentals and for-sale condominiums. Construction on the Tower property will begin immediately following the completion of the AC Hotel by Marriott. “The BB&T Tower has been a signature part of the Asheville skyline for the past 50 years. Transforming it inside and out will ensure that it continues to provide both visual and functional value in the heart of downtown for many years to come,” McKibbon said."
  2. Alias

    Aloft Hotel?

    Construction finally started today!...or at least there was some minor ground work. http://www.citizen-times.com/article/20110322/NEWS/303220022/Works-starts-Biltmore-Ave-hotel-garage?odyssey=tab{sodEmoji.|}topnews{sodEmoji.|}text{sodEmoji.|}Frontpage
  3. sounds like downtown Asheville to me...
  4. Alias

    I-26 Connector

    Does anyone have any updates on this? Which design did they finally choose?
  5. Alias

    Aloft Hotel?

    What's the status of this project? According to aloft's website the hotel os supposed to open March 1, 2012. http://www.starwoodh...propertyID=3373
  6. The speed limit has been upgraded to 60mph east of Lilesville to Richmond County within the last year or so.
  7. I haven't heard anything about the Wadesboro bypass. I found a few maps from the DOT of current projects and the visionary plan. I'm not sure how old they are but the visionary plan includes the Wadesboro bypass. The maps can explain it better than I can. By the way, the construction I was talking about earlier in Albemarle is visible on the current construction map, the what i called"bypass" actually leads to hwy 138 near the intersection of 24/27, hwy 52 N and 138 S. Current Projects Visionary Plan
  8. I'm not sure exactly what's going on but you can see where a new road is being constructed that veers off of hwy 52 just south of Albemarle, as if bypassing the town. I can't find a map of the project so I can't say exactly where it will reconnect to hwy 52. Other than that there is no other signs of widening that I know of. I can't imagine the DOT widening 52 south of Norwood anytime soon, I just don't think there's enough traffic. I'll try to take a few pictures next time I'm up that way. There's also some construction on hwy 138 near the intersection of 24/27, I'm not sure if these two projects are related though.
  9. There's currently construction on US 52 just south of Albemarle. I live in Anson co. and I haven't heard anything about construction starting anytime soon here.
  10. WSOC's uptown cam has a good view of the project. WSOCTV uptown cam
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