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  1. These are the types of projects that need to sprout up all across all sides of downtown. Keep em comin!
  2. Also, the way I've come to know things over the years is, Atlanta is the main hub of urban areas in the southeast when it comes to culture. Charlotte is a smaller version of Atlanta, and Greensboro is a smaller version of Charlotte. If you've ever lived in these cities like I have (yes, all 3) then you would know that Charlotte and Greensboro are just deeper culturally compared to cities like Winston-Salem and Raleigh. I'm not dissing winston and raleigh, its just how it is. Also, the Greensboro city government is not "pushing" this, like I said its a non profit organization led by a gentl
  3. I think its less of that, and more of a community/area trying to make something of their "side of town." Anyone from this area know that Greensboro is pretty segregated, when it comes to which demographics live in which areas of town. South and East of the train tracks have seen far less development over the years. Most of the taxpayer investments and overall money and development has gone North and West in Greensboro. This is just this area trying to gain some notice and equality in the community as a whole. Why should they feel left out?
  4. A few weeks back i heard about this new "uptown" Greensboro group on facebook. It is led by a community resident who is from that area of town. It seems to be a non-profit focused on getting word out and also selling merchandise like t-shirts and such. Greensboro has a clearcut downtown district, also coined and signed the midtown district with help from local businesses and new development. I think it is probably way too soon for Greensboro to try and have an uptown district. I'm not sure there is a distinct area of town that could fit that bill yet. Here is a map of central Greens
  5. lol, over the years, we just started calling it 'Tucks'
  6. i dont see what the big fuss is about.. cityboi posts information about his city and sometimes that might include comparing it to the other cities in the area (thats only natural). It's up to someone in winston-salem to post more info/updates, if they so choose.. and if not, thats not his fault..
  7. Big news for the East side of downtown Greensboro! https://www.greensboro.com/business/local_business/massive-downtown-residential-commercial-development-in-east-greensboro-planned-by/article_87418cc0-df1b-58b1-a1b9-887b9e3ab0d5.html
  8. breaking https://www.greensboro.com/business/local_business/publix-to-build-million-distribution-center-in-greensboro/article_08a0da67-04fe-5bac-b96e-22f14aa98e00.html
  9. Now the grasshoppers just need another giancarlo stanton to come through the ranks and blast homers over the right outfield wall
  10. Sucks that the parking deck would block half of the existing skyline from the spectator seats in the stadium, but at this point, we cannot be picky for new tower development in the boro
  11. Professional Basketball Returns to Greensboro CLICK HERE for the news on the Charlotte Hornets choosing to bring their D-League team to Greensboro… Greensboro hosted professional basketball when the Carolina Cougars of the ABA played here back in the 70’s and we had a team in the Global Basketball League, with the Greensboro City Gaters at the Greensboro Coliseum, back in the early 90’s….Cougars with Jim Gardner, Ted Munchack and others among the owners, Greensboro Gaters with Joe Moore family in ownership and the Hornets with Michael Jordan in owner’s box…. Fred Whitfield, the CEO for the Cha
  12. Can anyone compile a list of all the under construction and proposed downtown greensboro projects/developments? It would be interesting to see what all is going on and in store.
  13. This looks like its right behind McCouls? meaning this is taking the place of the parking right there on McGee
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