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  1. DEnd

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Nope. CATS is a business owned by the city (like the airport). Ultimately the city manager can fire him, but that’s not likely to happen unless the board approves.
  2. DEnd

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    Nah if the silver line is gonna have a part in the location decision it will be 9th street station. 99 year land lease (at a reasonable rate not the $1 per year of the panthers stadium) in exchange for a covered connection between the Blue Line 9th St station and a Silver Line College St station. And maybe a 20 year tax incentive on the building as long as the HQ remains there. Even if Gateway had the Red Line I'm not sure it could actually compete with 9th st station. If it were the commuter train hub, then yeah probably it could compete. But the city and MSA haven't even thought about expanded commuter rail service yet.
  3. It’s still NS on Polaris. The city bought part of the old intermodal yard for the BLE and it’s infrastructure.
  4. DEnd

    Cap over Belk Freeway (277)

    I'm not necessarily against closing it down, but don't confuse a temporary effect for a permanent one. For example quite a few people are telecommuting. which isn't a permanent solution for most employees. Also traffic doesn't just disappear it is re-routed. Though if well designed some of it should be able to be mode shifted. The sad thing is the state spent 400 million on the Independence Expressway, which does very little to actually help Mecklenburg County. Meaning it doesn't allow greater density all that much, which in turn limits the tax base. I'm not saying that the Independence project is a bad one, but that is right about the same funding on the state level for the silver line, which likely would not require continued state funding for maintenance. I bring that up because if we had the silver line in place then we would have quite a bit of infrastructure in place to allow mode shifting possibly allowing the removal or boulevardization of the Belk/Brookshire.
  5. DEnd

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Most new models are the S70, which can be couplable, but are not from the factory. This is because the bumper is in the way of the coupling, or rather the coupler would not pass street vehicle requirements. A coupling can be fitted, for towing purposes, if the bumper is removed.
  6. DEnd

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    The only way I know of to legally get around that is to have a REIT.
  7. DEnd

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    They probably listened to their corporate/tax lawyer who gets paid for each LLC created. Actually I'd bet they have different investors for each venture.
  8. DEnd

    2019 Predictions

    Shelby does not suck. Seriously it only adds about 20 minutes to your Journey, unless you hit it during rush hour(s). Don't get me wrong it's a relatively cheap project, and worth securing the ROW for, but man I'm loath to add more highway miles. Especially when There are so many other projects that need funding. (I-77, statewide and regional transit needs, figuring out some way to address the traffic on I-85 in Gastonia during rush hour, etc...) Don't get me wrong the project will totally help me out (i'm just north of Shelby), and bring some much needed infrastructure to northern Cleveland County making it more attractive for jobs. but I have to question if that money would be better spent elsewhere. And to answer your question about the Monroe bypass, they did not build enough lanes. There is no such thing as enough lanes. If you build it we will clog it.
  9. DEnd

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    I think they are already a Level II Trauma center. They are at least a level III, and were a practicing Level II for 2018, though I'm not sure if they will get the Full Level II status this year. (I'm not sure only because I don't work there and have no knowledge of their operations)
  10. DEnd

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    say what? Charlotte (and the state and feds) just spent over a billion dollars to bring economic development to one of the poorest areas of the city, after successfully doing so with a previous project. While those projects (the Blue Line if you haven't figured it out yet) did (or are going to) displace quite a few poor people it also brought income diversity to areas of the city that desperately needed it. The light rail also provided a way to actually be able to live in the city without a car, and there are still affordable housing options available within walking and biking distance to those stations.
  11. DEnd

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    With the shortage of construction grade sand, and the steel tariffs, I highly doubt we'd see much else in mid-rise residential construction anyway.
  12. The lender doesn't care. This is fairly common for apartments to do, though maybe not quite to that extent. Lyric is in the Corporate Housing sector, and in that sector pricing isn't all that great for short term (a few days) stays (though it is available), it makes much more sense though for 10 days and up stays. IIRC the average length of stay is something like 10 or 12 weeks.
  13. Nah it's way easier to just come up with a non-generic name than it is to fight that battle. I vote it get named Levine's Boondoggle.
  14. Basically it's a city to city car service. The car they use is maybe the Tesla Model S (at least that's the car used in pics on their web site). Looks to be about double the cost of Amtrak (around $70 to Raleigh right now), might be more in the future, and is more if you go to another city or want a private car(about $150 within maybe 3ish hours drive, $250 above that). Charlotte to Raleigh seems to be their only set route, so I'd bet right now they only have 2-3 drivers and 2 cars. They also say to contact them if you'd like to go to another city than one on their list. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I just never heard about them (until I saw an ad for them tonight) and thought it might be a service some of y'all might be interested in.
  15. DEnd

    Amazon HQ2

    I'm hoping for Philly, or Pittsburgh personally*. But having basically three DC locations in the pick points to the strength advantage that region has. 20% of the short list are basically on the North East Corridor, so I think transportation choice is going to be a fairly strong factor. *Yes I'd love Amazon to pick Raleigh, as that would be best for Charlotte's Tech industry, Atlanta would be good too, as I think it might help spur development of the SEHSR as well, but it would be absolutely huge for Philly's or Pittsburgh's image. After watching them decline for so many years it'd be great to see either one get a big win like that.