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  1. So the Boring Company has started tunneling on the Las Vegas Convention Center People Mover. This is a 0.8 mile 3 stop line at $52.5 million. If we extrapolate that cost to the 20 mile Silver line from the airport to Matthews that's right at $1 billion. Lets double that to allow for vehicle purchases and cost over runs. That's still less than the Blue Line, and it would be automated with higher frequency. That's damned tempting to advocate for. The City should yes, but regionally I'm not sure that's the best approach. I think I would rather see commuter rail to Gaston County, as opposed to light rail to there. I think the NCRR should seriously consider working with NS to see if they could relocate the main line to the south side of Gastonia and preserve some ROW for Charlotte-Atlanta HSR , opening up the current NS main line for heavy commuter rail which would still allow for access to NS customers currently on the main line. Theoretically this could allow the elimination of the Gastonia HSR station as well as Gastonia residents would have multiple ways to get to the Charlotte Douglas station. I'm not sure I would advocate for that, but it would be a possibility.
  2. Amtrak ridership numbers for fiscal year 2019 are out. The Carolinian is down 4.7% to 244,779. The Piedmont is up 28.1% at 214,218. The Piedmont saw the second highest growth on all of Amtrak's routes. The highest growth was the Washington-Norfolk train at 57.2%.
  3. Since kermit forgot to post this over here; The Draft EIS for Charlotte to Atlanta passenger rail has been released. Executive Summary: http://www.dot.ga.gov/InvestSmart/Rail/Documents/Atl-Char/02-Executive Summary.pdf Full Doc: http://www.dot.ga.gov/IS/Rail/AtlantatoCharlotte/EIS (yes I copied and pasted that from his post in the Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements thread in the Charlotte Forum)
  4. They were only ever going to focus on the 85 corridor. This work is done by the Georgia DOT and it makes sense for them to favor GSP over Columbia. I too think the Greenfield wins. And I too am not entirely crazy about just hitting GSP over the city centers in Greenville and Spartanburg. And my local preference is for the Crescent route. But more than doubling the money and almost doubling the travel time (I-85 and Crescent respectively) makes the Greenfield the obvious choice. The Crescent alignment just makes no sense. It's faster, cheaper, more profitable and more frequent service to just provide buses. I-85 and Greenfield provide clear alternatives to car and plane travel.
  5. Between the HOV lane and shoulders there is over 60' of space there. There not being room there is solely because of design requirements for shoulder lanes. There is also another lane available (~25') if they redo (or eliminate) the Charlottetown- Eastbound Independence ramp. More space can also be gained by redoing the 277 merge, which may require redoing the Central Ave bridge. The point is there are options besides redoing the Hawthorne Ln bridge again, those options may be unacceptable to the various stakeholders but they are there.
  6. Quite possibly it could need to be rebuilt again. When it (this rebuild) was originally designed the silver line was envisioned as Bus Rapid Transit, with a possible conversion to rail. The state then switched the BRT lanes into HOV lanes (making BRT less viable) and eliminating the possibility of rail. There is space under the bridge to squeeze in light rail. However doing so would cause the road there to not meet current standards (exceptions have been made before so this isn't an absolute requirement to be met), and may require hybrid light rail cars.
  7. Within Uptown I have absolutely no problem with them sharing lanes. Yes it will lead to the streetcars not having to the minute service reliability, but I think that is acceptable. Phase three really needs to be dedicated right of way though to keep delays in check. I'm also not a fan of the every 1/4 mile stop spacing, even on The Blue Line in uptown. With The Blue Line I understand the stop spacing in uptown and the two extra stops really aren't going to cause an issue, but the 7th and 3rd street stations really aren't "needed." Though if I were all-powerful and got rid of 3rd st station I'd also get rid of Stonewall and put one at the convention center. Street cars are good at intraneighborhood mobility and mobility between nearby neighborhoods (which to be fair buses are really good at). That's why it has such frequent stops. I tend to dismiss intraneighborhood mobility as not appropriate for rail. Even at 1/2 mile stop spacing you're not making anything within the neighborhoods "unreachable" if someone takes rail, and out in the suburbs spacing at 3/4 of a mile to 1 mile is fairly appropriate.
  8. Maybe. I mean they still have to actually complete the merger, but they'd be paying a hefty premium for that building. My memory is Cousins paid $330ish million for it, and that was a premium over the construction cost.
  9. I think the people in Badin would want the smell to be farther away. They can go a couple miles south of Oakdale (near the Rocky River) and have a two mile radius of nothing but farms almost.
  10. If they are leasing I doubt that. I think floor plate size and lease rates are more important. I mean they might have objected if it were a smaller DEC, or a copy of the jukebox, but otherwise...
  11. I don't really hate the building. It's no BOACC, or Hearst tower, but it's ok. The biggest issue I have (with the building itself) is building lighting in general, I'd have rather them spent the money on creating a great street level experience. I do have an issue with the amount of parking for the whole development. I mean I get why they have to have it, but uggh... Parking decks hurt street presence, and encourage car commuting (and I say this as a long range commuter). Again I completely get why they have to have it, I just wish they could have done something to reducing parking demand (or mitigate it somewhat).
  12. Also more loudly. Ya think we can hire Jesus Saves to get our message out?
  13. That could improve service, but it adds additional complexity and cost. It still wouldn't solve the actual root causes of the delays though so there would still be issues.
  14. 1) that has more to do with the interior layout and seat design than the technology. 2) agreed. But we need a BLE and commuter crossover stop, besides Uptown. However top speed is much less important than average speed. 3) depends on how it is implemented. 4) LRT would be less expensive in the same corridor than heavy rail, but that would preclude using the same tracks for freight. BLE was so expensive due to ROW purchasing, and road rebuilding (that's also why it has so many level crossings) Has anyone done any sort of study to see what type of ridership numbers Charlotte to Salisbury with new stops could generate? Say Gateway Station, Parkwood(ish), University, Harris-Houston (or there about), Harrisburg, three of four stops in Concord, Three in Kannapolis, Landis, China Grove, Salisbury, and Spencer. Or maybe just stop at Kannapolis.
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