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  1. One casino in the Hampton Roads region is the only economically viable possibly. I see a casino in Portsmouth due to Louise Lucas happening faster than any Native American options.
  2. Good. That place was in bad shape relatively speaking. The Marriott needs to be renovated ASAP too.
  3. Good to hear. I know there were rumors with the Marriott and Starwood merger, that they would cancel the Sheraton brand, but this seems like a good alternative. Either way, other than the newer Residence Inn and Courtyard, hotels in downtown are severely lacking.
  4. As somebody said earlier, this info is old. All the major tenants have moved out and the building is 80% empty. Its days as prime class a commercial property was over. This will be a great reuse for the building.
  5. Yup same boat of as you. Stayed in the Marriott for a wedding last year and I was highly disappointed. Hopefully the Hilton will get the owners of the Marriott and Sheraton to renovate their facilities.
  6. Hopefully this project will result in the owners of the Downtown Sheraton and Marriott renovating their facilities. I stayed at the Marriott last month, not only it was expensive....it was very dated and badly in need of a renovation.
  7. Most conference tournaments are like this......scrub teams usually don't draw early,,,,I expect it to really pick up on Thursday
  8. I dunno what people were expecting, if you have been inside Scope before, you realize its pretty much impossible to add more seats/luxury boxes. So the city has gone about renovating Scope at the vision of being attractive to mid-sized events/concerts like the MEAC, the high school basketball tournaments, ect. I really don't see a problem with it. If this area is to get a big time arena, Virginia Beach is going to half to build it.
  9. The people in charge knew the cuts are coming.......defense spending always goes up, then gets cut....ignore the politics....this project has been in the works for the last year..its a done deal.
  10. None to my knowledge. This whole situation is a joke. Food trucks draw people out of their office who normally wouldn't leave for lunch. It complements traditional restaurants by increasing foot traffic. It's Norfolk, so I'm not surprised something progressive or outside the box is being shot down.
  11. Nobody takes Dougherty seriously, she writes at a high school level, and hardly offers anything insightful or thought provoking. I wouldn't be surprised if she writes most of columns wine drunk. Like Sessoms said, its a 50/50 shot this gets done, and I hope it falls through. This area desperately needs a game changer IMHO.
  12. This area needs a new arena, this region misses out on numerous major concerts, sports tournaments, and other events because The Scope is a dump. I'm not even worried about attracting a pro team at the moment. I think out of the top 50 metros in this country, Hampton Roads may have the worst arena situation, next to Richmond.
  13. In this market, a new arena would cost more towards 200 million dollars not 250, for example the new Phoenix hockey arena, and companies are cutting back on things like naming rights, 8.7 million ain't happening, but I could see somewhere around 2 million a year. I don't know what city is going to do it, but I see an arena happening in the near future.
  14. Screw chains, support your local restaurants and businesses. I will also personally vouch for Taphouse, Big Easy, and A.W Shucks, which I think has some of the best sea food and oysters in area.
  15. That picture is older than 1992. No Marriott, Norfolk Southern Building, or Town Point Center. My guess is around 1986.
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