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  1. The CUSA basketball tournament was not set before ODU entered the league... the suburban Dallas location was chosen last year and will be there next year as well. Last year it was held in Birmingham, Alabama (hosted by UAB) and, if I remember correctly, it was hosted by UTEP in El Paso Texas before that. One of the restrictions to hosting the tournament is that the host city needs to provide two arenas, one for men and one for women. We haven't hosted because there is no paired arena for the TED that is available and deemed appropriate. The MEAC uses Scope and Hampton was either being
  2. I am.... ACC will never happen, in its current configuration. I guess we don't know how things will play out in 20 or 30 years, but ODU and Duke or UNC in the same conference won't happen anytime soon. CUSA has been a drag in all sports except football... so in some ways it has been a success. We raised a lot of money to play "with the big boys" and, in some ways, it has been a success. I have had season tickets from day 1 and ODU has grown a lot (both literally and figuratively). Basketball has suffered b/c of a lack of local rivals even though attendance has been relatively stable
  3. Downtown Norfolk has been slow in the past 15 years but the entire Town Center in VB has developed in that time period. I was working in Portland for 6 weeks this summer, and a friend was there for 5 months. To each his own, but we both came back feeling that Portland is full of homeless addicts living on dirty, urine-stained streets. The business climate and quality of life is VERY different than that of HR.
  4. Have you ever been to Virginia Beach??? Nearly half of the land is rural or undeveloped by design (national and state parks including First Landing SP, False Cape SP and Back Bay Natl Wildlife Refuge. Density is increasing in several areas, however it will, thankfully, never be like Richmond. VB is mostly suburban right now, but the availability of land IS NOT an issue. Eventually, land below the green line will be developed more than it is now. According to my rough calculations, these three parks alone are approximately 40% of the size of the entire city of Richmond.
  5. You do realize that Virginia Beach had growth rates in the 80's and 90's that is similar to what Raleigh is experiencing now, right? After the merger there were 172k people in 1970, 262k in 1980, and 393k in 1990. For some reason, perhaps intentionally, we have slowed over the past 20 years. 50% growth rates for each of these decades. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_Beach,_Virginia
  6. Looks like Stone is still thinking about Norfolk... or playing Richmond! http://www.styleweekly.com/richmond/stone-brewing-delays-decision-on-east-coast-location/Content?oid=2117707
  7. How cool is that? It looks relatively easy to do (relative to some of the light rail engineering, at least).
  8. Thanks. I have to bike down there this week so I can check things out. Might you have an opinion as to whether this route could ever be used to bring rail from Ches/Suffolk to the existing southside LRT either by (1) having an amtrak stop there or (2) running LRT along the route that Amtrak will use? I guess I am wondering if this could be used in some way to tie Ches/Suffolk to LRT rather than building a tunnel for it.
  9. I am trying to picture how the new line will get to Harbor Park. 460 runs through Suffolk, and must go through Chesapeake, I guess. Might this be a way to transport people from those areas to the LRT which hopefully will go to our bases? Or maybe LRT can install a track adjacent to the Amtrak line at the same time. There are some great possibilities here. If VB can at least get to Town Center (only 2 or 3 miles), it will make a big difference. I really hope that Harbor Park develops to include TOD. It is a decent site and could help to spur the extension of downtown beyond St. Pauls.
  10. These times may be a little low, but I don't know how you drive. Doesn't everyone pretty much accept that this system won't really make a big dent in the traffic problem in HR, but rather serves as a starter line? I personally don't think that it will reach even minimal ridership goals, but if it is expanded it will be very popular. I don't think that the extension to the beach will make that much of a difference until it goes to naval bases and the airport.
  11. Because he complains about freaking everything.
  12. Does anyone know if the district will wipe out the actual streets between 38th and 43rd? I'm also wondering about the time frame for completion. They haven't really touched anything close to the University Villiage or Hampton Blvd. A few of the apartments and businesses close to ODU are still occupied. Supposedly some (or all) of it will be open in June, but they still need to tear down several businesses and apartment complexes.
  13. I think that you missed my point, maybe my bad. I am simply saying that someone in power (major political figure AND financial backers) has to believe that we (ppl in Hampton Roads) will pay that kind of $ for a team. It hasn't happened. Why do you think? Not exactly sure, but big league sports IS A GAMBLE, AN INVESTMENT - a gamble that no one is willing to take in HR. In markets where teams suck, the gamble is often a big loss. I'm not saying that it is right or wrong, its just that ppl in power don't believe in us. Maybe if we sold out Scope at the Admirals/Tampa game, or Harbor Par
  14. You're kidding, right? Facts that something hypothetical won't happen . . . hmm. I guess if you really wanted a fact that it hasn't happened, history proves it b/c we don't have any teams that charge that much. But this is all beside the point. A team represents a massive investment, a risk. Someone (a large organizing body) has to invest, to believe may be a better phrase, that people WILL pay that much to see a team. It hasn't happened for a reason. I'm not saying that it couldn't or that it won't only that it is a big deal and maybe not in the best interest of our area.
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