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  1. ^ Thanks for the pics of the new lighting. Looks like we have Char-Vegas happening.
  2. Google Maps Street View has been updated for many of Charlotte's main roads. The images are from May, June and August.
  3. Wonder if there are any plans to paint that water tower? I'm sure they will eventually.
  4. Signage is up on the north side.
  5. It has to be a typo. If you look at the bottom of the page under the project description it says "1111 S Tryon".
  6. Since at least the mid 1950s. I'm guessing at the time that stretch of 29 had just been resurfaced as part of the construction or I-85. If you go to this site, Historic Aerials, they satellite imagery that goes back to the 50s. It works best on a desktop, but it has a slider option that let's you compare imagery from 1960 to 2018, for example. It's fascinating to see how much the Charlotte area has changed over time.
  7. Try 2007! Yes, it's been there that long and the adt sign as well.
  8. 1968 around Charlotte. From this short documentary on the Piedmont Crescent. 1-3: I-85 at Little Rock Rd. near the airport 4-6: I-85 at Statesville Ave. 7-10: Wilkinson Blvd. near Morehead St. 11: Douglas Municipal Airport 12: Tank farm in west Charlotte 13: Cowans Ford Dam at Lake Norman 14: Charlotte skyline 15, 16: Fairly new buildings on Chesapeake Dr. in west Charlotte. 17-23: Asian Corner Mall and surrounding area 24, 25: Graham St. 26-28: The location of AvidXchange Music
  9. It's two sets of imagery. The view of Legacy Union is from April 2018 and the view of Vantage is from Jan. 2021. Google really needs to update the whole Charlotte region to the Jan. 2021 imagery. Not sure why it's taking them so long.
  10. ^It's being built on an empty lot behind the Hendrick dearlerships on Bruton Smith Blvd.
  11. Crane coming down this morning. Link: https://app.oxblue.com/open/lh/Honeywell
  12. Yes it’s definitely slower on the mobile site and my desktop pc. I hope there is a fix for this or might have to just get used to it.
  13. It has completely transformed since 2009 when I was working in Charlotte. SouthEnd was much quieter back then it seemed but now has so much life.
  14. That's the intersection of N. Davidson at E. 6th. looking toward Independence. I'm guessing this pic is from the mid 1970s.
  15. Thanks for the update, KJ. You can actually see that warehouse already under construction in the middle of this screen shot I took. I found this site, LandViewer, that has updated satellite imagery for the area. I got tired of waiting for Google to update their aerial imagery. This is a good site to see all the development happening around Charlotte, and in all the ring cities. Just search for "Charlotte" or "Mecklenburg County" and it should pull up recent imagery on the right panel.
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