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  1. Are there any plans for this site across from the Camp NE development?
  2. I know where the sign is. I just don't know why it's telling you to go that way to get to Charlotte when you're already well into the city limits.
  3. Why is this sign here when you're already well into the Charlotte city limits? It makes it seem like Charlotte is only uptown but we all know the city covers nearly 300 sq miles. It may not bother anyone else but it kind of bugs me.
  4. I like D because it has "CHARLOTTE" across it. If they would put "CHARLOTTE" on C, it would be my choice. I like C because, as you say, it feels more grand. I'm torn between C or D.
  5. ClearSky has a new photo gallery that shows off South End and Uptown.
  6. Yeah that looks bad!
  7. I like C the most. I kind of like it too. It symbolizes Charlotte's large tree canopy.
  8. Niner is probably talking about the one off South Rocky River Rd., SW of Monroe. I think this is it on Google Maps: Link
  9. We need to start a thread for drone videos. I found these on YT. They are from today.
  10. It's already there and it looks awesome.
  11. Check out the BofA crown tonight! What we've all been waiting for!
  12. The Kimpton's lighting system is being tested tonight.
  13. ClearSky has a new photo album of the CBD. It's only a few images but you can see all the work along the Stonewall corridor.
  14. KJH, thanks for taking the time to share your Charlotte pics. I found the exact spot the first photo was taken and my god has it changed! It's not even the same city at this point!
  15. Love the pic but look at that color saturation! It looks like a video game.