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  1. Wow! You've gone crazy with that new phone. Thanks for the pics!
  2. These aerial pics of Greensboro were taken in January by Clear Sky Images. Of the Triad cities, Greensboro is my favorite. Link
  3. ^ One thing to note, Carillon used to be visible on from this angle in 2007, then in 2011, only a little bit of the roof peaked over the DEC podium.
  4. Google Street View, from Oct. 2011 and Aug. 2007, respectively.
  5. Thanks, QCxpat for the all the pics you have posted lately. Great job!
  6. It's someone else. I just found that video via a YT search.
  7. Just go on YT every so often and do a search for "Charlotte, NC" or "Charlotte NC Drone", and filter search by "upload date". Never know what you might find. Found some awesome drone vids on there.
  8. Night flight around Charlotte. You folks have a beautiful city (watch in HD). Link Skip to 9:00 in the vid
  9. ^ All they had to do was reach out to Clear Sky Images. They would’ve hooked them up with a current pic.
  10. Then here's a recent shot from Clear Sky Images that is close to the shot of the Belk Freeway from the video I linked above. More pics from Clear Sky: https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2020-02-711-e-morehead-charlotte-nc-hli
  11. Found this YT clip that had some shots of the skyline, racetrack, and the old coliseum on Tyvola from the early 1990s. Also, the first coliseum and ovens auditorium.
  12. Webcam that KJ found for the 23-story Lowe’s tower in South End. http://webcampub.multivista.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=aPublicWebcam.page&WebcamPublicPageUID=E82145EC-12CE-4014-B202-CEBDBB152A21
  13. ^ We have all watched this view change quite a bit since 2007.
  14. Youtuber "Mileage Mike" has posted new videos of I-85 in Cabarrus and Rowan Counties. Nice to see I-85 is now 8 lanes all the way to Salisbury. Check out some of his other videos around Charlotte and other NC cities and towns.
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