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  1. This is exciting. I like seeing the 85 corridor becoming more developed.
  2. Here's the webcam for the Centene development. https://app.oxblue.com/open/clayco/centeneeastcoasthq
  3. Found this website that has pages of old Charlotte photos. Most of these pics I've never even seen before. Source: http://millicanpictorialhistorymuseum.com/product-category/by-location/charlotte-nc/
  4. Bing Maps has updated the satellite imagery for the Charlotte metro area. It's 2 sets of imagery. One from March 2022 and the other from June 2022. The image quality is also better than Google Maps, imo. Unfortunately, Bing's street view is still from January 2015, so it really needs an update. That's one area that Google Maps does better. https://www.bing.com/maps/#
  5. I-77 was still definitely new and it also had a grass median as KJ's pic shows.
  6. Ballantyne Reimagined from the air. https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2022-08-10000-ballantyne-charlotte-nc-pln
  7. Check out the difference from 2007 to today. https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2022-08-1600-camden-charlotte-nc-pln
  8. Looks like it will be on the same block as the ballpark.
  9. A site called "EOS.com/landviewer". EOS stands for "Earth Observing Satellite". It's not a very user friendly site but they have updated satellite imagery posted every week. Just do a search for "Charlotte Metropolitan Area" and select "Scene Search" from the right panel. Move the slider to "mosaic" and chose from the images.
  10. Work has already started on the River District. You can see the clearing going on from the most recent satellite imagery.
  11. I've just received word that KJ's parking hut will be on permanent display in the tower's lobby this fall. Stay tuned for more updates.
  12. There's some land clearing now happening north of the airport next to 85. Does anyone know what's being built here? I'm guessing another warehouse but whatever it is it should be visible from 85.
  13. Thanks for the update. I just noticed a detail. They already have the brackets in place on the windows for where the signage will go.
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