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  1. Thanks for the pics, and I agree, this stretch could use some help. Is the N. Sharon Amity interchange open yet?
  2. I'm really interested to see what they do with Discovery Place. It really could use an update to give it a modern look. I remember going on a school trip to Discovery Place back in the 5th or 6th grade (around the year 2000) and loved looking up at the tall buildings more than anything. Amazing how much the skyline has changed since then. I love recalling my memories of Charlotte.
  3. Now they're testing the lighting on the sail even more tonight.
  4. How likely is the Concord Mills flyover going to be built? I've seen some talk about it over the years but nothing yet. EDIT: After reading the report, it says construction will begin "Fall 2018" and take 2 years to build.
  5. These apartments will have awesome views of the skyline.
  6. Wouldn't angled parking be a better solution? Like was done here along Commonwealth.
  7. I wonder if Pat McCrory still thinks South Blvd. is a "corridor of crap"?
  8. Yeah I never really read too much into the "March 2018" opening. I believe it was more of a deadline to be met. My thinking is if everything goes smoothly as far as the additional work and testing that's left, then they'll open in November, which would be the 10-year anniversary. It would be symbolic to have it open at that time. So I think November is a reasonable time that we can expect it to open to the public. We'll see what happens...
  9. Once you zoom in too close it does go to 3D mode, but there is a window icon on the right side that will disable 3D view.
  10. Since we're talking about maps, has anyone used the Google Time Lapse feature? Check out how Charlotte and the surrounding areas have changed in the last 32 years.,-80.84313,10,latLng&t=1.08 Amazing to see all that land gobbled up with new development.
  11. Not sure about Google Earth, but the satellite imagery found in Maps has been updated for some time now. You have to use Google Maps in "Lite mode" to see the satellite imagery, which is dated October 2016, so is fairly recent.
  12. There is no official webcam yet, however, there is a webcam from WBTV's tower (located off Morehead St.). I know it's a good distance away, but it's the best we have right now. Also, member Grodney regularly takes pics of the site from the Duke Energy building.
  13. Wow! What a rare angle!
  14. Groundbreaking is scheduled for Q4.