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  1. ^Why is there such a difference in pavement thickness between the express lanes and normal travel lanes? Should it not be level all the way across? I have heard drivers complain about that on local TV reports. It does seem dangerous for drivers when entering and exiting the express lanes.
  2. I like that we can see The Hawk tower from here. Very cool!
  3. ^ I think the drier weather over the last couple of months really helped speed up the work.
  4. Don’t know about that but it is probably the worst place to get a taco.
  5. Clear Sky Images has released a bunch of new aerials. There's something cool about seeing the city from the air. Clear Sky does good work. Charlotte Area Stock Dunavant & Distribution
  6. You know we're nerds when we get excited about a crane being raised.
  7. Hope we get a construction camera for this one.
  8. Clear Sky has new aerials of 4101 Greensboro Street (Metromont site). This is some good news. https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2019-10-4101-greensboro-charlotte-nc-hli
  9. I was viewing the site on my desktop pc and the Raleigh pic sticks out like a sore thumb to me as a Charlotte fanatic. But on my phone it's not as noticeable. Guess sometimes webpages display differently on mobile devices vs. desktops.
  10. ^ The background image they used the section about Charlotte is downtown Raleigh. Oops!
  11. ^ I saw that that on the news. What a tragedy and sad for the loss of life. How does something like that even happen and what caused it? OSHA will be all over this. I bet it will be a long time before construction resumes. This happened at the corner of Canal and N. Rampart Street. Here’s the video.
  12. ^ I want whatever they were smoking.
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