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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It's nice to see an old aerial photo of Charlotte that's higher quality. Kind of looks like a photograph you'd find in a modern day Clear Sky Images photo album. Some parking lots still exist today, but most from that pic are gone.
  2. I can't wait to see the tower rise from this angle.
  3. 600 years from now First Ward will almost certainly look like this.
  4. From the same location. It's strange to see that hillside so bare back then but now completely overgrown. Interesting how everything looked much more open back then.
  5. Why is there a crane at Trade & Tryon?
  6. After looking over this historical aerial imagery, I'm amazed at how many buildings/neighborhoods Charlotte lost during the '60s-'70s. There is a slider tool that allows you to compare two years (i.e. 1965 vs 1978), which is a period where the city went crazy in demolishing so many homes and buildings around the CBD.
  7. To think this is how it looked not that long ago...
  8. Look at how different it looks along I-77. The embankments had no vegetation back then. Today, it would be hard to see I-77 from this angle.
  9. I can't view the article as I've reached my limit on the Observer's site, but is this the logo you guys are talking about?
  10. This is what I like to see, big crowds of people coming out to enjoy their city.
  11. Source
  12. Clear Sky has some new AMAZING photo galleries that show off uptown. Take your time because it's over 100 photos! This is the best aerial photography of Charlotte that I've seen. It's truly amazing at how dense Charlotte has become (and is becoming)!
  13. Are there any plans for this site across from the Camp NE development?
  14. I know where the sign is. I just don't know why it's telling you to go that way to get to Charlotte when you're already well into the city limits.
  15. Why is this sign here when you're already well into the Charlotte city limits? It makes it seem like Charlotte is only uptown but we all know the city covers nearly 300 sq miles. It may not bother anyone else but it kind of bugs me.