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  1. The River District

    I don't recall this video being posted but thought I'd share it. Gives a lot of info on the River District.
  2. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I love how Charlotte looks in the winter time on those cloudy days like that. It gives the city a gritty feel.
  3. KJH, congratulations on nearly 2 years at UP! I really appreciate your pics of Charlotte. It makes me feel like I live there. I saw in that one pic that the crane is being raised. Webcam shows a section being lifted up.
  4. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    It's hard to believe the airport used to look like this. LOL
  5. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    That's a beautiful shot but I wish that surface lot in the foreground was gone.
  6. Center City Development Maps

    There's also a cloud over Wilmore. Google could've selected a better satellite image this time around.
  7. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Once completed, BOAT will look impressive from that angle.
  8. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    ClearSky has a new gallery worth over 100 photos of the skyline. They do a great job of showing off Charlotte.
  9. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    ClearSky has a new gallery showing off SouthEnd.
  10. Independence Corridor

    I found a cool drone video of Independence. Source
  11. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    The imagery date is 9/2/2017.
  12. Thanks! You can see even more cranes in South End. Reminds me of how Charlotte looked 10 years ago with all the construction. Charlotte is once again Crane City.
  13. A 2nd crane for the parking deck is going up.
  14. Parking deck crane going up! The lower tower crane is being raised as well.
  15. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    You see how in that pic they're building an additional lane from I-277 to I-77 South. That's not shown in the video I posted above.