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  1. It has completely transformed since 2009 when I was working in Charlotte. SouthEnd was much quieter back then it seemed but now has so much life.
  2. That's the intersection of N. Davidson at E. 6th. looking toward Independence. I'm guessing this pic is from the mid 1970s.
  3. Thanks for the update, KJ. You can actually see that warehouse already under construction in the middle of this screen shot I took. I found this site, LandViewer, that has updated satellite imagery for the area. I got tired of waiting for Google to update their aerial imagery. This is a good site to see all the development happening around Charlotte, and in all the ring cities. Just search for "Charlotte" or "Mecklenburg County" and it should pull up recent imagery on the right panel.
  4. I’ve always liked the view from SouthPark. There’s already an air quality cam that exists from that area but it’s been down for a long time and the picture quality isn’t the best. To me the view from SP is one of the best at showing off the skyline and the growing SouthEnd skyline can be seen from there as well.
  5. If you look between the 2 LU towers, you can already see DEC 2 rising.
  6. Driving around uptown in 1996. At the start of the vid, check out how small the skyline is from I-77, which happened to be a construction zone. Youtube is the best for finding cool vids like this.
  7. Found this new drone video on YT and saved some screen shots. Just search for drone vids and you will find many of the city.
  8. NCMike1990


    ^Wow before you know it, Ballantyne will have a bigger skyline than Greensboro.
  9. LU2 lighting is being tested tonight, in blue, green, red, etc. https://app.oxblue.com/open/lh/650southtryonst
  10. ^^Thanks for the updates. Clear Sky Images has FreeMore covered from the air with these updates from August. https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2020-08-freemorewest-charlotte-nc-pln
  11. The Ellis can now be seen from this traffic cam at WT Harris. Link
  12. Updates from ClearSkyImages: https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2020-07-114-freeland-charlotte-nc-hli
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