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  1. I think the reason why I'm so excited for this project is the location and its visibility. Seeing this tower next to DEC from 277 is going to look awesome.
  2. Not the most exciting project, but there is a webcam for it. This project is the MEDIC HQ on Wilkinson. Hard to believe it's been more than a year since a webcam was added to this thread. Hopefully soon we'll see a webcam for the LH project.
  3. The crown is partially lit tonight. Looks good!!
  4. Charlotte has the best skyline and it keeps getting better. This is one of my favorite angles too.
  5. I believe RDF said that the crane should come down during the 1st week of April. I can't wait to see how the sail lighting will look.
  6. Great pic! I love this building!
  7. I agree. I hope the setbacks will soon have lighting, but I'm not holding my breath, as it's been this way for months. This may very well be the completed lighting setup.
  8. Best drone video of Charlotte ever??
  9. ClearSkyImages has a new photo album with fresh photos of Uptown. Link
  10. By far the best Charlotte skyline shot I've ever seen. Just look at all that density. I can't wait to see this angle when the LH tower and Tryon Place are completed. I love Charlotte.
  11. Thanks for the clarification RDF.
  12. Thanks. I never realized this space was a park. I never saw it listed on the Meck park & rec website, which led me to believe it wasn't a park.
  13. Thanks. I always wondered why that land sat there undeveloped.
  14. I love that first pic taken from Waddell Park overlooking Oaklawn Cemetery.