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  1. Updates from ClearSkyImages: https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2020-07-114-freeland-charlotte-nc-hli
  2. CATS posted this 1995 pic of a shuttle bus today on their FB page. The photo is from Andrill Terrace near JSU. I found the same location in Google Maps, and it's interesting to see it 25 years later. Same tree on the right but definitely not the same skyline. BofA was looking lonely. Back then it kind of reminds me of how the BofA tower in Atlanta still looks today. Out there by itself.
  3. Look closely and you can already see the Lowe's Tower rising from SouthPark. Link
  4. And give us an app so that we can control the lighting.
  5. Has work started on the Weddington Rd interchange?
  6. Welcome to the Hornet's Nest
  7. That ballpark seems like a big game changer for the area. I had no idea it was already completed.
  8. Saharan dust impacting air quality this evening. Webcam
  9. ^ Looking at that pic I just realized there is Wells Fargo signage on 300 South Brevard.
  10. The newly renovated McLaren dealer in SouthEnd.
  11. Save Hall House! There's plenty of room in the area to build this project.
  12. ^Those trees' days are numbered.
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