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  1. Australian Ghettos

    australia dose have ghettos but its not really the same its not like you rep your block and everyone on your block is a og or some crap but there are ghettos its just for some reason people have always denied them because the public is feed that australia is a good place every where, where as the u.s news and media jumps right on that and complanes about it the main reason i think is because australians arnt big sooks when i got robbed on a train i didnt care to much i just thort "oh bad day" or "bad train" not oh dear its a ghetto like the yanks and iv been robbed on the train 3 times now by different people (i think lol) but there are ghetto in most of australias main citys but for bad one's the worst one's would be adelade alot of drugs and white gangs not so much ethnics melborue well probly the best of the one's listed but for some reason is know better for crimes, lots of asian and lebonese gang wars and mafia brisbane is probly the worst for ethnic gangs and such, higher death rate's and stuff like that also drugs is on the up and for some reason there are people there are black people who clam there bloods and crips and i think there are more and more coming darwin iv never been there for to long but im sure its pretty bad but who the fudge comes to australia to look at that crap lol