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  1. Will they tear down the basketball court on parramore and/livingston/ bentley corner?
  2. i think he means the projected 'fan zone' off terry and church..
  3. New lights on the exterior make it look bright as day:) Well needed lighting for the area. Should be a fun two weeks;) Also happy to hear there will be a farmers market in the fan zone (according to some news report I watched the other day). Good to bring the community in that area that was abandoned for so long.
  4. No one else posted night pics anywhere yet so thought I'd share with you guys. They are testing the lights here:)
  5. so there is 28.5k capacity seats...how many more fans will be allowed to stand.
  6. Banner on other side of scoreboard was going up yesterday. Looks amazing. Inside is going to be crazy! Still a lot of homeless wandering around Church/Lime/Parramore/Terry
  7. OCSC now owns the entire block until Terry MINUS the 40 million dollar Church. Any news on what they plan to do with it? I really hope they buy out the church because it looks super awkward where it is right now.
  8. many typos. Expect.... and i meant in terms of state of progress of construction. this thing moving fast.
  9. except a lot of changes within the next few weeks. i'll keep updating. sold my camera so ill be regulated to iPhone 6 quality pics ;(
  10. http://imgur.com/a/IYlhR updated pics of stadium from today using canon t61 wide angle:)
  11. church looks so out of place as u can see in the 4th pic -___-
  12. Is it true the stadium will have 28.5k seats and a capacity of 36k (standing room adds the extra amount of people accommodated ??? i heard some fan on the Escot bus (takes you to the game) said he heard that at a city hall meeting but i don't believe it because no news posts that fact. thanks in advance.
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