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  1. its a nature trail. not that many people know about it and i pretty much never see anybody using it but it is pretty cool. you go all the way to the end of east poplar st. in downtown rogers and then you will see the entrance.
  2. There are tons of trees in the middle of the trail at Lake Atalanta in rogers. i go walking to the park from my house and take the trail as a shortcut but i had to go the long way because there is like no way around the trees.
  3. I was looking through craigslist at the jobs and there was a job posting for operating bungee trampolines and human hamster balls at the promenade. it says they will start july 1 which is only a couple of days away. that seems kinda cool. does anyone know if they still operate the little train? i know they took the carousel ride out.
  4. its behind walgreens. apparently the former outdoor shop building was too small so they built a new building.
  5. Academy sports and outdoors is now opened if anyone wants to know
  6. Academy sports and outdoors is now opened if anyone wants to know
  7. They finally finished fixing all the intersections in downtown rogers just in time for frisco fest this weekend it looks really nice plus they uncovered like 2 blocks of brick road on walnut that had been previously covered by asphalt.
  8. they built a new mini golf place next to fast lane entertainment
  9. FabianR ive never posted but i always read the stuff here.
  10. Rogers does have some trails now. theres like 6 miles of trails completed
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