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  1. Si7i

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    We don’t know anything, I was advocating for the city of VB to use tact. VB leadership it’s self made it political in only caring about the financial gain and not being in anyway remorseful, even if the police are in the 100 percent right at what point is it acceptable to not show sympathy or support for a lost life. Why does it become and issue of his cousin doing the wrong thing at the wrong time so he should have died? I don’t see it as a left or right issue but the city failing to see growth opportunities and squandering them on the wrong discussions no leadership in this area ever looks a
  2. Si7i

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I do not idolize Pharrell in the slightest, especially when pertaining to his shady business practices in the early 2000s in the music industry (but that’s another topic). I also do not see VB as a red headed child of the area. I actually see and explain the HR area to people all over the country as one city. I do think your own bias made you interpret my post in your own opinionated way. I will try and reexplain. Pharrell is a businessman first and a musician second. Many metro areas that have had pivotal growth have had a powerful person whether it be a mayor, busine
  3. Si7i

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    The thing that’s bugs me politically is that VBs officials heads are too big to even lie and put a statement out that they would “Ensure what happened to his cousin won’t happen again”. The posturing is bad that you can’t even lie. If Norfolk gets miltary circle redevelopment off the ground I do see VB town center stagnating in the future being in close proximity, especially with no other transportation options viable. Which means the only thing VB has going for it is it’s school system and the oceanfront. I could see Chesapeake’s town center overtaking town center easily because
  4. All VB had to do was say that what happened was wrong and an avoidable death in a press release statement, and state that they would take action in preventing future police brutality. But you know what VB did they doubled down on their conservativism, which isn’t inheritanly bad, but their way of going about it and basically not acknowledging their police departments wrong doing is now costing the city millions because of simple political posturing. If VB continues down this conservative path it’s risks losing a lot more. No one in this region is playing the long term lead
  5. Si7i

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    When I say fix the schools, I mean a total expensive restructuring. I’ve been though the Norfolk school system and I’ve seen the big issues going to both Booker T. Washington and Norview. We couldn’t even use our tennis courts and other faculties in the building because no money was distributed to that particular school, teachers were often low quality as well. I saw students turn into your typical stereo typical interpretation of the urban community. While going to this school as kids we wondered why our high school was still operational in its current condition this was in 2011. If you lo
  6. Si7i

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I actually feel the opposite way. I’m currently visiting Norfolk for two weeks from Seattle-Tacoma area and it was a big relief to come back to the area after 4 years and not see large swaths of the central business district with dead pockets of boarded up businesses like I’ve seen in Downtown Portland and Downtown Seattle. It seems as though downtown Norfolk weathered the pandemic really well compared to some other cities. But I do agree with your point in Downtown Norfolk becoming more of a lifestyle area to live vs big businesses being attracted but I would rather it become a supe
  7. Just call it Norva Beach, there I did it, identity crisis solved.
  8. Macarther Center still has failed to innovate or move with the times. I believe the mall has very bad management thinking that that location alone would carry the mall. I knew the mall had bad management when they started to lose food court options and in response rushed to fill spaces with subpar offerings (like that chicken place that used to be in the corner by the movie theater) either it's being ran into the ground dilibretly or someone doesn't know how to do their job. Not to mention the malls awful design and waste of space when it comes to street presence and being inviting. Declinin
  9. Didn’t know if these had been posted here yet, but the renderings look pretty good. Chrysler is even getting redone, srry for the low quality they were screen shots of a video on mobile.
  10. Seems like the apartments in the arts District are going up?
  11. People drive far and wide for that Meeeh Buffalo Wild Wings they will do the same for Apple Bees, people love a chain. Seems like chain restaurants do really well downtown.
  12. I don't see why HR would be a bad choice, most people don't know this but all of the cities and even some outlying counties have a pretty extensive fiber network already built out by the municipalities. It's one of the few things all the cities actually work together on. They are constantly expanding them and are municipal controlled, so in reality that Amazon HQ could go anywhere in HR the infrastructure is already there. The graphic I posted might be a little outdated but you get the gist this is a well connected region. Wish I could find the right graphic of the network that I've seen i
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