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  1. I'm pretty sure by digging down they would be adding a second elevated seating (deck) level. Also talked to an architect who is very familiar with the structure. Thick Interior columns were added to make the Project manager at the time feel better about the support of the structure. But in reality the structure was designed so that everything including interior columns can be removed because the outside trusses keep the entire structure supported. Its all about how radical the renovation is going to be and how much money they will be willing to put into it. I could easily see the scope at 15,000 seating. Currently there is alot of wasted space
  2. In the state of the city address Mayor Kenny Alexander stated that construction on these would begin this summer. Not sure if 3rd renderings of it have been posted yet. -2017 4.5 acre site in downtown Norfolk, VA 126 units in 8 buildings: – 1 Bedroom Units 20 – 2 Bedroom Units 80 – 3 Bedroom Units 26 Amenities include a “Cornerstone Lifestyle” clubhouse, pool, and outdoor plaza As part of the St. Paul’s quandrant, worked with Norfolk ARB and City staff VHDA Application EarthCraft platinum certified for energy efficiency. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. ( Old map but for reference )
  3. Took some pictures about 2 days ago on my way to ptown via the ferry. Waterside is looking nice so far but I have to say I'm not a fan of the materials in use. I guess I thought they would be using real brick for the fasade and such but oh well. Still looks decent.
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  8. 1. So no more state funding for Virginia Beach. 2. The money is still going to be spent somewhere else in the state. 3. Virginia Beach now has to pay the state back for the money they used for the Norfolk southern right away being 20-40 million. 4. Virginia Beach still has a tax increase, which was a main issue of the no light rail people. 5. Bus transfer station that was to be incorporated into the light rail system will no longer be built. 5. No added bus routes/ exstended routes 6. Nothing will be done about traffic in the years to come. 7. No bike paths to be built beside the light rial lines, with plans that would have connected Norfolk's elizabeth trial to virginia beach on to the ocean front. What are the positives again? Alot was incorporated into this project. This is so disheartening.Didn't the arena people say light rail was a major component of the deal? Doesn't this signal that Virginia Beach is not business- economic friendly? Seeing how deeply conservative people have become in this election this vote wasn't surprising. I'm still not seeing the positives, especially since your taxes are still increasing at the same percent.
  9. On the bright side we now know which route Norfolk will take. They were just waiting to see if Virginia Beach would move forward or not. Military hwy if VB doesn't move forward. Hampton Blvd corridor if VB does. Plus Norfolk is already getting its study over with and should be done in a year. VB eventually will see Norfolk's success once it's built out then add to it. Unfortunately it might be too late for VB to get actual funding.