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  1. It turns out the new Harps in Sherwood is planning on having a Dunkin' Donuts with a drive-thru window be included in the store. They are still working out the details with DD and that is what is holding things up. Apparently they have one in their Springdale store and it has done well. Hopefully they can start soon because it has been "Coming Soon" for a loooong time. http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article/104075/harps-sherwood-store-delayed-by-dunkin-donuts-details
  2. Considering the old Backyard Burgers near UAMS is about to be a Slim Chickens, this has me wondering what is going on at the old North Little Rock backyard burger on McCain. I pass it each morning on my way to work and right now all of the windows are covered inside with brown paper, and there is also a flat bed trailer and a temporary dumpster outside, causing me to wonder if they are remodeling the inside perhaps? Has anyone heard if Slim Chickens has bought this location as well?! It'd be awesome to have one in NLR! Also, some building started a few weeks ago at the corner of JFK
  3. The brand new Regal Cinemas 12 movie theatre located at McCain Mall in North Little Rock is having it's grand opening this Friday, September 21. Finally reisdents north of the river (NLR, Jacksonville, Sherwood) will have a top of the line theater choice close by. The theater includes 12 screens, including an RPX screen (Regal Premium Experience). Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night they are having preview screenings that benefit local charities. Read more at the In Arkansas website: http://www.inarkansa...d-opening-event Regal Cinemas: http://regalcinemas.com/
  4. I'd be very interested to know what those stores/restaurants are as well. Tell us what you know...
  5. Anthropologie is putting a store in Little Rock at the Promenade at Chenal. This is a higher end women's clothing store, owned by the same parent company as Urban Outfitters. This is a huge boost to the Prom at Chenal's future. Having a trendy, higher end store like Anthropologie will only help attract other names (Apple) to the center. If you are interested in working at Anthropologie they have posted a handful of job positions on their website below. The store is set to be open by Summer 2010. The first link is their job listings, the second is their normal website: http://hostedjob
  6. Here is the link to the Urban Outfitter's job page. Urban is the parent company of Anthropologie and they have a handful of jobs listed for new Little Rock location. According to the site, it says the store will be open in Summer 2010. If you are looking to get a job at the new Anthropologie I would check this out: http://hostedjobs.openhire.com/epostings/submit.cfm?fuseaction=app.allpositions&company_id=15602&version=1
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