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  1. Still waiting on French Cuisine fast food. Couple of Croque Monsieurs and side order of Kermit legs to go. Yum. (Sorry I got off topic.)
  2. Loved Tramps. (Or Trammps?) Wasn't there a record store next to it? Tookies?? Between those two and Scooper's ice cream, I spent a lot of youthful time and money in that strip mall. :-)
  3. Hurry, please, someone - start a gofundme page to make this a reality!
  4. There's a backhoe tearing down the old Blood Connection building this week. Is it weird that I'm entranced watching the demolition? I don't even have a beef with the joint - what's wrong with me? :-)
  5. I'm getting a "City on the Edge of Forever" vibe. Otherwise... yawn.
  6. Looks like the Marshall Pickens replacement is a go. Grove Point will be constructed on the Greenville Memorial campus where the old Blood Connection building is.
  7. I sure hope the skyline shots didn't show the Great Gateway Void (GGV). Hey folks, what do you think will happen first: Human footprint on Mars, or a completed building in the old Brown Box site?
  8. I like Top Golf; glad to see it coming to the area. Of course, I'll be the idiot trying to drive the ball out onto I-85. ("500 yards? Yeah, might need a 3-wood.")
  9. Uh oh - this looks A LOT like the original plans for Magnolia Park(inglot). Parking decks, green space, mixed use with residential... such happy promise! The Greenville Journal calls the government offices an eyesore now, just imagine how much worse it would look with another Cherrydale there. (The angry cynic voice in my head just went to sleep - sorry for his outburst. Maybe a different economic climate will help the chances of this project...)
  10. Looking at the photos of what Bergamo Square is now, I suddenly recall that just a few SHORT years ago, it was nothing more than a huge concrete slab sided by a virtually abandoned building. It was great for Thursday night beer parties, but not much else. This current version, even in winter's gloom, makes me far more appreciative of everthing they are doing to the square. (Being normally grumpy and negative, take that as my version of a compliment.)
  11. Have to agree - Travelers Rest has come a long way in a short time and is really beautiful these days. So glad to see TR turning into a "quaint" and growing town after years of being (or at least appearing) run-down.
  12. The sign for Sky Zone trampoline park is up on Laurens Road in the old Sports Authority space. The doors were open during construction and we stuck our nosey heads in - everything is coming along nice. Saw the big pit full of foam blocks, trampolines at 45-degree andgles and vertically creating some really bouncy-type walls. Kind of like the padded cell I should be in, but have to date eluded. ANYWAY, One gentleman working in the space said it should be open in "a couple of weeks." Hey, I'm an old fart, and this place looked really cool even to me. The young whippersnappers are gonna love it.
  13. I'd really like to hear about new stores going into Magnolia Place, rather than what certain people deem to be "Redneck." Unfortunately, I like some of the stores/activities now labeled as "Redneck," so I think I have to officially leave the "Douchebag" side. Do I have to fill out a lot of paperwork?
  14. Oh, yes, this is gorgeous! We really don't need any more green parks and "town center" garbage with hotels, condos, apartments, offices, and great retail. Look at all the available parking spaces this version has - tremendous! Just think how warm and comforting this huge slab of asphalt will be during our chilly July afternoons! (Yes, that's sarcasm born of complete disappointment. Sorry, I just needed to vent. But at least it's more jobs. Sigh.)
  15. Perhaps they should also look at booking better attractions. The Charter Amphitheatre in Simpsonville has the Black Keys, Kiss, and Mumford coming. Bi-Lo has Sesame Street. (Not a slam against Sesame Street. Cookie Monster rocks.)
  16. There is a rather strong rumor going around the water cooler that Greenville is getting a new restaurant called the Tilted Kilt. An Irish Pub type restaurant, however in the genre of Hooters and Twin Peaks. Expect to see many large, uh, televisions.
  17. I've been joking about it all along, and now it appears my most horrific scenario has actually come true... Magnolia Park is now "Cherrydale 2." (OK, glad the jobs are coming in. It's like wrapping filet mignon in hot-pockets; whatever.)
  18. Not a chance, but that would be fantastic! :-)
  19. Love that coffee shop, but it's just called "The Forest" now-a-days. Yeah, it'll always be Leopard Forest to me, too. It would be great to see them add a store downtown, but there may already be too many others just on Main - i.e.; Starbucks, Spill the Beans, Port City, Moe Joes, and Coffee Underground.
  20. I've heard that Moe Joe's is going to be more for live music and atmosphere, "and by the way, we also have coffee." (This is not a third party, but 27th or so party account. Grain of salt.) Either way, Port City has great coffee, but zero "coffee house" feel. I think (Caution: Personal opinion alert) Joe Moe's could probably survive with the usual overstuffed chairs, wi-fi, and decent tunes. So on Main, we'll have at least one Starbucks, Spill The Beans, Moe Joe's, Port City, and Coffee Underground. Eat your heart out, Seattle!
  21. Zheesh. When did this turn into an ACTIVIST board? I thought it was for sharing info about the ONE project, so folks like me who are not in the loop can see what's REALLY coming to downtown. Honestly, I though we were all Greenvillians who were excited about how great our town is. This constant divisiveness is ridiculous. SO FREAKING WHAT if a store is owned by - or caters to - a particular group? It employs local folks, pays taxes, and provides goods or services. DEAL WITH THAT, those of you who need to be constantly offended! OK, tirade over. So what have we heard about phase 3? Or is that taboo since evil straight white men might be involved? <Thast last line is called sarcasm, for you two particular members who have such problems identifying it.>
  22. This may be a bit off the beaten path, but I stumbled across a large land-clearing project and am wondering what's all the hubub, Bub. It's off Woodruff Road, near the intersection of Butler, on a back street named Bagwell road. The project is essentially behind MiMi's Japanese Steakhouse, if that helps. My first thought is that it will be housing, most likely apartments. Anyone know for sure what's going in there? http://goo.gl/maps/ClmhI
  23. Good point, ausrutherford; Walmart used to be in the "Old Time Pottery" building, so why open a store one block over? ...But here's something to chew on. Wallyworld is looking at Haywood, right? And Toys-R-Us is moving to Magnolia, right? So you'll have an empty Circuit City, empty Toys-R-Us, and a few small shops in between that can easily be moved. Plus, there is that planned "strip mall" on the current Fluor property by Stax Grille... I don't know, but it sounds like a primo spot... (Yes, I'm ignoring the wide open land by Harbor Inn just to start a baseless rumor.)
  24. This is still a complete facepalm to me. Whoever designed the sidewalk has never seen a piano. Those are stripes, not "sharp/flat keys," which should be shorter than the white "keys." And really - huge gateway signes around only one block with basically a single restaurant? What next - two massive signs around Bergamo's proclaiming it "Little Italy?" <end good-natured sarcasm> Sorry for the venting. I just get so "bent" when there's a great idea that gets completely screwed up.
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