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  1. I was driving on Granby Street this afternoon and noticed the gate on the Plume Street of the Westin lot was open. After I finished my errand, I made it a point to come back down Plume Street. I was excited at the thought of some activity taking place at the site. Then I realized the lot was probably open to accomodate the facade work at the Selden Arcade. :-(
  2. I'm impressed. I like the design. The setbacks make it stand out. Its not the typical box tower like everything else in Downtown Norfolk. I feel that someone FINALLY understands the notion that we need better architectual design in this area.
  3. The street in question is Holt Street (the road that connects Park Avenue and Tidewater Drive - its midway between Harbor Park and Ruffner). It will be closed for the next 2 1/2 months while the bridge is being constructed.
  4. These are the best aerial pictures of Norfolk I've seen. The best part is these photos are recent. And just think how much more this city is going to "grow up" (by that I mean since there isnt much real estate to grow out on...its time to grow up in height.) I'm going to co-sign that. There are also a few other parking garages scattered around Downtown that need to come down and some sleek buildings go up in their place.
  5. Thanks for the pictures...I have always liked the view of downtown coming in on Brambleton near the hospital.
  6. I've noticed that as well. There is a sign on the front. Its going to be a Brasilian restaurant.
  7. urbanvb - thanks for the pics. Miami is such a great city. The weather there during this time of the year is far beyond perfect.
  8. I was wondering where I had seen that picture before.
  9. If thats all they are working with, then just scrap the entire project. I would not be disappointed in the least. I like the sleek blue glass on the side. Maybe someone will get a clue and wrap the entire buidling with it.
  10. Gosscj, your pictures across the various threads are fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I especially love the skyline shots. I have a passion for photographing skylines (espcially Norfolk's) as well. I'll post some when I get the opportunity.
  11. Anyone see this on Pilotonline today? South Hampton Roads Housing Census Numbers
  12. I agree russ. At one time there was a lot of momentum, and now things have leveled off quite a bit. Hopefully something or someone will step it up...soon. Until then, let's sit back and have a little patience.
  13. No, this is a few blocks north of the Quadrant. Goff Street is one block from the intersection of Church and Princess Anne.
  14. I agree. The skyline is off balance without lights on the new Dominion Enterprises building. And I don't know whats up with the white/blue lights on 150 W. Main and the World Trade Center. In the pictures the lights are blue, but up close and personal they are more of a "blueish-white". They look cool, but it also throws off the skyline because the lights on the other buildings are clear. Who knows, maybe in 2007 the rest of the city will go with blue-white lights.
  15. Here are some miscellaneous pictures that I finally got a chance to post here. Enjoy. Late summer evening From Saturday's Grand Illumination My best picture of Norfolk so far
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