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  1. Parking at Fort Smith is cheaper, too. If you live in Fayetteville, its only 1 hr, vs 30 minute drive, Fort Smith vs XNA. If you're hopping thru Dallas on American, sometimes you can save a couple hundred bucks by driving that extra 30 minutes each way. Security and check in at Fort Smith are a breeze, too.
  2. Interesting information. Thanks for sharing.
  3. West of Harps is a big apartment development. I think part of it wraps around to the north side.
  4. There are two projects underway in the "Mill District" at West Ave & Prairie. One is the mixed-use building where ABBC is supposed to put a new tap room, with two levels of apts above, and the other looks like more row houses. There are some lots nearby that aren't used-well that seem like they'd make sense for some intense development. When the ABBC opens, there's three places to eat/drink within a city block there. If Arsaga's ever does what they've said they were going to do at the former little gas station west of Woodstone, you have a really cool little cluster, with room for more. The library expansion is going to really connect that spot to downtown.
  5. The Lumiere was reduced in height by 10 feet, which I think is a good thing, and some of the glass facade was replaced with more corten. The overall shape is still the same, although I don't know where to find a rendering of the revised plans.
  6. They will also be hindered by the restrictions on height next to single-family residential structures.
  7. New monthly and YTD numbers out today for XNA. It looks like it will definitely be another record year. http://talkbusiness.net/2017/07/arkansas-transportation-report-year-to-date-traffic-up-at-arkansas-three-largest-airports/ Where is that discount carrier???
  8. Bentonville seems to be aiming to be the cultural capital of Arkansas in some ways. At a minimum, they will have an "urban core" more fitting a city of 60-70k people than the one they had just a few years ago, designed for a city of 15,000 people.
  9. wmr

    NWA Growth

    The county estimates are confirmed further through today's release of city estimates. Benton County cities are growing just as quickly as last year, while Washington County has slowed down: Estimates of city Population as of July 1, 2016: Fayetteville – 83,826 added 996Springdale – 78,557 added 698 Rogers – 65,021, added 1,862Bentonville – 47,093, added 2,594
  10. XNA outclasses JAN. Not a good comparison at all.
  11. If this section of College is rezoned, I'd expect to see it push further north. It can only be good for redevelopment. These new zonings give property owners more uses and options for the property. There are still some cases where the "old zoning" is useful, but most of the development under the new codes just looks better, is more prominent to the street frontages, and makes the city look better. I find it hard to understand the resistance some property owners have to it.
  12. I posted pic in the College Ave thread.
  13. There was an article in the DemGaz today that said Willow Heights residents would be moving to another complex on the south side of the city and that the land currently occupied by the aging housing project will be sold. Does anybody know anything about this? The views from that land are some of the best in the city. I could see it being a really great downtown park.
  14. The proposed downtown design standards were adopted by Springdale. Walton money is being offered to help with some buildings: http://talkbusiness.net/2017/03/springdale-adopts-new-building-standards-for-downtown-walton-money-to-help-with-facade-work/
  15. Yes, that's the bear. Is that a permanent fixture? Not a fan...
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