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  1. Why didn't they just buy the name "Interbank" from the bank in Peru? That wouldn't have cost much, not in banker's terms.
  2. Growing up in Charlotte since 1954 I am amazed. Tryon, a smidgen of Trade Street and College Street were the home of virtually every skyscraper. Now, almost all east/west streets that intersect Tryon Street between Stonewall and 11th/12th have multiple skyscrapers. I am filled with pride. Keep taking great shots, KJ.
  3. Best Charlotte Video Ever! What a great pilot/paparazzi!
  4. Hey KJHb, I ask this questionoften....Do you know anyone at Duke who can give you any info on utility undergrounding, at least for Southend? Every time I see your construction updates I am totally distracted by this disgusting mish-mash of utility cables going every which way!
  5. I sold bottle drinks out of a bucket full of ice, walking the grandstand at Clark Griffith Park. Made a nickle a bottle!
  6. Say, has anyone else noticed the 45 degree stuff is starting to appear up top?
  7. Kinda' looks like it belongs at Trade and McDowell. That is and always was and always will be one ugly structure with or without the el.
  8. Hey KJHburg, Your photos are amazing: you show the lastest beam, form, crane and lots of other fine details about your subjects. It's great! Please get out to the airport and get some detail about the elevated roadway progress. Rumors of new design changes also the fact that the airport website and FB show 3 variations of design i.e. canopy/no canopy. Hell, they aren't even on the same page. They installed those large street light towers and they don't show up in the canopy design. The CO hasn't reported anything about "over budget" or design changes. The last thing I heard was that the city council had let another contract for 5 crane bases within the project area. We have been treated to a lot of print/photos about the A addition but very little about the elevated roadway /terminal lobby project. C'mon man! Get some details for us. Your avid appreciator StillLoveClt.
  9. Why hasn't CLT verified which design they are going with: the glass canopy or the covered bridges. The website/facebook have both designs as all of these videos do too. If there is a design change in the works why aren't they owning up to it?
  10. Does anyone know anybody at the airport that can verify any design changes/budget cutbacks? One part of the CLT website shows the new canopy design and another section shows the original covered catwalks design. Is the airport going to make a statement? Oh Ely, what's the status?
  11. Better yet, Finish new A and raze old A and rebuild from scratch. They already have the apron around old A. That way, everything on the west side of the airport (the visible part from the roadway) looks brand spankin' new!
  12. They were supposed to be installing 5 crane bases. Did you see any evidence of those?
  13. There was a rendering back in the late 60s in the CO (I'm aging myself) where a 15 story "fat" addition was going to replace the Caldwell part of the building. Alas...........
  14. The Brownlee clock had roman numerals and a tubular post.
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