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  1. With all of the time that that the gold line has to await a rule breaker, they damn sure have time to copy down a license plate number. How about a $1000 fine for anyone who blocks the track more than one minute. They'll stay off then!
  2. So, Dr. Donut, whom I truly enjoy reading, please predict for us in your swami type foresight, how many cranes will be in the air above Uptown & Southend in 2022?
  3. I am surprised that one of you amazing UPers who are photoshop savvy haven't superimposed the CLT entrance Rotunda out in mid field surrounded by jetways. I would do it if I knew how.
  4. You guys think that the Brooklyn thing is quietly moving ahead. I don’t believe it. I think it’s another Levine type situation. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  5. Taking into account everything that I’ve read about Mr. Harris from you guys and the print media, he probably won’t build LU4 until he has an anchor plugged in. Just sayin’.
  6. Maybe I'm speaking too soon but I can't believe they would make all of those beautiful aesthetic improvements and leave those ugly vents on the Stonewall 1st floor side exposed. If the idea (or on of the ideas) is to make it all more pedestrian friendly, maybe some awnings or sidewalk cafe look (or a sidewalk cafe) would make all of those utility vents disappear. A lot of money spent to still have that "industrial look at street level. Like I say, I may be speaking too soon.
  7. I know, from UPers, that the airport model has been moved or relocated but WHY, is there not a published rendering of “E”. I flew into CLT about a month ago and never had the opportunity to go on the roof of the car rental garage so I really couldn’t visualize a finished product. Is this a “design as you build “ thang or are there actually renderings of a finished “E”?
  8. Heh heh, I like the way you still call it "Intercontinental"!
  9. Hey KJ, Is this a rendering of the new Krispy Kreme hq?
  10. That building was announced in 1968. I remember this because I was reading the paper at Smith Jr. High. At that point there were the two skyscrapers at 4th & Tryon that are still there plus the old Independence Bldg at the square and the Liberty Life Bldg (still there) a cross Trade, the Wilder Bldg (ugly) at 3rd along with the old version of 1st Union across 3rd. That 32 story building was built for $5,000,000 (1968 numbers) and it was called Jefferson/First Union (Jefferson Standard Life) and it had a restaurant/lounge on the top floor. It looked great an modern back then.
  11. Several years ago, we visited Barcelona, there was a wonderful market called Mercat de Santa Caterina. It was a fresh meat and vegetable market set up like a refrigerated flea market. That old A & P on Park Avenue would make a perfect location for something like that. "You" should tell "them" that "they" need to convert that building to something amazing as that!
  12. Hey, anyone going to CLT soon, how about snapping some up-to-date construction pics of Terminal & E. Just trying to keep up. Thanx!
  13. Can one of you nice UPers reprint that Observer CLT story. I can’t seem to back-door my way in anymore.
  14. Agreed! Love the construction pics. Still haven't seen a detailed view of what is being done over at "E". I know, I know, sometimes it's like watching paint dry but I love the construction photos.
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