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  1. Hey KJ, I know you are up on an LU4! C'mon, spill the beans!
  2. I realize that some of you great UPers are privy to better info than the rest of us but I curiously ask: Is Skidmore officially involved with this project?
  3. I live in Tampa Bay Florida and they are doing a utility burying project on the main drag in my community. Contantly, they have to tear up and rebuild potions of sidewalks for whatever reasons. It may look like they are screwing up but I guess we really don't know what the heck is down THERE! I think it's just par for the course. FWIW
  4. KJ, you are a damn fine investigative writer. Any reputable business publication reporter/photographer would be hard pressed to top your ability of fact finding. So here's my challenge for you: Find someone at Duke that give us some insight on underground wiring. All of these wonderful Charlotte projects have an eyesore of distraction with all of the exposed clutter in the air (I'm referring to the power lines). Since you know everyone in townI am sure that you have an "in" with someone at Duke that can at least give you a timetable?
  5. Every time I go to this thread, you know, the one that says Charlotte/Douglas International Airport Expansion, I keep expecting to see updated construction pics of the lobby work but all I read about is OAG type stuff. I reiterate, can someone drive out to the "free for the first hour" lot and grab som photos? I feel sure that the top level of that lot is a solid vantage point for the kind of pics that I see of uptown!
  6. Say, I wonder if the architect for Honeywell anticipated that Mint Street would subsequently be straightened out after Panther Stadium relocates settling the question as to why the shape of the building doesn't follow the road?
  7. Solid, informative answer to my question! I just think that even having a spur to River District like what is talked about to the terminal, would save money over the long haul (no pun intended). Obviously Pineville made a mistake by not wanting the Blue Line to go to downtown Pineville because of potential traffic problems. No traffic in Pineville (lol). Had the Blue Line made it to Pineville, an extension to Ballantyne would have been a lot cheaper.
  8. It makes no sense to make the same mistake of not extending the Blue Line to Pineville and subsequently to Ballentyne.. Let's do the Silver Line to Airport, Airport business district, River District, Belmont . What do you say?
  9. What happened to all of the speculation about connecting the Silver Line with the River District?
  10. Lord forbid! if they run out of money right after they finish that monolith!
  11. Shoot KJH, I'll look at that Twitter feed every day! I appreciate your effort though but usually you get a whole study of photographs of the construction . Oh well.
  12. Psst KJ, are you gonna get some airport lobby construction pictures soon?
  13. Does Concourse D really need to be remodeled?
  14. This icon is going to own the westside view!
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