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  1. First time posting here in a few years, but I had to get in on the good discussion! I would counter this argument in that in the 70s, the City was not under federal obligations they currently are under the Uniform Relocation Act, since this is a federally funded redevelopment of housing that currently received federal operating and capital subsidies. I can appreciate and understand the concerns of Tidewater Gardens residents, and I really get why they are skeptical of the City/NR&HA keeping their promises. I guess I am just a bit more hopeful (maybe naively so) that since the URA has
  2. I believe the Royster building is currently an office building too, so the conversion to a hotel should tighten up office vacancy even further! I love hotels, and I am thrilled downtown Norfolk is finally becoming a desirable place for this form of development.
  3. http://www.viewitdoit.com/images/virtual_tours/waterside_vt_01/index.html City of Norfolk just posted a 360 virtual tour of the construction process inside Waterside, and also mentioned that it is slated to open Sprin 2017.
  4. That's a great point, and one of many reasons why I overwhelmingly support LRT over BRT. My guess is that either the BRT dedicated lane would require either a reduction in lanes on the existing roads, or a road expansion (which as we have seen in the case of Kempsville Road, can be as hotly contested as light rail ). When people think BRT, they immediately think cheaper, but there are always hidden costs that will come up with any form of transportation (roads, rail, buses, etc.).
  5. While I agree that LRT has a more profound economic impact than BRT, BRT buses travel in their own dedicated (often separated via a median) travel lanes, and have onboard sensors that communicate with traffic signals to minimize the time spent stopped at traffic lights.
  6. While Wegmans and Fresh Market are both grocers and would compete in some areas, this has not prevented Fresh Market and Whole Foods (and Trader Joes) from operating and being successful at Hilltop. Wegmans stores are usually enormous too and much larger than a Fresh Market footprint. The prepared foods that Wegmans has is unbeatable.
  7. No worries, I've probably been spending too much time on Reddit, so I feel like I'm always in defensive mode when it comes to responses now haha
  8. This is just not true. Even huge cities like Chicago limit the hours that establishments can serve alcohol, but there are still plenty of restaurants by the bars where the bargoers head to after they're done partying for the night. I am sure the City could lobby the ABC to allow them to give out a very limited number of 4:00 AM liquor licenses to some bars, but I don't think that's what the City or many of its residents want at this point in time.
  9. Thanks for the link vdogg. Just made a comment myself!
  10. Ugh sounds like the typical Boomer-Millennial disconnect she and every other Boomer is guilty of. We as Millennials are lazy and entitled and the Boomers know us better, and once we "grow up," we'll continue the trend of moving to the suburbs because it's what we're supposed to do. If she wanted to build a stronger argument, she would present concrete evidence of Millennials actually doing that, but there are hard facts out there that show families and households are forming later on life, and that Millennials are slower to move out to the burbs (and when they do, they still want a walkable ur
  11. Delta announced two new routes from ORF. One is resuming a nonstop flight to JFK, while the other is the introduction of a seasonal route to Minneapolis. http://pilotonline.com/news/local/transportation/delta-adds-new-flights-out-of-norfolk-international-airport/article_74d80793-31bb-5c8f-83f9-2f6b87521263.html
  12. Assuming both hotels maintain their flags, both Sheraton and Marriott are renovating most of their hotels in the US, with a focus on millennials. I know that Sheraton is doing a total rebrand to try and get over its "crappy" stigma that has followed it for at least a decade, so if the owners of the Sheraton are hoping to maintain their flag, good things should come to that hotel in the next few years. I cannot really speak to a timeline for Marriott, although I know the Uptown Charlotte was recently renovated and the blog I read it on said that the renovation was part of a string of Marriott h
  13. Southwest is adding two new nonstops from Norfolk, including one that will make it Norfolk's farthest west destination: Denver http://www.pilotonline.com/news/local/transportation/southwest-airlines-adds-two-new-direct-flights-from-norfolk/article_924be503-f280-598b-854d-bd40489c105a.html
  14. No they are saving the historic beach club, unless their latest plans changed their position on that.
  15. Nordstrom Rack is coming?! To Hell with Sears, I'll take Nordstrom Rack any day of the week!
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