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  1. I’d expect that we should start seeing construction of the sloped roof soon. It’ll really add to the visual impact. Very nice development.
  2. Makes me sick to my stomach.
  3. This is depressing. Those pictures look like a war zone. I hope that the buildings that are knocked down can be rebuilt. I’d hate to see an empty lot like the one across from Hooters.
  4. The Old Spaghetti Factory is next door to the business wit the blue and white facade on the ground floor. In the picture, you can make out the awning of the OSF.
  5. That’s odd. I’m assuming this video is for the East Nashville area? If so, why does the explosion look like it’s do the left of the Batman building more in the area closer to Broadway and not to the right where the actual explosion was. Am I not looking at this right?
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed already, but when did the design of the office tower change? It looks very different from the renderings and model with the two open areas. Not saying I don't like it, but it appears that there was some value engineering..
  7. I don’t see why he wouldn’t want y to bring it back. Maybe the crown would add to much to the cost of the building. Even a shorter version around 700-800’ would be nice.
  8. Is it me, or did they end up using more brick for the tower facade? This rendering appears that the majority of the facade is a stone looking material that matches the crown. Value engineering maybe?
  9. Here’s a screenshot from the 1993 movie The Thing Called Love. It’s a scene from a building rooftop with downtown in the distance. It’s blurry, but you can see the crown lit. It was actually pretty bright. You can also see the TN Tower in the background lit up like it used to be. https://youtu.be/T8uyngh4ELc
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