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  1. Maybe we will pass each other lol. I'm actually heading out Thursday evening. I'm excited to see the changes as well. It has been exactly a year since I have been home.
  2. Not sure if the bottom portion of the tower without the glass counts as 2 or 3 floors, but I'm counting the 22nd floor.
  3. I'm thinking the garage panels would have looked better if they were silver and black. At least it would have looked more cohesive with the mullions.
  4. So only the top corner of the roof fins are going to be lit?????
  5. Sorry it's not that clear. I wonder if we will see a rendering soon? I Googled proposed SOM building for Nashville and found this. Obviously it's the NYC skyline but one can dream right???
  6. Sounds like Pinnacle and Tony should work together on a mixed use tower.
  7. But she's beautiful on the inside. That's what counts right???
  8. Is glass installation on the fins complete?
  9. I was downtown last year for the 4th and there was a lot of smoke as well due to humidity. It covered up many of the fireworks. Batman looks like he needs a bath!
  10. I love it!! Man I am so excited to come home. The 30th can't get here soon enough.
  11. Man this guy just doesn't give up! They really are trying to emphasize the curves of the S aren't they? Hmmmm I think the S should be blockier.
  12. Not a bad looking building I suppose. See what a couple of setbacks and decorative top can do for a building...
  13. Have you guys ever noticed anyone in the pool near the glass? I'm assuming it's deep enough that one couldn't stand and look over the glass.
  14. Haha all the complaining some of us do about so many flat top buildings being built. Now we are getting buses and globes on top!!!
  15. I'm curious since some of you know Tony or have at lest talked to him in the past, has he ever brought of the possibility of Signature tower happening in the future or does he consider it dead?