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  1. Thank you. It’s funny, because we were dining around today, and she said the one museum she’d really like to visit was the JCM. Thank you!! Visited family today in Clarksville. Went on the Clarksville Greenway and loved it. Which greenway in Nashville would you say is best? I’ve heard good things about Shelby Bottoms.
  2. Not sure where to post this, but does anyone know if the Tennessee State Museum is open? Google maps lists their hours as open today, but when I called the message says they are closed due fo COVID-19. I had thought museums were opening? I appreciate any info. I brought a family member to town for her first visit. Was hoping to visit the museum if possible. If not, thankfully we have many greenways and Opryland hotel if that’s even open.
  3. I love this development but think I agree about the stonework. I like the idea, but it does seem a bit much on the corners. Looks like the building blew up and they pieced it back together. Very handsome buildings though. And that tower!
  4. Looking at the first photo of LA_TN’s post above, it appears that the floors taper out on one side, and then the opposite on the other side as the building rises to give it that leaning affect. Check out these buildings in Madrid
  5. When I was home recently, I thought it was sad that there’s already graffiti on the new connector. It’s such an eyesore.
  6. Is the Amazon tower going to have fins on the side like Bridgestone?
  7. Maybe you are referring to me. I’m in Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach) and go up to NOVA all the time. I hope to get back to Nashville sooner than later. I was home when the tornado hit. My dad had heart surgery at St. Thomas the day before and was still there when it hit. I’m still saddened by the damage it caused. It was surreal driving back to VB the next day and seeing all the destruction along I-40.
  8. Also, if you look closer, it looks like there is an overhang. I wonder if part, or if not all of the bottom of the pool is glass? I don’t think the Westin POD does that.
  9. Of course, by all means! I know how much reassurance can help. Earlier this evening I found myself getting phlegm in my throat that was thicker than usual. I started to have that feeling coming on like my anxiety was going to ramp up. I’m horrible about catastrophic thinking. Well two hours later after taking mucinex, Benadryl, and drinking some hot tea, the phlegm has cleared up and I feel more at ease. Also I took two melatonin. Not sure how I’m able to type this right now lol. At least I’ll be dozing off soon and my mind will be at rest.
  10. I know exactly how you feel. My shortness of breath and breathing issues are due to me having a vocal cord disfunction, which in turn has caused me anxiety. Like you, lately if I get a shortness of breath, its very easy to let my anxiety get the best of me. I never even experienced anxiety before all of this. It started last August when I was at home one day an could not clear my throat of phlegm and thought I was choking. I want to the ER because I was so freaked out. To make a long story short, I went to the ER 5 times from August to November. I'd have issues with by breathing being labored, problems swallowing, and choking feeling. The entire experience caused me terrible anxiety attacks. It's a pretty scary feeling thinking that you are going to choke to death, or can't breath. Of course every time I went the ER they would check to see if it was my heart which it wasn't. The doctors were stumped. Even my doctor increased my allergy medicine thinking it could be allergy related, and prescribed me medicine for acid reflux because apparently it can cause some nasty stuff. Had a skin allergy test and was only found to be allergic to dust mites and dog hair. I have had dogs forever and the allergist didn't feel it was that considering my symptoms just started. She even had me do a pulmonary test to see if I had developed asthma. I had not. I had an endoscopy where they dilated my esophagus thinking it might help with the choking sensation. I didn't. I would even have a feeling like something was stuck in my thought. FINALLY in January when I went back to see the allergist for a followup, she didn't feel my issues were allergy related, but that I could possibly have a vocal cord disfunction, and should see a speech pathologist. Me being ignorant about VCD, I was like "I can speak just fine". So, I went to see a speech pathologist and she placed a camera up my nose and went down my throat so we could see my vocal cords. She had me do a few voice and breathing exercises to see my vocal cords function. Low and behold I a had a VCD. Basically when your vocal cords are supposed to be open, mine were closing slightly. She gave me literature about VCD, and amazingly all of the issues I'd been having were symptoms of It. You can look up videos on YouTube to get a better understanding of what I’m talking about. The video of the old man with Strider scared the crap out of me. That's a very severe VCD. There is no cure for VCD and apparently is quite common in athletes, which I am not lol. Basically, I have to retrain my vocal cords. I do rescue breaths when I feel an episode coming on, and they help immensely. I'm not sure if you know what they are, but is not you should look them up. I will inhale two quick breaths through my nose as if you are sniffing flowers, and then go right to my exhale for four seconds. The key is laying down flat and not pausing between the inhales and exhale. It's like a continuous circular motion. When exhaling, your lips should be pursed as if you are sucking on a straw and the exhale should come from your abdomen/diaphram. These rescue breathing exercises have helped a lot. No more ER trips and anxiety attacks. I think having all the knowledge of knowing what is wrong with me made the anxiety attacks subside. The one silver lining for me, is that I lost over 20 lbs due to not eating a lot for the fear of choking. I lived off of soup and mushy foods. Now, with COVID-19 being around, I have started to get very anxious. Every time I feel like I'm getting shortness of breath I start to wonder if it's a symptom. Therefore I can start to get that tingling feeling all over by body like I'm about to have an attack. I know it's a vicious cycle. If you weren't already aware of rescue breathing, I hope you can look into it and give it a try. I hope things get better for you. Hang in there....
  11. Haha yes. Big fan of the show growing up. It’s considered a 1st season Jeannie bottle because the bottle only had the gold vines and aged wash on it. The first season was shot in black and white, hence the paint scheme of the bottle. When Sydney Sheldon found out the show was getting picked up for a second season, the show was filmed in color and the bottle painted in purple, which is what most people are familiar with. That’s known as the 2-5th season bottle. It’s actually a Jim Beam Christmas decanter from 1964. Sydney Sheldon received one as a gift and thought the bottle would make a wonderful vessel for his upcoming show. Barbers Eden kept on form the show and is know.n to be the only remaining one, I have a 2nd-5th season bottle as well. Here are a few photos.
  12. Not sure where to put this, but I wanted to share some cool pieces of Nashville memorabilia that I have. One, is a laser cut Nashville skyline display that I got from Cut Maps, and the other is a replica of the Batman building I got from Replicabuildings.com. The Batman building replica has been on their site for quite some time as you can see with the “BellSouth” name and the TriStar logo. The tips of the spire have to be glued when you receive it and are copper. A quick trip to my local hobby store for some pewter model paint was the perfect solution for matching them with the rest of the tower. As for Cut Maps, they actually specialize in laser cut city maps out of steel and wood. My next purchase is going to be their framed Nashville city map in steel. I hope you all enot!
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