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  1. Ah maintenance platforms. That makes sense as well. I'm sure they will have a mechanical system like the Pinnacle to clean the facade. Then again they may just use the guy that was painting the sign. He doesn't seem to care about heights.
  2. Haha I figured you would know. Thanks for explaining. I was like how are they going to light up the black letters??? I have another question that you might be able to answer arkitekte. What are the large pieces at the very top of the fins? Are they just for structural support? They just seem rather large. They almost remind he of the housing for a retractable awning. I hope this pic explains what I am talking about. They almost look like they are going to form a lip at the top of the fins. Could these contain the LED light fixtures?
  3. Pic from Skycam this morning. So I'm guessing the glass curtain wall will extend a few feet past the current height?
  4. I agree. I wonder how the sign will be lit? If at all.
  5. That seems odd that the background of the Bridgestone sign is being painted up there. You'd think it would have just been fabricated in white or at least painted before the letters were added.
  6. "one of the landmarks that Nashville will be known for" hmmmm sounds like something that should have been at the KVB roundabout.
  7. San Francisco is building their soon to be second tallest that is mixed use.
  8. I hope it's lit up soon. It would be nice to see it when I am in town for the 4th. Is there going to be glass on both sides of the fins or will he frame be left exposed?
  9. So it looks like some sort of cladding is going up on the hotel in the background. I was worried that black wall was going to be exposed. Even though it will be hidden from view eventually I'm glad it is being covered.
  10. I still don't see why a mixed use of office, residential, and hotel can't be built in order to get some height. It happens in other cities. And yes, I know this is Nashville....
  11. And Batman is almost 100' taller. I really like how this pic makes 505 look so much taller than it really is. Does it look that way from most vantage points on the interstates when approaching downtown? I am bringing family into town for the 4th that have not been to Nashville since 1987. I want them to see the most amazing view. We are coming from Virginia Beach, so I was thinking of getting off of I-40 on to 840 and then back on to I-65 N and bring them that way.
  12. Did the Bridgestone signage go up today? I can't quite make it out from WKRN's cam. Can anyone provide pics? Thanks!!
  13. Haha whatever "it" is!!
  14. I don't think this is new information. This is annotated on the previous page and has the newest renderings.
  15. I agree with you on all your points. I went to the IKEA in the Conshohocken area of Philadelphia a couple of years ago and was surprised how it seems to be by itself amidst an abundance of industrial buildings and sites. It is not your typical IKEA location. At least not what I have seen around the world.