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  1. That billboard! Are they seriously going to leave it there???
  2. Yep I just noticed that on the News 2 cam. Go Press is scrolling across the building now. Still can't figure out why they would turn the lights out at other times. Maybe something is wrong with them or they haven't realized they are out.
  3. I agree. Even the last rendering makes the pavement of LoBro look more pedestrian friendly.
  4. At least it is going to appear taller than 34 floors. The cap alone looks like the equivalent of 3 floors. I just hope it has some sort of dramatic lighting.
  5. I think that you can see it in the link posted above. It's the Oxblue cam.
  6. Would you all say that it is climbing about a floor every week to week and a half? If so, I see this being topped out by the end of summer or beginning of fall.
  7. I hope the median with trees actually happens.
  8. Oh ok. I can see the difference from the older renderings. I think I liked the office tower in the older rendering better. Anyways, this is going to be a great addition to downtown.
  9. Hasn't the office tower changed a little from the rendering above?
  10. They haven't been many close up renderings of the residential tower. I wonder if everything we have seen so far is only conceptual? And with the office tower I don't think it's so bad. Something does look different about it though. Isn't this location on higher elevation than 222 2nd Ave.? I guess by the time I make it home in July the old CC will be gone. Can't wait to see this rise!
  11. I forget, but is construction to start on the Embassy Suites / Curio once demolition is complete?
  12. I swear 505 looks like Nashville's tallest from this view.
  13. And 505 looks really tall from that view! Can you post the link for the cam?