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  1. And yet Detroit can get a new tallest. Not trying to say anything bad about the city but I'm surprised considering it's decline.
  2. Well it may still be flat but at least that's a lot of glass on top that can have some nice lighting. Kind of a shorter version of the Pinnacles crown.
  3. I see what you are talking about now. I had to go back to an older pic of the SoBro to see the top without the rails. I think it will help a lot as fas as the rest of the roof goes.
  4. That part isn't that bad to look at. It's the little black units that line the edge of the roof that are distracting. I hope those are covered up soon.
  5. I agree. It could be worse. It does have a visual impact regardless if people like it or not. It would be interesting if it had cool lighting from behind the panels and could change colors.
  6. I keep seeing a commercial here in Virginia Beach (Geico I think) and it was filmed in Nashville during the Rock and Roll Marathon.
  7. I know you can't tell in this picture, but is the top of the TN Tower being lit now? On one of the news cams I could have swore I saw some lighting at the top.
  8. When I was up at the Converse store in Williamsburg in December, an employee told me they were opening a store at the new outlet mall in Norfolk.
  9. Thank you! It's standing out more than I thought it would.
  10. Great read. Make sure to look at the comments though. Someone from New Orleans couldn't help but say how much better and really it is compared to Nashville. What's the point???
  11. Can someone please tell me what the development is in the far right of this picture. I believe it has a yellow crane. Thanks!
  12. Vrtigo what floor is the JWM up to now?
  13. Wow the JWM is going to really shoot up fast.
  14. What is all the red lighting for?
  15. I agree. The nets stick out like a sore thumb on I-264 here in Virginia Beach.