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  1. Hmmm that reminds me of a wall that used to be at the Ft. Jackson base swimming where I'd swim in the early to mid 80's. I think it was built in the 60's. The wall was good for hanging towels over to dry. It was ugly as sin.
  2. No there used to be glass panels. I have an old pic I will share once I find it.
  3. I was thinking that as well. There are some really nice proposals on there.
  4. See I don't get this mentality either. "Not something that looks like it was dropped from outer space", ummm have they not seen Bridgestone Arena???
  5. Does anyone know why the glass panels were removed from the bottom of the slanted roof on the Batman building?
  6. I like the proposed sign. Now just add lighting at the top of the building to match and I'll be happy :-D
  7. Looks like hills in the background. Hmmmmm....
  8. Details please!!
  9. What gets me is that most of these ignorant people probably don't even live downtown, or near it for that matter. One post on the I Remember Nashville When page on Facebook had a post featuring the L&C tower and how it was the sole skyscraper in Nashville and that everything built after is just crap and it's being hidden by every new building. I know many will disagree with me for what I'm about to say, but I don't think the L&C tower is appealing in any shape or fashion. Yes I like mid century design, but to me it's an ugly building. It looks so dirty (and yes I know the limestone causes that) and like something out of the Soviet Union. Sorry guys just not my thing. To each his own I suppose. Still, some of the people in Nashville act like it's the Empire State Building or something. Just my two cents, so please be gentle lol.
  10. I couldn't agree with you more. Just read some of the comments from people when a new development is announced. I cringe at how ignorant people can be. Oh and of course it's all the mayors fault....
  11. Ah so this is new. I noticed today as I drove by. It's going to feel so different in that area with a high-rise.
  12. Wish I could have made it since I'm in town. I brought my cousin here for her first trip and was doing a quick tour of the area before I have to drive back to VB tomorrow. My cousin loved it here. She said downtown was so vibrant and like the cool buildings. She also couldn't get over all the giant houses as I was cutting across Tyne Blvd. to get to Franklin. She said Nashville is a gorgeous city. I couldn't agree with her more. God I love it here. People tell me I'm lucky because I only live 6 miles from the ocean but you can have it for all I care!! Give me a lake or river any day :-) Oh by the way, who's who in the photo?
  13. I literally stared at this for like three minutes.
  14. Has anyone heard if the proposed fountains for Musica have been canceled? The reason I ask is because NC5_SKY5HD posted some arial pics today Facebook, and one was above Musica. I asked about the fountains and someone from NC5_SKY5HD said they were "cut". Can anyone verify this? I do know there were supposed to be fountains in the beginning and those were cut. I'm hoping that's what they are talking about.
  15. So basically we could have had a new tallest? Not really sure I would have wanted it to be this building in it's current design.