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  1. I found it interesting that this article was from Cleveland, Ohio. https://fox8.com/news/nexstar-media-wire/batman-building-the-history-of-nashvilles-iconic-skyscraper/amp/
  2. Interior designer here. This is very underwhelming. The staging looks very cheap, and what’s with the lattice and mirror in the entryway? I’d have expected way more (especially the staging) from this brand.
  3. There’s an EVO here in Hampton Roads. It was originally CineBistro that opened about 13 years ago, and It’s a really nice experience. I enjoy being able to order food and eat while I watch a movie, while the reclining seats are a plus as well. We have another chain in the area called Cinema Cafe that offers a similar experience, minus bowling and arcade games. Is there currently anything like this in the Nashville area?
  4. Yeah I feel the same. I’m glad to see this going up, but was hoping the top would have more of a slant to it. From this angle it doesn’t look like it. Perhaps it’ll look more pronounced on the north and south facing facade.
  5. I spent a lot of time in Germany growing up and know enough to get by. For me though, I thought Dutch was easier to learn. It does sound quite a bit different. As a child when I first heard it spoken, I thought it sounded like they had something stuck in their throat. I also learned a lot of the language from watching television. Even though we lived in Germany, we picked to a couple of Dutch stations. They aired quite a few American shows in English with Dutch subtitles.
  6. In the 80’s I went to an international school in Holland when my dad got orders to Germany. We were right on the Dutch border and the closest high school I could attend was in Holland about an hour and a half bus ride one way. So with that being said, I picked up on the Dutch language. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij would be pronounced Kōnik-licka Luked-vart Mots-ska-pay. (Royal Dutch Airlines) I hope that helps :-)
  7. I really wish the owners of this building would do something about the lighting. You can see in this picture the light in the bottom red circle has been flickering for months, and now it appears the light at the top of the spire is blown out. It would be nice if the lights were the same color white and brightness as the pedestrian bridge.
  8. What a difference 50 years makes! Well at least not to the interstate.
  9. I think one of the best views of the skyline will be from the North coming in from Clarksville and Louisville. Also 440 coming off of I-40 if you’re coming from the West.
  10. I believe the red one above the JW is for Tony G’s Alcove.
  11. Walking on the beach today and noticed Virginia Beach has a crane!!! One whole crane!!!
  12. So how about that Wawa turkey bowl that I mentioned earlier??
  13. Happy to hear this. We have Wawa all over Hampton Roads. I love their turkey bowls at Thanksgiving. They are so good!!
  14. Here’s part two of the KTLA “California Leavin’” segment.
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